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It's not a science, no It's just a way it goes

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This song by Cover Drive ft Dappy is one of my new happy songs. Just cant help but smile when its on, and no its not only because of super stunning Amanda :P

Så vi måste leva och le lite grann.. det är dax att vakna och göra drömmen sann

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Was ages ago I had a Swedish headline, but this is from a song by Mårdh & Shivano that I just cant get enough of. Its about doing the best in your life, its time to wake up and make your dreams come true, just live and smile a bit. If you like Swedish Rnb/Hip hop you should listen to the duo.

Well anyways, its crazy but its already Saturday even though it feels like its Thursday. But I guess you can say that the days has gone by so fast as I've had so much to do. I have meanly been working at the Karaoke bar. Its Sweden’s only Japanese inspired Karaoke bar, in other words the only place where you can rent a private room and have got room service. So if you like to sing and hang out with friends and drink. This is the perfect pre-party place. Welcome to K Karaoke at Odenplan in Stockholm. (

Working nightshifts has resulted in me living the life as a vampire, sleep during the days and am alive during the nights. Well the other day, on Wednesday, I had a real nice after work with my boss Karro, haha having after work at 3:30 in the morning was a new thing. But anyways me, her and Mikis went to Spy bar, a night club that is open until 5ish, then we went to the harbor and drank some more and later on me and Karro went to the park, drank some more, had a chat and took pictures of me having fun with the statues.

We finally finished the after work with a breakfast buffé at Berns that was amazing! So little miss Kimchi came home around 9-10 in the morning haha..That’s what I can call enjoying life.


So well now, I have to get running, have to go to Sumpan and visit my favorite cat Habibi, that I'm babysitting while Shara is in Gbg..after that I'll try to visit some stores and then its time for work :D..

Have a great day people

Xoxo Kimchi

Finally got my nr 4

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Last weekend, I finally got to do my 4th tattoo.
It angel wings that are raped around a heart, and under it it says J.W 1995. This tattoo is in memory of my birth mom who passed away 1995. So now I've got both of my moms on my arms :D

You'r Simply Amazing <3

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Oh damn my future husband Mr Trey Songz has finally releast the video for the beautiful song Simply Amazing..who doesnt want a man like that?

Pick a boo,

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It's only Wednesday, so only 3 days of this week has passed. But after the huge dramas the last 2days it feels like the whole week has passed. I cant believe that so much crap can happen in such a short time and cause so much pain, drama and bad consequences. So for the moment I can honestly say that I'm at a low point, my energy and patience to be nice to people is all gone. If other peoples drama affects me this bad, I cant help but eliminate that drama. Enough is enough and we've all got our own things to deal with. Im sorry but I can't be mother Theresa or play pick a boo here is the next damaged person you need to fix and take under your wings.

With that said, I also want to thank E and my goofy for being there for me, meant a lot that you could pick me up when I broke down <3

Roc The Life

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Just gotta love this beauty <3

Are you on our level?

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Now days this song is a classic..
I really do wounder if people are on my level, to be honest I dont think so


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Oh Hello world,

Yupp its true Im now ready to start blogging again :P...Haha will try to update you about what I've been up to lately..But you can basically say I've been busy with life...has happened quit a lot in my life..been some ups and downs with work, family, friendships and love life. But it wont be life if all was super great all the time right ? :P

Well anyways now Im just glad to have my sis Bongie back home after her trip in France and even happier to get the news that my favorite Shara is staying in Stockholm :D..woop woop we are once again in the same town. Its going to be awesome :D..