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Last weekend I and the girls visited the DMZ and it was actually cool. Got to see a lot of military, learn about the history, see the North side from the south and even visit the most northern station in South Korea. Really cool day even though I was sick the whole trip. But you can't have a bad day with my girls’ ♥

Inga, Jenni, Me, Ville, Jennifer, Sofia & Katta
Inga, Sofia, Katta, Jennifer & Me
You can see North Korea from this spot.
Me & Korean Soldier
Katta & Me at the Dorasan Station
Me & one of my future husbands :P
Me & more soldiers
All girls at the famous staty by the  3rd tunnel

A life can be change by S H O P P I N G!!

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Yes it's true, ask any girl.

And mom I didn’t make up this picture, I found it here in Seoul, so this is my proof of having many shoes and keeping on buying more :D..


I wounder if you know ?

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How they live in TOKYO..
Yupp Im getting in the Tokyo mood, All I have in my mind is Tokyo so of course Im also listening to this song that
If you seen it, then you mean it
Then you know you have to go !

Next stop..... ?

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Wiihoo, less than 24 hours till we leave for Tokyo!. Yes tomorrow evening I'm leaving South Korea for a couple of days to explore Tokyo. All of us going there really need this trip and have been looking forward to it!... Think it's going to be an amazing trip as I've got my daughter Inga with me and then my favorite  Austrian boys Philipp, Johannes, Michael and Andreas.  Also have two other friend that is going to be there at the same time, Jennifer van P and Charlotte, so hope to see them there too !...


Haha gosh I love to travel, is the best feeling in the world and tomorrow evening I get to sit on a plan by the window and look down at the world. Thats when I'm most relaxad...

Tokyo City

G20 Summit in Seoul

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The G20 was this month in Seoul and I took the chance to go to Coex, where the Summit took place. Of course we couldn’t go in, but was so cool to be outside it and to see how much security there was. That's when you really understood how big it was. And today at my cultivating Leadership class we had a guest speaker that was from the G20 committee, and this was the most interesting class for me. Was so amazed and my interest of international relation was awaken, so now I finally know what I'm going to write my thesis about when I come back to Sweden, about the G20 in Seoul! And I'm so glad that I've got an inside person I can  interview and get a lot of material from !! :D

Me & Jennifer with Korean Police
G20 Posters
Importent people on the way..
Me infront of lined up police
Police walking down the street
Me outside the G20 Summit
Min-ji , Me and SJ outside G20

Tattoo nr 3 !!

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Wiihoo I've finally got my 3rd tattoo and Im so happy that I now have got one tattoo made in Korea !!... I had a great day with my close friend Paul, had one of the best meals in Korea and then went to Tattoo Korea and got the great artist Potter ! He's really talented and it wasn’t that expensive.  Haha wiihoo can't explain how happy I am, even though people today are worried about a war between North & South Korea. Oh well I'll get worried when it's in Seoul or my embassy says I need to leave the country. Until then nothing can take away my happiness :D


"Live the life you love, love the life you live"

You got that secret treasure, I’m gon’ put a lock on it !

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Here is 50 cent & Jeremih's smash hit down on me. It really gets on your mind but my question to you is witch music video you like to this song. The original or the one with Keenan Cahill ? Haha can't help but love that guy, so damn funny...
Keenan Cahill ft 50 cent

Easy come easy go...

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Bruno Mars is in my oppinion one of the most talented artists right now ! 

Here is his latest song,  Grenade.

Enjoy !

Sure Thing ...

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I Feel right back in love with a little oldie by Miguel.

If I'm the lyric baby
You could be the note
Record that!

Horror !!!

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Yesterday night me, Inga, Jennifer and Katta when to watch a scary movie.  We watched the movie the Unborn , but it was only scary for Jennifer and more a good night story for the rest of us, had some funny parts though.

As my roomie is finally back, room 102 is once again the crazy room ( crazy blond + crazy brownie = extreme craziness) in the middle of the night we came up with a brilliant idea of scarring Jennifer.. And we really succeeded with scarring her. But the poor thing first got a heart attack and screamed so that the whole building could hear her.. haha but after her chock she also though it was funny :D...Hihi so we had the haunting in I - house 2 !

The haunters in I - house 2

What's my name ?

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So addicted to Riri's song. She's once again done it !
you got that something that keeps me so off balance
baby you’re a challenge, lets explore your talent

Happy Birthday !!



This weekend I really wanted to be back home in Sweden as two of my absolute best friends had their Birthdays.

My beloved Shara and Francis.

Even though we always argue after 5 min and I always want to kill Francis every time we speak I still miss this crazy person haha. I guess it's a clear prof of a true friend that you can go through thick and thin.

So just wanted to say Happy B-day on your big day and also tik tok, you're time is running out  :P..

And that's why....

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I need time...

What a beautiful day

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KHU Campus

Is been a really cold day in Seoul, the wind was killing us, but just happy that it's not snowing even though me and Katta got to see some snow yesterday, but just for some minutes. The bad news is that its going to be snowing next week. Jippi,  me who likes snow ( ehm not). But today i've been really happy and despite the cold its been a really nice and sunny day.


What i've been up to today? Well had 2 classes today, one that I really liked and one were I just colored my calendar. After this I had a lot of calls to my bank and insurance company. But then had a nice night with dinner and coffee break with friends and is even planning to go to Japan in 2 weeks! :D


KHU Campus

KHU Campus

KHU Campus

In school you learn strange things

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Today’s classes was kind of interesting in a wired way, they were really unexpected as we learned unnecessary things. For example this is one of the things I learned in my event class:

Is that a smile on your face

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Helvetes jävla piss helg !!

