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the past week has honestly been real hard for me. Been struggeling with some personal things and a crazy work schedual. But work has in some way helped me go trough it all kind of sane. Just got another week of crazy dubble shifts + school work with inteviews for the thesis. The past days has been sadly heartbreaking, maybe I've been to hard on my self for being emotional. But though I would handle it all much better. Well guess I need more time and space...anytways work has been great and had a lovely night celebrating wifeys big birthday with an asian dinner and then some drinks. Now its time for bed before my sleeping problems/depression really kicks. Happy 1 may pps.  <3
 Ashanti - Never should have 
Balled up, laying in my bed
Fortracing through my head
How did we start our love end up here
You said you loved me and I believed you
Rivers of tear drops,
This short pains in my heart
This was the way that you loved
You were all that I wanted
I fell in love with you 
'cause you loved me and I thought that you were ready


  • Anonym säger:

    Älskar din blogg:) du är så inspierande och fin.
    Hoppas du mår bättre snart. Kram!

    2013-05-02 | 15:54:42

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