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So then it was already Wednesday night haha, half the week gone and I’m already tired. Well I haven’t been up to anything special. On Monday, I was the queen zombie aka far from alive at the internship, but it still went okay and after that I had a super nice Fika with my cousin Sara that I haven’t seen for years. So it was nice catching up and I was glad to see her so happy.

Yesterday I didn’t do much, just worked and then took it easy at home as I haven’t been feeling so well. And today I was working again, had meeting and did some assignments. Despite that I felt super sick after work I met up Boland and Olivia on their shopping spree and later on had a super nice Fika with real deep discussions about believes, science, relationships etc. when that was over I met up with Erika to see my new apartment (we are switching) and I like it so will in the near future move again :P.. anyways we had a nice walk around the new area, then went home to be welcomed with home made fish soop by Ulla and guest. Super homie and nice. So now its time for me to jump in bed, as tomorrow my first day at the new job begins..can’t wait :D

Good question

Category: Daily Life

Lazy sunday

Category: Daily Life

Today I haven’t done much, have just been home and taken it easy. I've watched all the new episodes to my series, hanged out with cornelia and her friend, eaten a yummy raspberry pie that cornelia did and then watched a movie. So yeah i've been super lazy, but sometimes that's just what you need :P

It’s hard to stay on point with such extremes in opposition

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Im a big fan of Lupe Fiasco , so had to share his latest song with Ellie Goulding called Lightwork.

The R&B legends

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Do you remeber Boys II Men, the legends? well they are back and here is their latest song one up for love. It's about the need of change in the world.

the truth

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Party in style

Category: Style by Kimchi

Me and Erika, forgot to take pictures of our night out (again) so I only have the ones I took before going out. So here is yesterdays party outfit ;)

I got a hangover...

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Yesterday was a crazy party night with Erika. It started of really cool and calm and without any plan. So had a small pre party at Erikas's place, then went to Nivå and had a blast with the people there. After that we finally decided to go to Strand as there was going to be a huge event. The club was really awesome, had great music and artists and we had fun hanging out with Mohombi, Flatline etc...Finally when the club was closing we went to an after party with one of red one's new artist and that was also fun until I figured out that we had ended up in Sollentuna, it's like 30min outside Sthlm hahaha I have no idea how we got there but anyways was a long and hard party night and I came home at 10 in the morning and today I've been super hangover with Cornelia and Ulla. So our apartment has been the hangover place haha..

Kööör bara

Category: Party by Kimchi

Yeah, Erika out the party side out of me, so now its time to go out...Have a great night ppl


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Kimchi straight out of the shower, drinking wine and wating for her thai wok to get done..


Category: Daily Life

Wiihoo, internship is done for the now it's time for some free time...Hope you'll have a great weekend!

You need a role model? Well why can't you play the role

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I never ever would think this day would come. But little Justin Timberlake is RAPPING, im so surprised and the funniest thing is that his lyrics is dope but he doest have the best voice for it. But well the song Role model by freesol is really nice. Enjoy it and the new justin


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damn, I just woke up and Im supose to be at work gotta hurry hurry hurry up. Still going to be like 40min late. :(...

Hello the new club banger?

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Far East Movement is out with a new song called Jello ft Rye Rye. It kind of sticks in your head, but is it going to be a club banger? Not as big as Like a G6 but maybe a nice remix of it will do it. I really hope their new albume is going to be full of smash hits...

Let's get creative

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Kelly Rowland is already out with her next music video, and this time for her dancefloor song "down for whatever". It took me some time to get used to, it's not her best song. But if someone makes a remix of it, it will be a nice dance song..or what do you think?

It's Breezy B****

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Haha, damn Breezy is having a lot of fun with his rap and freestyles. The latest one is the freestyle on the hit song N**az in Paris...Haha the guy got some hot lyrics and his mini video is perfect for Halloween.


Drowning again

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

..that's the title of T-pains new song. Here you can hear that the guy acctually can sing and don't need auto-tune  and he can also do deep song.

