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This thing called time is an illusion that we all trust ...

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People say a picture says a thousand words, well for me music expresses so much more..
When you knew me there was no respect,
I'm walking on this path don't need the stress.
Cause I'm living for moments, nothing less,
And for this dream I know I've got to manifest.
On up from disaster I climb,

They said more patience is what you need',
I said I have an idea to conceive,
Who the FUCK all these people I got to please?
Were they ever really concerned about my well-being?
So, all up from disaster I grow,

Am I losing control?
Am I losing my mind?

And these fragile souls have gone missing and we don't know...
I've wasted my time, 
this thing called time's an illusion that we all trust

Majestic remix

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Got a hold of an old favorite of mine, so this is my weekend tune.
A remix of Destiney's Childs song Say my name..
enjoy !!

Memories back then

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Here is a new song by T.i, B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens, thats about their real life memories back in the days. This song has grown on me.
Fav lines:
Oh when I’m in my bed
I think about the memories back then
All of the things that I did back the

Kissing you is very nice, the rest of you is paradise..

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Gosh, Cassie is hands down one of the worlds most beautiful females and I havent changed my mind since her hit its me and you. Haha well her music kind of stopped there, but she is finally back. And this time even better, really like her latest songs. 
Cassie ft Wiz Khalifa - Paradise  
Cassie ft Rick Ross - Numb
I make music to numb your brain..

State your name, live in the moment

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I have for ages said that Miguel is a rare talent, and now the remix for his song how many drinks is out. I really like that Kendrick Lamar is on this remix.
Fav line: 
Life is a bitch, but every dog has his day

I hear if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready

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Most people right now are on their way home from the club or still aslepp in their beds, but I just came back home from a 2,5h workout at the gym. So after having an amazing playlist playing in my ears, I though I would share some songs :)
Fabolouse ft Chris Brown - Ready
The video for this song is finally out, and damn Breezy is to damn hot in this video :D 

NEW MUSIC : Ciara - Body Party

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Oooh damn, the queen of dance CiCi is back with a hot sexy baby making song.
Haha enjoy !
Fav line:
Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
I’m not gonna fight it, I want it all the time

NEW MUSIC : JoistaRR - Blood shot

Category: Musik

Joistarr is an upcoming artist with some real nice smooth songs.
Here is a visual to one of her latest songs,
cool lyrics and visual
Fav lines: 
lies hate gossip that what some people get off of
money and sex, power religion
There is to many addictions to mention,
I'll tell you about one of them I've got,
Im addicted to this music,

NEW MUSIC: Juicy J ft The weekend - One of those nights

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Though it was time for some music update. 
This song is a couple of weeks old but I can't get enough of it,
and its nice to hear an old legend still doing great music.
Fav lines: 

But if the neighbors know my name, 
And if their mamas know my name,
and if their homies know my name
and if their girlfriends know my name
Then I’m doing something right !

NEW MUSIC: J Cole ft Miguel - Power Trip

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Here is a new hot song by two great artists, I love this colabo..
Fav line: 
Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever

TBM : Bruno Mars - Long Distance

Category: Daily Life

Here is an old song by Bruno Mars, but its to sweet to forget about.
I got hooked on it again, when a close friend sent it to me.
Im a sucker for sweet heartbreaking songs 
Fav lines:
With you is where I'd rather be
But we're stuck where we are and it's so hard
So far, this long distance is killing me
I wish that you were here with me

What's a motto with you?

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Haha well this Saturday was also interesting. I got to sleep in but I was sick the whole day, hade really bad migraine and had to take real strong medicine to manage the night shift. But after some hours I was functioning normal and all in laugh and smiles thanks to the co-workers who brought me crazy jokes, energy drinks and food.  :D The shift went real well and smooth, not that much drama compared to yesterday. Oh yeah we got a theory that it went bonkers yesterday as it also was full moon, so no wonder...After the shift Mikis wanted to have a night out, so me and Karro joined her to Spy bar. And damn it was so much people, a lot of strange ones to. But we ladies had a nice time catching up and talking to our spy bar people. So we had one hour of after work then went o my favorite place MAX and then got a cab ride home. So thanks Karro for tonight. Tomorrow we've got a lovely evening planned with dinner and pub-crawl with the guys. I imagine it’s going to be an interesting but well needed night. 

