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I know im a little crazy, but that's what happens when you put it down like that

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Woop woop finally Rihannas Music video is out for You da one!..
I think its a real cool video and this girl is damn hot!!

Such a cutie!!

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This is Bosses cute dog, Monki... He's so calm and cuddly <3

New beginnings

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So today is the big day. The day me and Erika become roomies!

It's just around lunch and me and her have already done so much. We met up our landlord, got the keys to the apartment, it was kind of strange seeing it so empty and realizing that in a couple of hours me and Erika would be living there. Think it will be great even though we will struggle with out economy in the beginning. But will make it !!..So anyways the girls that has lived there were so sweet and left a lot of food and even put up a Christmas light.

Well after being in the apartment, we went to the bank, I had to fix my insurance and after that we went to Tele2 to get info about how I get a new phone (miss my baby so much </3 ). After that I came home, had got my new sim card so got my old number back and as soon as I activated it Phone Family called and told me that I got the job..wiiihooo So so far the day as been great except that i got a fine from SL, got some bad luck this month but Ive got the feeling that, that will change!

Kimchi is now open for new things

So come and see what's in my eyes, and maybe see your own reflection...

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A beautiful old love song that I've started to listen to again.
Come and see what's in my heart,
Color it with your affection.
And listen to me from the start,
To find out what my love is promised.

Cause everytime I look around,
I try to see from your perspective.
And every word that plays the sound,
Turns in to my own confession.
Mateo - Get to know me

With every obstacle and struggle you get stronger

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The last couple of days hasn't been that great as something bad has happened each day. It's been from small thing, like my phone getting stolen to bigger and personal stuff. So therefore today I broke down for a while as I just couldn’t take all stress, emotions and drama. So yeah im not that inhuman and cold hearted as some may think. But anyways from time to time you do need to take the time and let yourself react to things thats happening, so after the break down, i stood up and shook it of to go to Irinis Julmys (kind of a Christmas gathering), its was really nice as it may be the last time I see Irini this year. So we were a big gang who ate, talked, laughed, exchanged presents and just had a good time. So thanks for that Irini, it's easy to see how loved you are by many :D...

Yeah She IS the BOSS !!

Practical day

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Today I was supposed to go up early and get everything done. But my sleeping problems are back so had to let myself sleep longer than planed as I feel asleep around 7 this morning anyways today is a to do day...I've now packed up all my things so now i just have to clean, but ulla is sleeping so can just dust a bit and later vacuum.. so anyways just going to eat after that and then run of to the studio and work.


Why oh why do you have to embarrass me?

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Like seriously, when you see videos like this, you dont know if you are going to laugh or cry ( okey I laugh) but at the same time you get embarrassed for being african. So people please don't think that african music videos are like the willi willi dance video hah...So anyways here are the videos of the day :P
Dude dancing to Rihannas' Bday Cake song
Willi Willi Dance

It's the way im feeling, I just can't deny

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I love Mateos' cover on Rihannas song We found love

Act like a LADY, think like a MAN

Category: Just saying

Wiiihoo there is a new movie that I so have to see the upcoming movie Think like a man. My hottie Michael Ealy, my wifey Megan Good, My godess Keri Hilson and cutie Chris Brow are one of them who are in it. The other guys are some hilarous guys, so think me and like bongie will laugh our a*** of :D..

Mr. Worldwide

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I was suposed to post this video last week, but forgot about it so here is the video for the song International Love by Pitbull & Chris Brown

The Hardest Ever

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Ehhhm is another song that i've got mixed feelings about. Will.I.AM is usually freaking great. But this song is like did you release it to the beat is kind of fine, the whole song just needs more attityde. I mean it's titled the hardest ever  and you've got 2 super stars on the track! Come on!!
T.H.E by Will.I.Am ft Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger

Who's in your head

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Haha thats something I wont tell, at least not yet. But according to Mohombi's new song its him. I have mixed feelings for this song. The lyrics is fine but to be honest he destroyed a classic song but was cool that he tryied to put in his name. But think i'll have to listen to this song a hundred times to like bad when he is soo good. Or what do you think?

She's gone and never coming back

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A little oldie by Melanie Fiona.

The F*ck it song

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

A chill song with a powerfull message by

Bianca Raquel

I love the lyrics and she is so damn cute with that simle.
We ain't on the same level..

With every ending there is a new begining

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Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and I didn’t do much except work, so I was glad that Boland was so sweet and took me out on a B-day fika :D…But even though I didn’t do much, I got a lot of b-day wishes that made me super happy, so thanks for that. And today is a real special day…first of all its my last day at my internship that is both sad and nice. Its sad to leave the place and all the nice people but also nice to really get started with work and all. But as I promised Isabelle, I will come and visit soon and it’s been so nice to hear the kind words the OPC people has said about me, so glad that they think I’ve done a great Isabelle if you do need help, im just one call away haha :P..

So now to some happier news, today im finally going to celebrate my B-day wiiihoo!! Not at all as last year (don’t think I’ll be able to ever top that <3) but have a small gang who is going to meet at my friend Jonas place to pre party, and then later we are going to Kulturhuset for the winter party and tribute to Dj Black Moose’s tribute party. I think its going to be a great and crazy night with a lot of laughs :D !!


Life is full of beauty, NOTICE it !

Category: Just saying

From time to time we all forget to just take a break from all the negative/stressful things in life and reflect on the big picture. I mean if we all would do that more often we would have more smiles and joy in our daily life as we often forget that we do have a rea good life. As long as you are alive, healthy and your close ones are good, what’s there to be so mad/sad about? Everything else is not that important, cuz you can survive and be happy without the best job, school, love live etc..but can you survive and be happy without the love from the close ones and all that. My point is, take care and appreciate the real deal that is MOST important...

so anyways today is my B-day and my sweetie Inga wrote the niiiicest thing ever to me that I really needed to hear. So damn cute, how can't you love this girl.