The Joneses

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I just watched this movie with Cornelia, and it’s supposed to be a comedy but it was more a drama. It was a strange but interesting movie. It would be fun to have their job for like 6months or so, just to have fun with it.

Todays outfit

Category: Style by Kimchi

Todays simple funky outfit



My blog is going to have some new changes and get more organized. Therefore I will add some new categories.


Style by Kimchi

- will be about my outfits, men and women cloths I like, style inspirations, designers, friends outfits  I've done etc.

African Music

- kind of clear, african, dancehall etc.. music

Rnb/stream Music

- most famous hits etc..

K-pop Music

- Korean/Asian music



- All the series I fallow and movies I recommend


The Kimchi bakery

- also kind of clear, will be about thing I've cooked/baked and things I would like to do. Cornelia will be a part of this..

Party by Kimchi

- basically my night life where ever..

Daily life

- basic stuff I do

Just saying

- things I've got on my mind


Det går bra nu..


yeeeey! Today has been a great day. I had the job meeting today and I got the job and im so damn happy that Im getting the chance to work with music and event at such a nice company. Think Im going to have a blast and they already have so much for me to do and I love that Im going to be able to try different things and also come with ideas. Creativity is the best and also great to be able to work with an old friend. So yeah after that got to chill with Erika and then go eat with Boland and her and had a laugh. So now Im doing some work for my internship and also research for the new job.

when it's over you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so that you could have all the good

Category: Musik

Rihanna's photo Rihanna Navy! The wait is over, here's the official video for We Found Love

Rihanna is finally out with her music video for "we found love" and me like it a lot. Got a real story and is different from her other videos. It's only funny to see the guy in the video as he is kind of a copy of Chris Brown, but then again they say that some parts of the video reflects their relationship...

All work work


This week I started to work seriously at the office again after being sick for so long. Im only on my third day and 80% of the time I’ve been sitting in meetings and catching up on everything. Like yesterday we had 2 meetings after each other so that was around 4h in total and this morning we started of with a 2h meeting about evaluation PM’s. All the meetings are necessary and kind of interesting. But today I couldn’t really concentrate as I woke up with the worst headache ever, but still happy that I was finally able to sleep a whole night yeey :D..anyways now I’m working on our big events and going to have a meeting about our website that I’m going to be responsible for. So right now I’m translating a lot of info to English. It’s actually going to be interesting learning something new and working with websites and media.

Small world



This weekend when I was out with Erika I got to meet an old friends in real life for the first time. It’s was really funny for us to explain when people were asking how we knew each other as we were so surprised to see each other and were laughing so much. Well the thing is that I’ve known this girls since I was like 14 and we got to know each other through a Facebook like site called Playahead, and after that we continued to have contact on MSN and then Facebook. But the last couple of years we haven’t really spoken so it was so funny to finally meet her and get re connected again. She has really grown up and made something out of her life, so go girl..

Another thing my friends found funny was that I actually know a lot of people that I see as old friend or normal people but they see as famous people haha. Well I don’t know people just because they became famous, I know them because I see them as friends and I’m also proud over them for going after their dreams, I mean what’s the point of showing of that I know they are famous and braging about it, I mean it’s not like I deserve a piece of their fame when it’s not me that has worked hard for it. Sure I may get some perks like free entry to some club but I don’t exploit them as it’s a give and take relationship and I fix other things for them. So anyway back to the next person I’m proud of, it’s my beautiful childhood friend Vicki "Victoria Dogan" who is now everywhere on TV for her magnificent weeding. The show “Mitt stora feta syrianska bröllop” is really good. And I’m so happy for her for finding her big love and continuing working hard on her music. Keep on the good work and hope to see you soon.

Making fun of us scandinavians haha


Baby, something is on my mind and I gotta say it...


