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Oh the weather is so wonderful right now in Skåne, sucks a bit that Im spending the whole day traveling stuck on trains. But then again Im still all smiles as Im coming home, going back to my reality and life. Feels a bit like the past weeks life pressed stop and then pause and now it's back to play in a slow phase. It's been lovely being with the family but going to be nice to go back to my life even though it's going to be a challenge but hey we all know I love a good challenge with all odds against me :P...well enough about that. now im sitting enjoying the lovely view of the Swedish country side and sipping on my Starbucks frappicino :D oh yeah totally forgot to say that I've become a redhead again haha. Seems like I can't stay away from that and changing styles all the time. ( I've had it for 2weeks, so soon changing it again) :-P...anyways little miss red riding hood wish you a great day.


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