Kimchi's point of view

all you have is this moment


Yesterday was a real super Sunday. I tried to rest and take it easy. But ended up being forced to go to town to have a date night with wifey.

We were just suppose to chat and take a beer to.celebrate her new job. But after meeting some odd people who barked at us like dogs and having a good time at nivå 22 with the nice workers...loved Elvis for breaking my back and giving me a well needed massage. As wirkaholics we had a lot talk too. And after several drinks we ended up at café opera and.partied hard and crazy that ended up in some drama. But was a nice night with wifey and I applaud us for getting to work today!!..

Today is a new week, have worked at the office..laughed at stupid world news like the handsome taxes in Japan. After work I had a business meeting. So now im officially an event manager for a company :D...yeey and after that I met up with my lovely queen B. visited her and her man over dinner and wine. And we had soooooo much to catch up. haha we are an odd couple but love that girl to death :D So now its time for bed as my schedule is even sicker now with 2 more new jobs haha.


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