Behind every B*tch there is a man that made her that way…

That’s something miss B said and I can’t help but totally agree with her. I mean if you think about it, it’s so damn true. Every woman has got a breaking point and once she has reached it, you think she is going to get even nicer than before. Haha hell no she  is going to be the coldest bitch on this planet and I don’t blame people for not taking any more shit. I mean she’s just a babe in total control of herself!...haha but then again there are some bitches that has been played for to long and the get totally f*** and those need to find happiness again somewhere. Like this morning I met the craziest bus lady ever and she was mad just to be mad and was a real fucked up B***’ so that even I flipped out on her. And I’ve got a long patience but damn this woman was crazy and I think she needs to get laid fast as hell cuz that’s just not normal flipping out on kids for no reason….well anyways enough with all the bad words, just had to say something and if you are thinking well Kimchi ain’t no angel or that perfect..haha yeah of course I’m not, I’m human and sure I can be a total B*tch too but believe me people who experience that side of me really deserve it and I think that compared to people I know  I’m the nicest b*tch with the cutest smile :P

An open invitation to the first day of the rest of your life

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Tyrese is to hot for TV,
but he still managed to do a music video for his song too easy ft Ludacris

Lay it on me..

Category: Musik

Kelly Rowland is out with another music video, this time it's for her bedroom song lay it on me ft Big Sean. Haha think she had a lot of fun doing this video..

This is discovery, hate it or like it

Category: Musik

A little oldie called Let go by Tinie tempha & Emelie Sande
You gotta be stronger than most

Living in a drama


Today I've been so dead all day, came home late, went groceries shopping, then to a meeting and then home fixed some stuff and now had dinner and why have I been so dead then? Well yesterday I though would be a calm and chill day, was home and then met up Bongie and helped her movie in at her parents place (she's going to babysit her sisters) and there we ate dinner and planned the night. We decided to go out clubbing at Göta Källaren as it was lil lördag so me. her and erika were going to go. So on the way to the subway suddenly Bongie gets into a fight with a girl and the girl really beat her up but me and 2 other girls stopped it and the police came and you get the now I've been trough TWO police interviews in less than one month!! haha dont get what is going on, always in the wrong place at the wrong time..but anyways bongie was fine and still wanted to party so we ended  up going to our favorite bar Nivå, met up Erika had some drinks and then was all good for a night out. The club was chill, not that much people but we didn’t care as we just wanted to get the stress of and the best way is by having a good time and dancing, so that's what we did. So ended up being a looong night out and didn’t come home until around lunch today..Was a super crazy night with a lot of events that happened but that I can't write about but all I can say is that I love my girls and love our new motto; KÖÖÖR bara!! haha kind of means just go with it or so :P... And right now I've got some new engery to handle all the troubles I've got with a smile, gotta love the life you live and live the life you love !

Do you have a boo thing

Category: Musik

Yeey!, the video for the song Boo thing - by Verse Simmons & Kelly Rowland is finally out :D

Are you a hater?

Category: Musik

I think all girls has been trough the hater feeling, the feeling that you do all for the guy you are with but just gets the player/ bad boy side of him and when you are done with him and given up. Suddenly the next girl "changed" him and got the good guy, when actually you were the one who did the hard work.. Haha well Miranda Brooke has made a perfect song about it.

Enjoy !

Bad update..


..Yes Im a live and nothing has happend. Im just at my parents new home and Im to busy helping them and also don't have so much access to the internet. That' s why I havent updated in a while, but will fill you in as soon as Im back in town..

Happy eating


Today I found the coolest bowls at home.

They have different texts in them and the one I chose for lunch was this one.. It says "hunger is the best spice"


Movie/series day


Im still home and sick so today Im going to just lay in bed and watch movies and when I get some more energy do something more usefull like apply for jobs and plan my future. Anyways I've now watched the latest Gossip girl and the movie Planet of apes. Gossip girl is always nice to see, and the movie wasnt what I expected but it was okey.
Oh yeah if you for some reason have a heard time finding series to see, then I can recommend 2 new shows.
Single Ladies
It's kind of like sex in the city but much better
Friend with benifits
this one is a mix of how I met your mother and friends

Real talk..


