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The creative adult is the child that survived

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Tjatja, I haven’t had time to blog the last days, have had so much to what have I been up to? Well spent the last day in Skåne with my family and the kids, then yesterday I met my youngest sister Saga for the first time in like 5 years. It was nice, its crazy how much my sister look alike...well we had a fika at Starbucks (there is only 2!!! in Sweden craaazy, so had to go there) and it was super nice and yummy...after that I jumped on the train to Stockholm...Had the coziest trip every that was fast and kind of quit, if you ignore the drunk on the train haha...When I finally arrived in Sthlm, my sweet roomie picked me up and helped me with all the bags all the way home <3 hihi...later on I started to destroy her haha, I've now started to teach her to listen to K-POP now she is addicted to Big Bangs song Fantastic Baby <3 :P:..

On to the next day, today has been a sunny, warm and great day. I left my apartment 7:30 and went running around town on meetings. So have been to 4 meetings today, I loved the last one and just found out that I'm going to meet the potential boss tomorrow wiie...wish me luck :D...well yeah back to what I've been up too...after all the meetings I met up with Bongie & my bff and helped him find clothes. haha he actually now thinks I should be his stylist..hmm I'll think about it :P...after the shopping spree me and bongie met up with Marre and went home to me, to chill with Erika...that's my day so far and now its time to plan the night.

Todays outfit

At the office for the first meeting, loved the place. They had super cool street signs with Streets / places in Sthlm all over the place

The last meeting <3

Shoe shopping at Footlocker

Me and my old friend Bongie


Diplow when I feel loco, don't trip, make it dip like a lowlow

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OH DAAAMN, I so can't wait for the full version of this song by Far East Movement ft Tyga
What do you think of "Dirty Bass"

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday

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The start of this new week has been a bit so so for me..couldn’t sleep last night, my thoughts were on full speed and when I finally managed to fall asleep I had a real bad and realistic nightmare so gave up trying to sleep and listened to music, so finally around 5 in the morning I managed to fall a sleep again but then woke up 3h later with the worst headache YEEY, so just took a whole lot of medicine and slept till lunch..despite feeling like I had a hangover I woke up to super nice spring weather and happy kids and family :P..

So Kimchi is in a good mood

Kid Ink - Time of your life

Be curious, not judgmental

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Saying good night with this song
Mavado - Like Me

You can't help but SMILE

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Torion Sellers is the youngest in the YMCMB crew and here is his latest single.
He's so damn cute and that voice got me thinking of a young Chris Breezy

Having class is having the ability to walk away from a bad situation with a smile on your face and forgiveness in your heart

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Gosh how time has passed by so fast. I can't believe how grown up my siblings are, I mean my baby sister is turning 16!!..And today we went to Malmö to find her graduation dress, and damn we hit jackpot. A white real cute and egdy dress from H&M..(I will upload a picture of it when I find it) but anyways my sis looks so grown up in this dress, even more mature then me now Im not only looking like the baby in the family but also feeling like it :P..
Well anyways, its Sunday so its the end of this weekend and tomorrow is a new week. And I've got the feeling that a lot will happen this week.
Here is a big kimchi kiss to you all *MUUUAH*


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it's funny that when im at my parents house I freak out when its quite during the day but think its cossy at night. I guess it's because im a controll freak and that if its quite during the day it means somethings happend, because it cant be quit with a house thats got a minimum of 9ppl here. And at night its nice because I know where everyone is and can hear them sleeping and I can just enjoy being surrounded of the people I love the most...haha ohoh think I've been here to long, getting used to the family life with kids, cleaning and all...haha
Its going to suck leaving my family and my favorite baby but I really miss Sthlm and all my girls and work. Suck not being able to work and all..but I have to focus on my health and getting stable again...well well Im super tired and need to take a break from all my thoughts and worries,  so time for bed..have a fab night <3

Real talk

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Summer vibes

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Here is an unexpected collaboration between Simple Plan & Sean Paul.
Here is there song Summer Paradise

Just go ahead and do the right things

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Loving Chris Browns' latest hit
Oh Yeah
He has also droped the single " See through" thats also produced by Drummerboy

Sometimes you just have to take it to you

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I want that FIRE in my life...

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So far this day has been a real roller-coaster with news. From real bad ones to real good ones. But you know what I've decided to take it all in the best way, even though some of it is going to be a real struggle, I know that in the end Im going to get stronger from it and not do the same mistakes....The good news is that in 48h I've got asked to come for 6job interviews. And that's real good, nice to get some light back into this tunnel :D...

SO anyways Im now going to enjoy this afternoon with great music starting with Ne-yo's latest Burning up

Say hello to the weekend

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Tudeluu, today it's the beginning of the weekend, aka its FRIDAY. I bet all of you have been longing for this day to come haha. Well if you are in Stockholm over the weekend, I would recommend you to go to Club Vardagsrummet tonight where MAHOYO & Klubb SKOSKAV are playing, so all girl power there :D..And on saturday the doors att Nalen are open for another smashing night @ Klubb SKOSKAV, were going to play Soul, Funk & Hiphop and we've also got some surprises for you there ;)


Damn it, you got me right there where you want me

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Enjoy the up and coming artist Lamar Starzz new song " Don't Worry"

My heart skips a beat every time I see you <3

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Okey, for a while ago I told you all that my favorite Top Model was Azmarie, and last week my number ONE wifey got sent home. Really sucked, as I think she would have ended up as top 2. But oh well, she'll have a great carrier this stunning women...can't believe how hooked I am on her, it's a pitty that I'm not into girls but would think twice about it if she'd ask me haha :P..-but if anyone knows a guy who looks like her, tell me ASAP, will marry the dude in an instant haha :D

2012's Aaliyah ?!

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Though I would start bloging with a post like the last one, so going to share Sabi´s latest music video for her song " Where they do that"..This video shocked me as I first though I saw Aaliyah...this girl is sometimes a real copy of the beautiful and talented Aaliyah..maybe this will be a good thing for Sabi, anyways enjoy her song with Wale, I think a lot of girls agree with what she says :p..