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Its all because of you <3

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I so love this inspirational quote that really suits me. It also describes my life, mostly the darkest moments in my life. Through all my struggles, heartache, health issues and misbeliefs. I can without no dough say I wouldn’t be standing here, yeah wouldn’t be breathing if it wasn’t for my amazing strong willing family especially my lion of a mom who I till this day give headaches :P... I've also been blessed to call my small circle of close friends my beloved brothers and sisters who make my every day life fun and joyful. You've seen my craziest, dumbest, happiest, saddest and fast line sides and been just by my side. I love that you also dont have any problems telling me when I am wrong, or yelling at me especially laughing at my sometimes stupidness. When I say this I can especially think of Shara, France, Philly, Inga and Bongie who all have almost killed me for different situations, that we today laugh about. Yeah I can say that I've been blessed to have the chance to meet all the great people around me who inspire me and motivate me to keep on being me and a crazy workaholic determent to live her dreams. So this post is all for you my loved ones, Im happy to have people around me who knows every single bit of me and still love me for me even at the moment when I dont. You can't ask for more than those relationships.



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