We all know that life can be a real struggle and honestly suck. I also think that most of us go through the same things in life, maybe just in different points of our lives. For me this year has been the most problematic one since I moved away from home. Like seriously everything has gone wrong this year, like school, health, work, economy, personal life..hahah the last 2 has been the ones that has given me most headache. People who know me knows that I take it really hard when I can't do anything by myself or fix something by myself, sometimes my independence and ambition gets in my way. But I’m still learning to manage it all and grow up, whether I like it or not.

So this past last week was on the edge of exploding and this weekend someone put a whole in my overloaded bubble, so yeah I did explode. But not in the way that you think, like going crazy and destroying stuff. Nope I’m on another level, I've shut down, and probably will be like this a while cuz that's how  I deal with stuff at this point. So what are the things that are bugging me the most?


-) I'm super duper home sick and can't wait to visit my family so that I can get my head screwed on right again..

-) Money is my biggest problem right now, CSN and work is not going as it should so kind of screwed and will have to relay on my big hearted parents. This feeling sucks as I get ashamed that my parents need to help me so much even 4 years after I've moved out..

-) My future, I've figured out that I don’t want to work with international relations, the thing I've studied for 3 years and put all my energy into. But yeah I can't see myself working with it, I think its important but not something I want to work with the rest of my life. So now I’m trying to figure out how to re-plan my future and become an event manager and maybe also stylist on the side.

-) the last  big thing that is giving me a headache is my personal life. Haha my closest friends who has been with me this year are probably laughing now and thinking yeah you should sign in to a church for nuns or something. Because I've been trough crazy shit so that you could think it was a real movie haha. Under this year I've managed to meet  a lot of guys but the ones that truly messed up my days was one abusive guy, one massive cheater and one who I have to many nicknames to describe...Anyways Kimchi finally admitted that she was in love. But of course things wouldn’t become easy for that, would actually just give her more headache. So now she's back in her right place, she's back in the game :P..

Haha well that was nice getting of my chest, just can't wait to get well again (im sick again) and also meet my family <3

happy ending


This day has been super shity for me, but thank God for Cornelia who came home, talked to me and made me happy again by baking with me. Haha I’m kind of easy to please anyway, as usual we experimented with the baking. Did some cinnamon buns and some with vanilla..was still yummie.

Sometimes it last, sometimes it only hurts

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Adele is unbelivable. This song says a lot of what I've been thinking..

5 o'clock in the morning

Category: Musik

Finally T-pain has done managed to do a song that I like. This time he has collaborated with Lilly Alen and Wiz Khalifa. Get a nice feeling from the song. And I reaaaally want his damn phone in the video, so cool.
Dont want nothing less cause I’m sure you’re the best

We're going to have one hell of a time

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Freaking addicted to
Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night

Saturday night life


Hahaha OMG yesterday was such a crazy night. I don't even know how it got that way as we were going to have a chill night out. Well I guess crazy girls cant have that....Anyways me, Bongie and Julienne went to the bar Nivå, our favorite bar. The ppl that works there are the best ever and they always look out for us. Like  yestarday we got the best table and they helped us get Julienne into the bar faster :P...Well att nivå we had our nice pre-party, met a lot of funny ppl and had a blast. So later we went to the club Ego, but the funniest thing happend. We just had been there for like 20 min, got some drinks for a nice guy and all. And my crazy blondie bongie suddenly got totally wasted and puked on me AGAIN!!...hahaha funny girl but anyway we took care of her and we had to go the whole way to MÄRSTA with her as she was fucked. But we had a blast on the way home, and me and Julienne though that she was kind of sober and all when we got home. But gosh we were today we got calls from friend worried about what happend to her yday. And we didnt understand until we saw that she ahd written a post on her blog superduper angry but the funny thing is that she was happy yday. So we dont know what happend and she has no memory of the night haha :P....The great thing of haning out with Bongie is that I'll get the best abs ever as I always laugh so much that I cry with her :P....anyways gotta go and help the girls now. We are having a dinner with the guys Yummie...

Me and a hilarious guy

Think it's here it starts going down..

Ma and cutie

J loving it hahaha