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Sometimes you just have to take it to you

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My heart skips a beat every time I see you <3

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Okey, for a while ago I told you all that my favorite Top Model was Azmarie, and last week my number ONE wifey got sent home. Really sucked, as I think she would have ended up as top 2. But oh well, she'll have a great carrier this stunning women...can't believe how hooked I am on her, it's a pitty that I'm not into girls but would think twice about it if she'd ask me haha :P..-but if anyone knows a guy who looks like her, tell me ASAP, will marry the dude in an instant haha :D

British invasion

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Yeey, Americas Next Top Model is back with a big twist. I can't understand how they keep on coming up with new ideas, I mean it's cycle 18!! But anyways this season is going to be interesting, US vs UK :D I've already got a favorite girl...she is so damn beautiul :D
AzMarie Livingston

Give me Color color color COLOR

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The last couple of days/weeks I've been freaking out about my hair as Im tired of having it in one boring color. Im not used to having the same hairstyle for so long and absolutely not in ONE color...So now the question is should i might i brighter with blond/brown highlight our color it super red? Most say red as I've done the brighter thingy before.. But I do love my hair when it is with light highlight and I so love Ciara's new hairstyle :D..

You can hate, You can diss, You can make a wish, I still overcome everything

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Im just saying to all the negative persons to get a new hobby and leave other peoples businesses alone. They all made it because they focused on themselves and worked hard, they didnt spend a min on bullshit ! ;)
DJ Drama - We in this bitch ft Young Jeezy, T.I, Future & Ludacris

Little miss blue

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Wiihoo finally the Carter family has released some pics of their superstar baby girl Blue Ivy. I can easily say that im relieved that she is so cute (dont look like daddy at all). This kid is going to have an amazing life with those parents and god parents. I mean having Beyoncé as her mom and Oprah as her godmother...what can go wrong in her life?

Quote by a smart girl

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One of the blogs I often read is Shefabulous blog. And today she posted a qoute I couldnt get out of my head and that I find so damn true;

Whatever you give a woman, she´s going to multiply.

If you give her sperm she´ll give you a baby.

If you give her a house she´ll give you a home.

If you give her groceries she´ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile she´ll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So if you give her any crap you will recive a

ton of shit !!


Oh, you're so pretty.....but your personality killed it !

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Haha I’ve got so much on my mind, but this is not the place to give out all the details.. So this is going to be a bit in general, and maybe the person/persons it concerns will get the hint.

I always say that everything comes at once and that assholes never change. Haha once again I was right. But one thing I've just learned is that assholes/ cheaters actually aren’t just stupid. They are at the same time real damn smart. I mean if you think about all time and planning they go through to cheat and manipulate people and often manage to pull it of for a long time. They really are smart haha. And another things is that many of them have got such nerves to be proud of themselves and even contact girls they have screwed up things with just because they "miss" them and miss their booty..Haha seriously where do people draw their lines? I think these people should seek help as they surely got a fucked up addiction and got bigger problems with themselves. For example, sex addiction is a sign for unhappiness and deeper issues.

Another thing I would like to point out, is that several persons has had an issue with that im such an independent person who speaks her mind and got morals. Well here is the thing, if you don't like it Im just not the girl for you, as simple as that.  ;)

Communication is key !!

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A lof of times the right communication can solve most situations as it often is missunderstood

The world as we know it

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Against all odds !

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Now days I think people (including me) complain to much about their lives and feel so damn sorry for them selves. I think that we all should really get a reality check and work harder and if you dont have any inspiration or motivation you should watch the new program " Mot alla odds" on SVT that airs January the 17th. It's a show about people who has different disabilities and still live life to the fullest, against all odd!...A friend of mine Samsy is in this show and after saying him working in the kitchen, driving and just having fun. I got such a motivation to the freaking best of my life and stop complaining so much!

Crazy in looooove

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I'm a person that loooves clothes, bags, high tech things and of course SHOES!!
Here is some shoes i wish I had ! <3

Why oh why do you have to embarrass me?

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Like seriously, when you see videos like this, you dont know if you are going to laugh or cry ( okey I laugh) but at the same time you get embarrassed for being african. So people please don't think that african music videos are like the willi willi dance video hah...So anyways here are the videos of the day :P
Dude dancing to Rihannas' Bday Cake song
Willi Willi Dance

Act like a LADY, think like a MAN

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Wiiihoo there is a new movie that I so have to see the upcoming movie Think like a man. My hottie Michael Ealy, my wifey Megan Good, My godess Keri Hilson and cutie Chris Brow are one of them who are in it. The other guys are some hilarous guys, so think me and like bongie will laugh our a*** of :D..

