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One of my addictions

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I've been watching a lot of shows and movies lately, so here are some tips for you.


What's you number

Is a romantic comedy that is a chick flick, but i liked it.




Is a hilarious British comedy that i can't describe. All I can say is that I love the skinny black guy, so damn funny


Love Wedding Marriage

is a romantic chick flick that is also good.



Is a new show that im totally hooked on.


Project Accessory

Is a show like Project runway but about accessories, so if you like those shows, you will love this one.


Once upon a time

Is another show i've gotten hooked on. At first I didn’t get it as it's kind of messy but when you get into it, it is real good. And it's about all the fairy tells with a twist. Can't explain it so just see it...


Yeah and now, all my other shows are coming back. Pretty Litle Lairs, Greys Anatomhy, NCIS, Jersey Shore, Switched at Birth etc are all back.

The family hustle

Category: Series/Movies

Oh now I've got a new show I gotta see. It's about T.I and he's family, and as he is one of my favorite rappers it's going to be fun seeing how he's life is. So on dec 5 their show " T.I & Tiny : The family hustle" will be on.

The Joneses

Category: Series/Movies


I just watched this movie with Cornelia, and it’s supposed to be a comedy but it was more a drama. It was a strange but interesting movie. It would be fun to have their job for like 6months or so, just to have fun with it.