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Anyway Im living is great

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Tudeluuluu, its finally the weekend. (yes I know its sunday, but this is when my weekend usually starts)
The last past days has been a blure, just been work,gym, work,no sleep, work, party, gym and so on. But Im still a freaking happy chica and well motivated one. With hard work and loving and inspiring people around you, you cant do anything but love life and enjoy the crazy moments that will improve your life. There will always be obsticals and haters around you, but for me that gives me more fire to make it.
So with that said, it wont be surprisning for you that this song is my freaking anthem :D
Have a good day

Say hello to the weekend

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Tudeluu, today it's the beginning of the weekend, aka its FRIDAY. I bet all of you have been longing for this day to come haha. Well if you are in Stockholm over the weekend, I would recommend you to go to Club Vardagsrummet tonight where MAHOYO & Klubb SKOSKAV are playing, so all girl power there :D..And on saturday the doors att Nalen are open for another smashing night @ Klubb SKOSKAV, were going to play Soul, Funk & Hiphop and we've also got some surprises for you there ;)


I come alive in the night time

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Time to go out and have some fun with roomie...Time to go back to my roots...african night today. But it's going to be fun as a friend that has been away for weeks is going to DJ tonight..
So fits in on me and Erika

Can't tie me down..

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Yesterday it was the New Boyz concert, and it wasnt what I expected but I still had a good time with the girls. And thanks to Miss Black Barbie I got to have a meet and great with the New Boyz and also laugh so much at things that happend. My girls are truelly funny <3

S.W.A.G = She Wants A Gentleman

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Yeey! Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and Im well rested..Feels like this is going to be a great day :D
An outfit I wore at Skoskav a while ago

All the crazy shit we do in life, will be the best memories

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Skoskav was great yesterday. I got to see how the club works and meet future colleges’ and other awesome people. The DJ’s played incredible music from dubstep to hip hop and dancehall. The artists were also good and yeah it was just a great time, so it’s going to be fun continuing working with Skoskav and the girls.

After Skoskav closed I went to Berns to meet up Emelie and Bongie at the VIP area. It was nice to see the girls and seeing them having fun. Unfortunately I didn’t stay that long as the music there sucked and was some people who got om my nerves. Therefore I went to Lobby and met up Erika. It was much better music there and we had a blast with the guys. It so funny how me and Erika always seem to make the night smashing and fun. So anyways as you probably already figured out it became another late night, think I came home at 7 in the morning :P Well so today I got some good sleep and have just been home all day. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry and other stuff I haven’t had time or energy to do haha, and now im going to see some of my series.


Pics from SKOSKAV

Outside KGB where Skoskav was

The soulsinger Malena Uamba

Rapper Pengar Per doing his thing. This guy has got an amazing energy.

Sonic 87 played dubstep, hiphop and grime. (was AWESOME)

The DJ Håll käfften och dansa

People were hyped and even danced on the chairs haha

NileNets, Sonic 87, Black Barbie and me

The girls behind Skoskav and me

He want that cake cake cake cake cake

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This whole day has been confusing and stressfull. But now Im finally going to have a good time after some great news. So now im heading of out to meet up Bongie and Marre (I hope they'll be in time haha). Well we are going to celibrate a friend at his B-day Party. Hope it will be a drama free night :P
Rihanna - Birthday Cake
(Love this song, want the full version)

Random pics

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Here are some pics from nights out..
I found this written on the bathroom door at Nivå so happy :D
Erika had been craving tacos for weeks, so we finally had it :P
Christmas decoration on the mushroom at Stureplan
I met a girl at Laroy and I loved her tattoo so had to take a picture of it :P

So what we go out? that's how it's suppose to be, we're just having fun

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The past weekend has been a real party weekend. It started on Thursday when me and Erika went to Slakthuset. We had a blast, was great music and I was laughing so much at some friends that was beyond wasted. So that was a good night expect the ride home, (almost started thinking of starting to go to church if I ever got home safe) haha...On Friday it wasn’t a super planned night out, the plans changed a lot so wasn’t that hyped but my partner in crime brought out the party nerve in me so we went out. Went to Nivå and met my favorite ppl, and some new peeps. We later on went to Ego that played a nice mix of music (im getting tired of too much African music, so was nice to get a mix), this night we took it easy but stil had a nice time and got some new friends. On Saturday me and the girls had during the day not planned to really go out, but after visiting Bongie at Juliennes place, the plans got changed really fast. So we had a good time getting ready together and getting hyped, so later on we ended up at Ego. At first it wasnt so good, and there was ppl that were getting on my nerves but thankfully there was some super funny people I could laugh my ass with (okay maybe more at :P)  but anyways half the girl left early for different reasons and poor Bongie lost her Iphone. So yeah it ended up being only me and my partner in crime left at the club. And strangle enough the club got smashing, more ppl came and the music got better and we really had a blast. The night ended with an after party in Tyresö with the nicest ppl ever and we had a nice chill Sunday with them. So yeah that was in short the party weekend. :P


Me getting teased for my pokemon eyes :p
The hottie
us having fun on the subway
sexy girlies
my girlies
me with the best

I got a hangover...

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Yesterday was a crazy party night with Erika. It started of really cool and calm and without any plan. So had a small pre party at Erikas's place, then went to Nivå and had a blast with the people there. After that we finally decided to go to Strand as there was going to be a huge event. The club was really awesome, had great music and artists and we had fun hanging out with Mohombi, Flatline etc...Finally when the club was closing we went to an after party with one of red one's new artist and that was also fun until I figured out that we had ended up in Sollentuna, it's like 30min outside Sthlm hahaha I have no idea how we got there but anyways was a long and hard party night and I came home at 10 in the morning and today I've been super hangover with Cornelia and Ulla. So our apartment has been the hangover place haha..

Kööör bara

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Yeah, Erika out the party side out of me, so now its time to go out...Have a great night ppl