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Go the extra mile, it's never crowded

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Tudeluu, though it was about time I posted something. I haven't had time to write anything as I've been working 24/7 the past weeks. But soon it's time for the family vacation so then I'll chill. :D haha. everything is going smooth at the office, I'm always busy on the phone, computer or driving somewhere. But it's just the way I like it. I've also been working at my favorite restaurant Froejd. love my coworkers and the energy and love they put into the place. I really recommend the place. Hmm what have I otherwise been up too. ..well I've celebrated Karro that was a crazy night with a pre party in a penthouse. I've also been out with the guys from work that was super fun and also had a chill wine night with the girls...well that was all for now. gotta get back to work.

With an open mind I can accept that anything is possible! !

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The past months I've been living by the motto to be positive no matter what. because karma is all around us and positive attitudes generates positive vibes and surroundings. So why be negative and let things drain you? takes to much energy from you and things that are more important. Anyways the past weeks have given me great 5 job offers, found out I'm going on an awesome family vacation in 2 months, have rebuilt a friendship and the best news ever. I'm getting adopted by the best woman on this planet !!! :D ♡♡♡


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As everyone knows by know, the famouse Paul Walker passed way in a car accident this past weekend. Its been alot of posts about this and now his friend and co-star RZA has made a song in his honer.
I lost a friend, on that highway to heaven

She could change my mind

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Like most of you, we've all seen super cute kids and babies. And for those you know me, Im not that fond of kids and don't want any of my own. But when I saw Stella a couple of weeks ago, I just gasped. She is so amazingly beautiful with that lovely hair and dimples haha. Like if someone could promise me I'd get kids like her and her brother I sure could think about it :P

Past. Present. Future

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Tudeluu, Long time no see dear readers.
It hasn't been that crazy since last time, just haven't felt the urge to share.
Anyways I haven't done much but worked at new places, been busy figuring out stuff and dealing with other stuff. I've also taken the time to have fun and do stuff. Has been alot of dinners, hooka nights, game nights with wine and drinks. had also been turnt up night outs and a cruise with my childhood friends. I've also meet some new crazy ppl and moved on from some other things. Haha so right now Im focusing on being a better me and enjoying the present while doing everything for the future. So tomorrow I'll be spending the day with lovely Barbie, grym and shopping.

The rest of the week its work,gym, finding an outfit and on sunday we fly to BERLIN for my bday celebration!!. I can't wait for that and my bday party the weekend after. :D

New Adventures

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Tudeluu yesterday was a busy and good day. The important thing went well, but I wont tell you what it's about until it's final in some weeks. Well I love new beginnings and new energy. So working hard for some change. But today it's movie/show day with wifey.

A step in the right way...

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Damn the last days have been all work and no play really. I've been real exhausted, but happy because I got some good news just before the weekend and also been haven a blast with the coworkers. Now it's also super nice coming home as Im now always welcomed by wifey who now stays with me :D. The first night she was here, her and her hubby stayed up all night just to keep me company when I got home and even saved me drinks. Haha gotta love them ♡
Anyways gotta go to bed and get some sleep as I've got an important day tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

Friendship comes in different formes

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The weekend passed by real fast as I only was working. Had a crazy uncomfortable experience with a customer that I'll never forget, neither will my co workers as they though it was hilarious. Haha work was crazy but fun.

I started the week with a new hairstyle and crazy night out with Karro. And yday I spent the whole day with my childhood friend Patricia and her adorable daughter.

It's crazy that it took us about 7 years to meet again haha but it was fun. And im so happy for her with how much she's accomplished and what a lovely family she's got. So yes the past days have been great ♥♡♥♡

Sunny Friday

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Damn today is a really beautiful day with the sun out and everything. I love it even though Im kind of a zombie right now, (yes haven't slept tonight). But I just finished a good meeting so hoping for good news and now I'm of back to bed before it's time for work. Have a nice day!!