Life is full of beauty, NOTICE it !

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From time to time we all forget to just take a break from all the negative/stressful things in life and reflect on the big picture. I mean if we all would do that more often we would have more smiles and joy in our daily life as we often forget that we do have a rea good life. As long as you are alive, healthy and your close ones are good, what’s there to be so mad/sad about? Everything else is not that important, cuz you can survive and be happy without the best job, school, love live etc..but can you survive and be happy without the love from the close ones and all that. My point is, take care and appreciate the real deal that is MOST important...

so anyways today is my B-day and my sweetie Inga wrote the niiiicest thing ever to me that I really needed to hear. So damn cute, how can't you love this girl.

Here is her post to me:

This is what I wanted to tell you and not only cause it’s ur bday :P I have realized there is no one else like you, and I feel so blessed to know such person like you, my dear. I am glad that that someone somehow has tied our lifes together and I still have a chance to b ur friend. U r fun, u bring happiness and joy to my life just by being yourself, you inspire me and give so much more than you get, you are great adviser when it comes to someone else’s problems and not urs and the most important thing is that we make such an AWESOME party team. :D I mean all the crazy things we have done purposely and all the things that just happened itself, it’s just amazing. Doesn’t matter if we are discussing someone’s ass, abs, a movie or just talking things, we always have something to talk about, which I love the most. :)
So now comes the fun part. :D I wish ur birthday is just as special as you are, hope it brings u lots of happiness and u can’t stop smiling till u start to have the actual pain from smiling. :D Super fun birthday party with lots of special people, lots of booze (especially buckets is a must have :D ) tasty bday cake and many presents. If talking future-wise I really hope that you achieve everything and anything you have wanted. Stay cool, fun, never lose that someone who u are and the most important part- be and stay healthy..or I am coming to kick ur ass, which is gonna be kinda soon :D

P.S. U are still getting old, mama :D

Cutest thing ever

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I was just reading the newspaper Metro and came over this story about a new born Gorilla who looks like a human..well first of all thats no news that apes are similar to humans so why is that a big news? But anyways look at this cutie called Tano <3

Real facts

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The minute you thinkg of giving up, thing of the reason why you held on so long

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Talking about the importance of being aware of HIV and AIDS

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Today I came acrosse Lil B's song I got aids. That he has done to make people think/talk and be smart about HIV and AIDS and in general being safe and taking care of yourself and others. I think this was a great way of bringing up the issue and a good way to get people involved.
Here is his message to people about the song and subject;

Fake friend's are like shadow's. They fallow you in the sun, but leave your side when it gets dark

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When you move a lot like I do and meet a lot of new people like I do. You learn to think about the importance of having real and good people around you. You really think about having true friends and investing in them as when you are young, you create your own little family outside your real family. The sad thing is then you move you always get to see who really was your real friends, who really still care about you and invest time in you even though you don’t see each other as often as before.


My 3 years in Jönköping was the best ones ever and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people. And there was especially one group of friends I saw as the closest ever and that I though I would be close to for a lot of coming years. So even though I was sad so move away from them I never though that our relationship would change so much. But disappointing enough, I was wrong. There was a lot of friends, that I still from time to time talk to that are just distant friends and not close friends anymore. That kind of hurt me a lot, but that appends to everybody. So now I just have to remember the good times.

me and france

But this is not only a sad post, new strong friendships also gets created by moving or by having a distance. For those relationships that don’t change or even get stronger, those are the people you should hang on to. For example I am glad to still have the same crazy relationship with France and Ibbe. Despite the distance and our busy schedules, its like nothing has changed when we talk. And another relationship that keep on getting stronger is with philly. We hadn’t been able to talk for weeks but catch up without any problem and have a mutual respect for each other that is sometimes surprising for both of us. Has almost gone one year since we last saw another but still act like it was yesterday haha. And another person that is not surprising that im super close to is my crazy daughter Inga, my reason for laughing so much. I don’t think I will get rid of this crazy person until we are old ladies <3

ibbe and me

philly and me

So lastly when life changes and you for example move, you also get new relationships and also get a chance to build up old ones. Of course I’ve got even closer to my blondie Bongie, no surprise there but the one relationship that really surprised me is the one I have with Erika. I never thought that we would get along so well and hang out so much as we do, never thought that I would find my true partner in crime and get so close to her. She’s a girl with a lot of surprises and Im glad that she cares so much for me and living here would be less fun without her ;)..


me and bongie

me and erika