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Let's try to hold back and accept the fact, that we ain't perfect

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Saying goodnight with an oldie
Sabi - Wild Heart

Gangsta Chick?

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Lately I have more often got to hear that Im a chick that at the first glance you dont want to mess with, as apparently im a bit edgy, bitchy, got a hard surface and "gangsta" haha yeah really got called the gangsta girl..for me it's kind of hilarious as at the same time people who has met me a couple of more times say Im so shy and what is it people? am i a chameleon now or ? haha..funny how looks can be deceiving :P...and about looks, I also confuse people as i change style back and at a weekly base I surprise people with my sometimes I can have a super sporty chill look, next day a super cute one were you think im like 14 years old, to the next im a business woman, and then ultimate party girl / glamorous haha...Well we can put it like this, I like to change it up, love to be super syled up but at the same time love sneakers, baggy jeans, collage jackets and hat..:P..haha yeah maybe I am a chameleon anyway :P...

Well this was the party outfit I had for this weekends club Skoskav..

baggy jeans + leather corset + vest + red high heels…what you think?

Don't smother me, FIT me...

Category: Style by Kimchi

Oh yeah today I also had some time to go around the shops, so went to H&M, Lindex, some shoe shop and Ur & Penn..I only spent 30min in total in all of those shops, but still i found so much things i want and some things i reaally need haha..
Well first of all I need some new make up, especially foundation, so i got superhappy when i found out that the new Maybellin line fits me and is cheep wiihoo this i gotta have..
the next thing i have to have is some new BLUE sneakers. You all know im addicted to blue shoes, and I ALWAYS have to have one pair of super cool blue sneakers. And H&M had some blue ones in leather, but when i got them home they were more purple then blue and they were to big :( have to find new ones or hope they have a smaller size :P...
the other things I would like to have is jellery from UR&PENN and Nelly and other wise just clothes from Monki, Yesstyle, Nelly, H&M, Lindex (childrens department) and shoes  Have 2 Have haha..
I mean how can't you love these shoes :O

Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in every day

Category: Daily Life

Oh wow can't believe that this day is soon over. It really just passed away..well anyways I had a nice day, got to sleep in, make all calls needed, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, go to a job interview at Manpower (man do they have nice offices <3), have a fika with Boland ( who I haven’t seen in ages) and Erika, do some work for One Life Publishing.. Yeah I haven’t done that much, and the day is at it's end. Crazy crazy..well hope you've had nice day.

It's such a chame that you lost the game you taught me how to play

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

A couple of months ago I wrote about the move "think like a man" that I so want to see...Well now the lead song with the same title has released it's video.
Enjoy, it's real good
so ladies remember to act like a lady but think like a man ;)

It’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about what you DOING. It’s all about where you GOING, No matter where you’ve been!

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New Party Hit that Im going to repeat all week..

Let's Go by Calvin Harris & Ne-yo

I come alive in the night time

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Time to go out and have some fun with roomie...Time to go back to my roots...african night today. But it's going to be fun as a friend that has been away for weeks is going to DJ tonight..
So fits in on me and Erika

British invasion

Category: Just saying

Yeey, Americas Next Top Model is back with a big twist. I can't understand how they keep on coming up with new ideas, I mean it's cycle 18!! But anyways this season is going to be interesting, US vs UK :D I've already got a favorite girl...she is so damn beautiul :D
AzMarie Livingston

Can't tie me down..

Category: Party by Kimchi

Yesterday it was the New Boyz concert, and it wasnt what I expected but I still had a good time with the girls. And thanks to Miss Black Barbie I got to have a meet and great with the New Boyz and also laugh so much at things that happend. My girls are truelly funny <3