Passion for style

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Ever since I was a kid, I've always gotten complements for my styles. Yes styles because I always mix it up. Anyways the people who knows me also knows Im a shopaholic and loooove finding different outfits. So anyways for a while ago several friends started asking me once again why I dont also blog about fashion or style. So know Im like yeah why not post a bit about it. So here are some outfits by some of my favorite stylist that Im dying for at the moment.

To love and be loved is the greatest ♥

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Tudeluu people, yes I am alive and well. Just have been busy with life and all that. The past weeks I've catched up with my friends that I haven't seen for a long time. I've taken the opportunity to do stuff I havent done in ages.

So I've spent a lot of time with wifey, who is back in town. I celebrated Kabo at his surprise party, that was so much fun even though I hurt my toe baddly haha. I've otherwise been on so many dinners with all kind of friends, like my sis Bongie, Barbie, the flipping burger crew, Sagal, my favorite Karro, wifey and her man etc
The best night of all the weeks was when I got to go to the Ryan Leslie concert. Easly the best one I've been to. He's a true artist that man. And that night was tuuuuuurnt up. Besides that I also supported wifey at her event; Miss Africa crown.
That was the fun part I've been up too, Im now also back to work and crazy stress. But its gone good and I'm finally back at the gym to stay healthy.

Anywas here aresome pics from the past weeks

Be proud of the "scars" in your life, each one holds a lifetime's worth of lessons

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This morning I was so damn tired, got 4h of sleep this night (witch is kind of good for me now days). The weather was also super shitty, grey clowds and pouring rain. But with some help from some old school rap music I eventually jumped out of bed. I havent done much today but went to the important doc appointment, so all is getting better :). After that I just took a ride with my sister car, I've really missed the freedom of having a car and driving around. Anyways had a lovely dinner with the family, had one of my favorite dinners, baked potatos with all kind of stuffing.
After that my dear mom surprised me with MANGO and pineapple, I cant get enough of mango. So surely went cray on that :P. So today has been a chill family day and now its time for some shows.
But here is a nice clip from the talented and beautiful Willow Smith, loved this preformance 

Don't confuse your past with your destination. Just because it's stormy now, it doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine ;)

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I've got some questions why I've "disappeared" both in real life and on the blog.

-"Kimchi what have you been up too?, Have you moved?, Are you/have you really been sick?, Do you still hangout with this and that, Why don't you share anything?" etc..

Those are some of the questions I've got. And I will with this post address the subject. With all respect, I've chosen to take a big step back and gard my self highly because I've got the right to do that and focus on myself and things that are important. Those who are close to me and truly care about my well being knows my situation and knows I haven't had this much hell in some years. So to those who think I've not told the truth about being sick even though my docs gave me sick leave. Sorry but I would love to be the same old workaholic,happy carzy chicka but I haven't been able to as I have been very ill and got a bit more to work with till Im a hundred percent. And for those who wonder how a person can be on sick leave and go for a dinner, or some hours to a festival. Mind your own business and respect people who are doing everything to get well. Do you know what I need or can do to get well? Do you know my whole situation? nah don't think so, so with all respect focus on you and I'll keep on doing me !!

Anyways trough the last two months, I've been so lucky and loved by my close ones. Especially my family who did and still does everything to help me. I've almost lived with them full time during this period. They and my friends especially Mariah, Karro and Goofy have been my rocks. Showed me that I still got some fight in me and had all hope and love for me even though I've been really in a bad mood and weak. I can't say thank you enough for this.
Anyways I've had some great moments with all of them. Been playing with my siblings, was at an amusement park with them. Been at the festival with my brother and close friends. Had lovely dinners with all my girls and crazy talks and laughs. Even got to see an unexpected concert with Amplify dot who I love. I also had a non stressful roadtrip to the south with Goofy. Was some crazy, fun, emotional and well needed days. I got the support I needed without asking or knowing that I needed it in all the kaos <3..

So back to the present. Im working on being a 100% again and stronger. So all I ask is to respect me enough to let me recover drama free and give me space. :D

Well that was a long post, so here is some pics from the past months ;)

my cuddle buddies Timon & Simba

Family time at the amusement park

Walking down memory lane in my old neighbour hood

Amplify dot mini concert

Goofying around with big sis B

Reunion with the Jkpg Uni girls

Snap that's a rap, Dinner date with the Flipping Burger crew

This thing called time is an illusion that we all trust ...