Here is her post to me:

This is what I wanted to tell you and not only cause it’s ur bday :P I have realized there is no one else like you, and I feel so blessed to know such person like you, my dear. I am glad that that someone somehow has tied our lifes together and I still have a chance to b ur friend. U r fun, u bring happiness and joy to my life just by being yourself, you inspire me and give so much more than you get, you are great adviser when it comes to someone else’s problems and not urs and the most important thing is that we make such an AWESOME party team. :D I mean all the crazy things we have done purposely and all the things that just happened itself, it’s just amazing. Doesn’t matter if we are discussing someone’s ass, abs, a movie or just talking things, we always have something to talk about, which I love the most. :)
So now comes the fun part. :D I wish ur birthday is just as special as you are, hope it brings u lots of happiness and u can’t stop smiling till u start to have the actual pain from smiling. :D Super fun birthday party with lots of special people, lots of booze (especially buckets is a must have :D ) tasty bday cake and many presents. If talking future-wise I really hope that you achieve everything and anything you have wanted. Stay cool, fun, never lose that someone who u are and the most important part- be and stay healthy..or I am coming to kick ur ass, which is gonna be kinda soon :D

P.S. U are still getting old, mama :D

Such a cutie

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As I've said before, the youngsters now days are so damn good lookin'. Haha I dont know what happened but sometime I wish that it was legal to be with an under aged, cuz if it was I would so have  Diggy as my nr 1 hubbie...But now I probably better leave him to my baby sisters as they are in his age :P...Now maybe some of you are think, but Kimchi come one he is not that hot, sexy mannish etc...well that's not my type..I like the cute ones, the skinny ones, the goofy ones with a lot of personality and charisma..that’s just me :P

DIGGY ft Jeremih - Do it like you

Feel good day

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Today I've had a good day, worked at the office, went with Erika to see our apartment and Erika approved so we signed the contract, so in ONE week we are moving in. Partners in crime becomes roomies :D..

Well after going back to the office and finishing work, I went to the studio and hanged out with the people preparing for the BIG NIGH on Friday!! I really do hope that everyone comes to support DJ Black Moose as he really deserves it. So after some work stuff, Mr M picked me up and we had a nice time out. It was real nice to see him again and I'm still surprised that we have so much to talk about haha but sorry for making you miss your training :P..

I've got a question, that needs to be answered

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Shanell - What is love?

Cutest thing ever

Category: Just saying

I was just reading the newspaper Metro and came over this story about a new born Gorilla who looks like a human..well first of all thats no news that apes are similar to humans so why is that a big news? But anyways look at this cutie called Tano <3

Round and round again

Category: Daily Life

This day has gone like a roller-coaster...started of stressful, as soon as I went out and saw the snow and ice I though oh now, great now the winter chaos will start, then came to the office, was kind of chill, worked with first lane and helped Christina with stuff, but was so clumsy that I almost spilled a full coop of coco over the computer, project reports and my NEW phone (had a heart attach)..well anyways after working at the office I came to the studio and got cheered up with the funny ppl here. I got to meet Lazee who is a real nice guy, and his new music is real good. The best part is that he has the Malmö dialect so feel like home when he speaks :D....So anyways now its soon twelve o clock and Im still working so going to stop working and get this tired kimchi home.

Birthday Week

Category: Daily Life

I'm calling this week for the birthday week or maybe I should call the coming 2 weeks that. As I know at least one person has a birthday for each day. Like yesterday it was Bolands' brother b-day and today its my cousine Sara's birthday :D wiihoo Congratz..well anyways gotta get running as I overslept as I forgot to charge my phone and it died, therefore no alarm clock (smart kimchi) :P

She has a theme song for her every entrance

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I'm right now super pissed of so I'm trying to get into chill mode with an old classic that always gives me a smile..
So going to play this on repeat all they way to Bongie and then have a chill evening with her, Julienne and Danny.
J Boog - Lets do it again

You know exactly what you dooo

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Interesting point of view from Mike Posner with his new song " Looks like sex"
What you think?

The queen of videos?

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Im not the biggest fan on Lady Gaga, but I can say she knows what she does and has got a great business and a lot of hits. But one thing I have noticed is that she is damn good at making remembered videos that stick out. Just look at the latest one for Marry the night.

They be like what up boy

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

My hubbie Trey Songs is now out with the music video for his song What I be on ft Fabolouse.
How can't you not love this guy...die a little everytime I look at him.
Well enjoy

We all wanna believe in a beautiful lie

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

One of my favorites Ryan Leslie with he's song Beautiful Lie

Money ain't a thing

Category: Musik

Yeah for Luda this is a true fact..Enjoy he's latest music video.
Ludacris ft Waka Flocka Flame - Rich & Flexin

Starting of on a good foot

Category: Daily Life

I can't believe it but its already Friday, and this week has gone super fast. Even though I started of this new month with a lot of headache and stomach pain im still in a good mood. Just sucks that I couldn’t go to the office today as I felt so bad...well anyways back to this week. I've been to 2 job interviews that both went well, so going to meet the bosses later next week and see if I pass that interview too. So that feels great..So despite working a lot I also went to out with Erika to see Tony Matterhorn at Göta Källaren. We really had a blast and a crazier night out then expected haha...So anyways now its the weekend. So going to rest the whole day and then maybe go to a baby shower and later on meet a friend. All depends on If my body will let me be a functional human again :P..

First of December

Category: Daily Life

Okay, the last month on this year has now started. And I like the 1st of dec just because its the World Aids Day. So dont forget about it and ware a red scarf to show your support.