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Mmm, inget positivt inlägg detta kommer att vara. Men måste få utlopp för de senaste dagarna. Har varit en KATASTROF helg, och det är bara en underdrift av hur det har varit. Har verkligen inte varit vår helg och absolut inte min.  Har fått en bit av en flaska i mitt huvud, tack gode gud för att man har tjockt hår så att det inte blev ett så stort hål. Men tack vare det så mådde man ju super, efter det första cp bråket kom vi till ett nytt ställe där nya människor börja bråka med våra vänner, som sagt katastrof, sen så var vi med om flera dåliga bråk, verkligen de flesta hade något dåligt argument med någon och för att få en fin avslutning  på den helgen stals min plånbok och väska med allt i. Nycklar, alla kort, pengar, smink, tröja you name it. Vet inte vad en kille ska med en rosa tröja och smink för mörkhyade men men hoppas han har kul med mina grejer. Lördagen var inte mkt bättre, spenderade min dag på polisstationen och i telefon med banken, försökte ha en bra kväll i Itaewon, hahah never ever again, det området är så himla äckligt. Har aldrig varit med om ett sådant ställe, folk fick verkligen en att känna sig billig. Självklart blev det även bråk bland the rich people där och tjafs med lite folk. Vi fick verkligen nog och drog hem tidigt, vet inte vad det var med denna helgen men vart vi än gick så hände något dåligt och idag måste jag sitta i fler underbara samtal med försäkring o bank o korridors assistenter. Kommer någon mer och ger mig huvudvärk så varnar jag er o kontakta mig på egen risk. Självklart var det också västerläningar som ställde till allt bra, för koreaner är inte så galet folk.  Är jag på dåligt humör? HELL YEAAAH, fick precis sista droppen!!

Even angels have their wicked schemes..

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Finally the fallow up for Eminem's and Rihanna’s song Love the way you lie is here. But this time it is from Rihannas point of view, singing about her experience. For me the lyrics in this song is powerful and for people that have been in this situation it's really dead on. Otherwise instrumentally I like the first song better. But this version isn’t final yet, will hear the final on Rihanna’s album LOUD on the 16th of November.

On the first page of our story, the future seems so bright.
And this thing turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m still surprised.
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take death to new extremes.
But you’ll always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.


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Today have been an interesting day, the classes was everything but good. For example; I learned that when you are hungry you go and eat!! ( I absolutely didn’t know this before).. But oh well school is school. After school I had a group meeting at a really nice café where you got a free cake/bagel/muffin when you order a drink. Really cool, and they also had private rooms. And after that, me, Katta and Sofia met up with the rest and went  for dinner at Chop chop and ended the night with a movie at the Cinema. I finally got to go to the cinema, and it was really good. We watched the movie R.E.D that was hilarious even though it's an action movie or something.



Loved them in the movie !

Axis of Awesome


Just got a great tip of my friend Clara about this clip, talk about being awesome haha!

Sofias B-day celebration !

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Last week there was a lot of things to celebrate, one of the things was Sofias birthday that we celebrated first on her birthday with cake and on the Friday with a girls night out. Had a nice dinner, then drank some fresh pineapple soju ( best thing every), after this when to the Black hole and played some games and drank fruit soju and finally went to Indy Pub to dance. Haha Sofia though it only was going to be an early night as we just was in Hoegi, seems like she didn’t know us girls, as we came home early Saturday morning haha. The best thing of the night was when Sofia was going to drink her Korean B-day drink and the Korean guy came to sing for here haha.. And for me personally the main event was that my beloved Miss K came back, gosh I really have missed her :)


Halloween weekend in Seoul

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Here comes a summary of how we celebrated Halloween in Seoul. Was a lot of fun with crazy costumes and events. Can easily say it was one of the best Halloween celebrations ever, even though 80% of us came home with strange marks, missing belongings and so on. Gotta once again say thanks to Ciro and Robert who organized the last party, really good job guys !

Pictures can say more than thousand words, so here is some pictures from both Halloween parties!


Oh what a night!

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For some reason we've just love Lil Jon for his YEAH,WHAT OKEEY words. And  here is two new nice songs from him. One of them is a remake of the tetris song.
Lil Jon ft Claude Kelly - Oh What a night
Swazy Styles ft Lil jon - Birthday Suit

Its becoming something that's impossible to ignore

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Moment of honesty
Someones gotta take the lead
Whose it gonna be?
I'm gonna sit right here
And tell you all that comes to me
If you have something to say
You should say it right now

just a reminder..



She wakes up with her heart beating fast, hands shaking and cheeks wet ready to run..

Takes some deep breaths, still shaking, mumbling it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s in the past.

She goes to the mirror & stares at the reflection, looking at those eyes that are empty and blank.

She closes her eyes, shakes the heavy feeling of, puts on some make up and the smile everybody knows.

Yeah, good as new right ?!..

All she knows is that we all have our baggage.

Somedays it all comes back to her somedays her own shadow catches up with her. Somedays are just like that, those are the days she needs to remember that she made it

The love of my life




Today Im a bit homesick and miss my light in the dark, my baby sis. The reason I wake up in the morning. Im not a person that shows feelings, I've got my own little way of loving people. But really do miss little miss trouble ♥

Holla at your girl

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Here is a great song from my friend Michael de Ceo's little cousin Wizkid. The guy is talented, if you like Sean Kingstone you will love this. Wizkid is coming to Seoul this weekend at the Black & White Party and Michael has got a nice surprise for you, going to be fun fun fun...
Enjoy and Holla at Wizkid !!