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People say a picture says a thousand words, well for me music expresses so much more..
When you knew me there was no respect,
I'm walking on this path don't need the stress.
Cause I'm living for moments, nothing less,
And for this dream I know I've got to manifest.
On up from disaster I climb,

They said more patience is what you need',
I said I have an idea to conceive,
Who the FUCK all these people I got to please?
Were they ever really concerned about my well-being?
So, all up from disaster I grow,

Am I losing control?
Am I losing my mind?

And these fragile souls have gone missing and we don't know...
I've wasted my time, 
this thing called time's an illusion that we all trust

Girls just wanna have fun

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I've now been back 24h and already been up to alot. Had nothing special pland yday but it became a spontaneous day. My old roomie and nr one party chick decided to come and visit me. So it quickly became a girls night out with loads of laughs. Just taking the night as it came. So went to 3 different clubs and met some of my favorite ppl out. And today I've just taken it easy, ate out with Erika, fixed a bit in the apartment then soaked in the sun on the balcony and now im of to work.

Here is pics of me and Erika Yday hahaha

Stop » Pause » Play

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Oh the weather is so wonderful right now in Skåne, sucks a bit that Im spending the whole day traveling stuck on trains. But then again Im still all smiles as Im coming home, going back to my reality and life. Feels a bit like the past weeks life pressed stop and then pause and now it's back to play in a slow phase. It's been lovely being with the family but going to be nice to go back to my life even though it's going to be a challenge but hey we all know I love a good challenge with all odds against me :P...well enough about that. now im sitting enjoying the lovely view of the Swedish country side and sipping on my Starbucks frappicino :D oh yeah totally forgot to say that I've become a redhead again haha. Seems like I can't stay away from that and changing styles all the time. ( I've had it for 2weeks, so soon changing it again) :-P...anyways little miss red riding hood wish you a great day.

when you want to get of the ground, gravity pulls you down

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Hey y'all, yes I am alive just have had loads to do the past weeks. To sum it up I've worked then had vacation, celebrated midsummer with friends in a cabin on the country side, been out clubbin with my craZy turnt up friends, then I've moved to my new adorable apartment and sadly enough been really sick the last 2,5 week. So ended up going back to the south to.the family and docs. But now Im much better so will be heading back home to the big city tomorrow. Now that I've been home in Skåne, I've also had the chance to spend time with the family, having bbq's, playing with the kids and hang out with my siblings. I also took the chance to go to the carnival in my old town with my brother and oldest friend. Was a real good day spending time with them especially when I haven't seen my friend for years and that I won't see my brother til next year as he's going to move to China. haha the family is starting to shear my love for Asia :D..well anyways hope you all are enjoying summer !

So Proud

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Today my baby brother, okay he is a grown man but still my baby brother has graduated aka "tagit STUDENTEN". Here in Sweden its a BIIIIG thing. So Im so happy for him and so proud as he even got a unexpected scholarship :D

 Now its only one baby left to graduate...gosh they grow up so fast :D

Life in the fast lane

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Damn the last past days has really just passed by with a blink of an eye. 
I've had loads of work, no sleep and much fun. Have worked at the office and the bar and been on meetings and studied. Had a big night out with the co-workers and tefo and tasha. We had a blast at F12 and then Spy and celebrated mickis. So in other words got 1h of sleep yday. Then of for a double shift, but wI survived the day with a smile. So today Ive only slept and been to the gym and now im of to work again.
Wish you a great day :D

No time for games, she's full grown

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Jahapp then it already is Lil lördag and Im far from done with everything Im supposed to be. Got a lot of school work to do and meetings. So going to be hard with the upcoming double shifts that start tomorrow again.  So anyways today Iäve been doing work for the thesis and then been a cleaning day.And now Im on my way to the librarby to return some book I've forgotten about for like 2 week or more haha..after that its time for the night shift. 
Hope you're having a better day. Anyways time to enjoy some old music by the man with the voice I could marry. :D