Oh yeah tonights song is the Lion Kings Hakuna Matata


Incredible females !!

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Oh gosh, It's amazing how I just keep on loving Beyonce and Rihanna more for every day. In some ways the are similare but at the same time so different. Beyoncé has always been the leading lady, the queen B. But she has been in the game for so long and made such a name for her. Rihanna has also made an incredible name for her at a so  young age, but she is more relatable to me. Dont know how to explain it, but Rihanna is living her life, being young, making mistakes etc growing up. She shows she is just like any other young adult. Beyoncé is the woman you want to become in a couple of years. Both females are crazy beautiful and anyways normal looking for me. Love their independenst and smartness and beauty. Here are some pics from theire latest magasinze covers :D GQ and Complex magazine 

NEW MUSIC : Hit Boy - Brake Lights

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Though it was about time for me to share some new music with you.
Here is Hit - Boy with the cool song Brake Light,
he is the producer of the hit song N*ggas in Paris, so he is a real talent !

I know this crazy life can be a bitter pill to swallow, but We live, we die, We give, we try, We kiss, we fight we have a GOOD time

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Wow time is passing by kind of slow here at work, you can really notice that people have started to go home for Christmas as there isnt much to do. So therefore I've been looking for more flights for this spring. And so far 2 of 3 trips are planned, France and USA yeey :D Im really looking foward to travel again so Im all pumped up right now, especially to this song with Tinie Tempah ft Calvin Harris !!

It takes a lot to impress me,You on a number baby, I’m on a mission, so catch up

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So now half of my work day is done, 9h at the office is done. Just came home so have cleaned and fixed some things. And now I have to get going as its time to work with my funny family at the Karaoke bar, just 6,5h work there today. This is how my days are going to look this week before the Christmas vacation. Well anyways, Im still energetic (even though im still freaking sick) and real damn happy. How can't you be when your friends and family are happy and life is going great for them. Like honestly it doesn’t matter how crazy my own life gets and how hurt I can be. My best medicine has always been my loved ones happiness. This may be the reason to how I always can keep in touch with people and forgive. You know it takes much more energy being mad and in fights than wishing people the best. I mean why not put that energy on making something on your own life, finding happiness and success whatever that is for you :D..Like for me alot of my inner happiness comes from work achievements, haha yes I am a bit crazy but thats me :P..

Anyways here is one of my absolute favorite songs, has been it the last weeks. I just loooove her rough voice and the lyrics is so freaking great, got a lot of truth and hits a bit home for me...Then I also like that it samples 50cents Gangsta...Enjoy Kat Dahlia's song Gangsta and have a great night ;) 

If you noticed that I'm different Don't take it personally, its about finding bravery, letting go & being myself

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Just love miss Alicia Keys and her songs, this was just hit home. Couldnt have said it better :)

Hey, if you were a friend, you'd want to get know me again
If you were worth a while, You'd be happy to see me smile
I'm not expecting sorry, I'm too busy finding myself
I got this, I found me,
I don't need your opinion
I'm not waiting for your ok
I'll never be perfect, but at least now i'm brave
Now, my heart is open, And I can finally breathe
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of free
That ain't bad, I found a brand new kind of me
Don't be mad, it's a brand new time for me, yeah

Never leave a person who touches your soul more than your body..cuz thats the one

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Here is a song by Leftside ft Sean Paul that gets me into dancehall party mode :D
Want Yuh Body 

You’re black, you’re white, best of both types my yin and yang

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Tudeluu, I finally managed to fall a sleep around 7 AM and woke up around 1. So happy that I got some sleep, so anyways so far its been an okay day. Have just been chilling with bestie while she is fixing her hair and talked non stop on the phone. Im so blessed that I've got my counselor just one call away, really got the best hospital by my side who always to everything to be there for me no matter where in the world I am. I mean how many counselors contact you from abroad or how many doctors make sure you get the medicines you need asap even if you are in Asia?..Haha my support team is the best, and im not afraid of admitting that you sometimes need regular counseling, if you go through hell, why not get help so that you can do the best of your life? With that said I hope more people would take the help they need. 

Dappy - Ying Yang 

Here's a toast to my ladies with class !!

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I just looooove it when Ne-yo makes this kind of songs. Its similar to Miss independent but I still really like it. Encouraging woman is a great thing. 

Ne-yo ft Wiz Khalifa - Don't make them like you