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Everyday Im Shufflin'

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Im sooo addicted to the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. It just gets me into a good mood and the shuffle dance is hilarious..So this is one of the songs on my playlist on my  way home to Skåne !


Monday shuffle, Tuesday shuffle, everybody, the whole world, It will get into your bones !

No standard

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I love when new singles come out but Im also a music video freak and I get so annoyed when people make a lame video for their song. I mean a great music video just makes the song even better. So this week some new videos came out for some smash hits, but for me the videos had no standard and was no good for the songs. Here are some of the vids...

Chris brown ft Busta Rhyms & Lil wayne - Look at me now

Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - On the floor
Kelly Rowland ft Nelly - Gone

Walking on sunshine?




Today was the day I was really looking forward to, super nice weather, birthday party and Farfar. But oh no instead I get to sit inside and study and tonight Im going to work. So no fun for me, so this day sucks as I really had it all planed out and hate when I have to break a promise. Once again so sorry Claris, but I wish you the best Birthday ever and I celebrate you later on ♥


I can be your motivation...


Im so dead, so time for me to go to bed. But before that I just wanted to share a relaxing new song with you. It's called Motivation by Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne. Wish wizzy had a longer vers but the lyrics is hot!

She's that kind of chick that knocks you of your feet

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Little miss wonder child Willow Smith, is back with a second single called 21st century girl. Quit an interesting video, reminds me Rihanna and Kesha in a mix. Still this kid has got talent, talk about a big voice for that age!

5 years later...

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Haha, remember Ushers smash hit song "More",
yeah the rather overplayed/ old song. It's official video has finally been made. Guess its better late than never, or what do you say Miss K ( it is your song, so you must be glad :P) ?

All work work



As earlier mentioned, today was my first official day at my new job. Started 8, and those who know me, knows that waking up that early in the morning to be productive and alive is suuuper duuuper hard for me. Yeah, I’m far from being a morning person. Despite this, I came in time to work with a big cup of hot The, Yummi just the way I like to start my mornings.....The first hours at work was so confusing as the system I was suppose to work in was super new for my bosses so they were kind of learning it together with me. This meant that I mostly worked independently and made up how the system was. But the day passed by quit fast and I got done with 3companies contact lists, that’s about 250 employees information. Got a couple more to do, but my bosses think I work to fast so looks like I’m also going to take over another system that wasn’t in the previous plans. So so far so good and now time for some African dinner and rest.

Here is a song that keept me pumped up all day

Ike Nice - Around the world

Time to start something new


A happy moment in Korea

Tomorrow a new day, new week, new schedule and a new beging starts. I’m well rested and all for some new things that can bust some life in me as I've been struggling with life the last couple of weeks. So I’m really looking on the bright side of life and going to start the week positive, hopefully that will get me back to my normal happy self. So this week has a lot on the schedule, but we all know that that's nothing new for me, I’m always a busy woman. But tomorrow I officially start my new job at Herenco Data, going to work from 8-17, 2-3 days a week. On top of that we have a really tough course right now, kind of doing the research stuff for our thesis. So the rest of the days of this week im going to be in school from 8- 18. Besides that its the normal meetings & training. Finally to the weekend, one of my best friends Clara has her birthday party, turning 25 and all, we're really going to celebrate this sweetie big !

Live to learn, learn to love

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Rest of my life is a really beautiful love song by Kevin McCall & Chris Brown. Kevin McCall is one of the artist that was on the Deuces song and his new mixtape " Uninvited guest" just came out.

I swear Im gonna get it, Like I never had it at all

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A really nice chilled back song by Big Sean & Chris Brown
Sometimes you just need to live like its your last moment to live !

Long time no see


Yes, I know it was a long time ago I blogged. Unfortunately I didn’t have internet and then also been super busy.

So what has been up since last time?


Week 1:

Well had my sis here for a couple of days and that was great, we went shopping, she met some of my crazy friends and maybe got frightened about starting university as we all hated our course at that moment haha. Well she also got to see what I usually do, and with this is going to meetings and so on, and oh yeah we also went to the cinema and saw The tourist, wasn’t that great of a movie but still gotta love Johnny Depp and Angelina!..Further on when my sis left,  I got a really bad cold and also had to deal with an exam before my Inga came to visit. They both worked out even though it meant that I missed alot of planed event that the Rnb night at Aka but when little miss Inga came everything was good again.


Her first night here she got to see how Swedish student live and party, she was kind of surprised on how our dorms are and that we don’t have any rules, Well you see in Sweden as a student over 18 years you are an adult and also get treated that way compared to other places :P....Oh well back to her first night, all I can say is that we had a really fun and crazy night. The second day I had my welcome back party/Pre party that was really nice and was the beginning of the end thanks to The Latvian Balsam thingy (and maybe some other stuff) , this night we were suppose to go to Klubb Enkelt ( Club Easy) but was to much people so went to Centrum where they have awesome dance music, so of course me and Inga were the only girls in the gang haha. But it was a blast and that night there was so many crazy people there, don’t think I'll ever forget the guy who though he was an African queen or something ( btw was an Arabic guy), but me and Kujtim couldn’t get our eyes of him as he made us laugh soo much!........So, when the club closed ( at 2, one of the things Inga didn’t like with Jkpg nightlife is that the clubs close at this time), therefore we decided to have a private after party at my place, that I think we both can say was crazy as it held on til 7 in the morning. So on Sunday we were far from alive and I had the worst hangover in my life. But the mission got completed; we spent the weekend Korea style ♥


Week 2:

The week started really good, as I got a part time job, a summer job and a new place to stay after Shara comes back.  But Has been kind of boring, got super sick again and got a lot of school stuff to do as the new course has begun, so have spent most of the days at home recovering.

So addicted

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Have been so stuck to this song the last week, its just so powerfull and has a great story to tell.
Another reason to keep on loving K-pop