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One day baby, we will be old, think about the stories that we could have told

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Yey, half the week has soon passed, and I feel like its more than that left. But I guess thats the result of all the work I've had to do at the office, the assignments I have now are super complicated but Im so happy that I figured out all the things to do yesterday, so I've had a good workflow even though its been a bunch to do. 
So yeah I would love to go to sleep now, but I can't as my nigh shift starts in a bit, hope its going to be a smooth fun night.....oh yeah if you wounder why I put myself through the hell of working so much, well its because I love to work, and hard work pays off but mostly because I want to be able to do fun stuff and travel soon again...hopefully I can go for a weekend trip to London in a couple of weeks :)..
Anyways, Im still in a crazy good mood despite things with work, sleepless nights and bad news about deaths and heartbreaks arounds me...So here is a song that reminds me of France and mine and Barbies state of mind, that one day we'll be old so better have some great stories to tell haha
Have a great night people and keep that smile on your faces :D
 Asaf Avidan - One day 

a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor


So this is just another Monday..was crazy that I woke up super energetic at 5am when I started at lunch..haha maybe it was because I sleep at strange hours. And that I didn't sleep Saturday to Sunday night and therefore passed out at 8 pm or so haha...well anyways today has been a normal day..worked at the office, went to the gym (stupid idea as im still sick), cooked a special creamy chicken soup and now Im doing the laundry and can't wait to fall asleep to my sweet k-pop ballads :)

Next Chapter, Life is but a dream

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 Queen Beyoncé is such an amazing and inspiring person. Not to say strong hard working woman.
I can't wait to see her show "Life is but a dream" but til then I was glad to see Ophra's show with her on the Next  chapter about her. It's so nice that they remind people, that stars after all are just like the rest of us when it comes to the important things.

The whisper week


What a crazy week it has been. I have so been waiting for this Sunday to first free day and only day to rest after this long week of so much work and dubble shifts and sickness...haven't had a voice the past days..have sounded like a shy boy in my teens turning in to a man haha..wasn't beautiful....anyways I was suppose to fall a sleep 7h ago, but I guess my sleeping problems kicked in and then I couldn't help talking to my favorite workaholic..missed us and you this well now its lunch time so I decided to bake scones and have a cosy meal at home..Hope your weekend was great <3

NEW MUSIC: J Cole ft Miguel - Power Trip

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Here is a new hot song by two great artists, I love this colabo..
Fav line: 
Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever

Turn your dreams into plans


Good morning all, yes I know its night time. But I just woke up again. This sickness is killing me right now. I've only been awake 6h the last 36h...I im so tired of this cold, its boring and makes me home sick..I really hope I don't have the flue..well anyways I have to get well so that I can go back to my plans...this quote is something my mother taught me at an early age..You have to stay positive and it's you who have the power to make your dreams happen. You have to work hard for it <3

TBM : Bruno Mars - Long Distance

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Here is an old song by Bruno Mars, but its to sweet to forget about.
I got hooked on it again, when a close friend sent it to me.
Im a sucker for sweet heartbreaking songs 
Fav lines:
With you is where I'd rather be
But we're stuck where we are and it's so hard
So far, this long distance is killing me
I wish that you were here with me

NEW MUSIC : Tyler James ft Kano - Worry about you

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The music video for Tyler James lovely song worry about you is finally out.
The video is nothting speciall but luckily the song is so beautiful so it doesnt matter.
Fav lines 
Everything I do is just to make you proud 
yeah, I worry about you, and you don't need protecting
but I feel like I'm the weapon in your holster 
 so let me be the friend 
That might piss you off but there's a means to an end

F*ck time, we don't need time, time needs us ;)


I came back from my vacation last week. And just a couple if hours after my arrivle it was time for my night shift at the bar. luckily it was a short at easy shift with Karro. Was nice to see my partner in crime and she had apparently missed me to and though it was time to do some more craziness. So ofcourse she forced me to go for an after work at East Haha. But surprisingly we kept our promise and just took 2beers then went home.

The day after we had a stressful night shift..But I was happy as Karro surprised me with gifts..Got a new vacuum and scull candy headphones (I've managed to break 3 of my headphones ) gotta love this.girl so I ended up going out with her to East but she somehow tricked me so we ended up at Spy bar too..Haha but it was a calm night with old friends..So was a nice night and I ended it with a long peacefull walk home (my favorite thing to do now days)

fine art I found on my night walk..

Anyways I figured out that it only took me 7h to re unite with East and less than one day with Spy bar...Haha my partner in crime.knows how to trick me / put a smile on me :P...And the past weekend I've only been working and got an annoying cold. So staying home today..

My week in France


In the end of January I finally got the chance to leave Sweden for one week. So on the morning of Jan the 30th after a party night out with B..I somehow managed to get to Arlanda airport to take the plain to Geneva. At first it was great to be back on a plane as I love flying. When the plane takes off that when Im most peacefull and relaxed on a whole nother that was great.But an hour later I woke up dizzy, sick to my stomach and when the plane flew through turbulent weather I got so.hangover that I went crazy.

So when we landed I couldn't be happier haha..anyways Geneva was beautiful and I took the transfer bus over to Chamonix France. The roadtrip was lovely as you could see both of the countries...

When I finally arrived to the hotel Gustavia I well greated by barbie and her friends. After a well needed meal that everyone teased me for one(ate a kids meal that I still didn't eat up) I got to see Barbies apartment and then it was time for her to work.

She works as a Dj at chambre nuf..I was with her there but started with her friends/ co workers who work in the bar and restaurant and they had some other.plans for me. So ended up being.a.crazy drunk night with party at L'Amnesia (garage).. This was a blast.

And to sum the week up..All nights started at chambre nuf and ended up at garage. At the days when we.didn't sleep in..we went out for dinner, looked at the stunning views ,saw the town that had mc Donalds , nice restaurants , bars, shops, casino, strip club etc..

who's got the munchies Haha

On Barbies birthday we had a pre birthday party for her with cakes and presents during the day and then we went to the bar were she got totally wasted as planned then of to garage and popped champagne and danced all night then finally home for an after party. Haha the next day we were alive at.8pm....

tiny bambino pizza from a strange place but they were super cute

surprise visit from friends, singing happy birthday and giving her their home made cake

Barbie turned 23!!

Birthday girl with champagne and Menta shots

We also loved to dance crazy at we've got my favorites Barbie and balder

So anyways what did I think about the place and what is typically there? well I had so much fun with everyone, got to meet a lot of tourist from France, UK, Norway , Irland and Sweden. And people are crazy, Im used but this was something else. I also got to see a ski resort and I would go again. Was beautiful. I would now also consider working a season at a place like that. Some strange things for me was that you could buy beer at Mc Donalds Haha, that dogs walked free everywhere and could also be in bars and restaurants, some things in the store was also super strange and don't get me.started with the ads and interior design at the restaurants Haha those things would never work in.Sweden.

building with awesome wall painting

funny name on the store, only Swedes will get it

night view from town looking up on the mountain

beer on the meny