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Im now at Kista science tower at a job interview for Phone Family. and they've got their head office in this building on the 29th floor. the view is amazing.

Real facts

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We all have stories we wont ever tell

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Today after work I met up Mike in Liljeholmen. It crazy but it took us 7 years before we finally met again. So now im planning to meet him more often as we were so close when we were younger.  Well anyways we had some fika and talked a lot, then later I met  Mr M (or as I call him the cutie with the eyes)  and we hanged out waaay longer than we both expected. But we had a lot to talk about and I had a real good time :D

That's why you MAD

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This song is real good because of Nicki that kills it and also Lil Wayne. I wouldn’t mind if Birdman just would be quite and just show up in the video, like he usually does. Haha I really don’t like him and it gets on my nerve that Lil Wayne can’t do a video without him in it. I mean come on daddy can sit on the bench he doesnt have to be in EVERY video haha...well well Nicki is awesome in this video and she is kind of cute as the female wezzy :P


Birdman ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Y.U MAD

Good feeling

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It seems like its going to be a great week, new week, new appartment, new phone, 2 job interviews.
Got a good feeling that  everything will work out ( well I hope so )

Best monday in a while

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Yesterday afternoon and night was really nice. After the internship I met up Erika, we went to Tele2 and both got new phones Samsung Galaxy S II. So far im in love with the phone and it’s nice to have a working phone ( so sorry I have abandoned the Iphone for now) . If you have Tele2 and want to buy a new phone or get help with something, go to the shop at Kungsgatan and ask for John-John…he is the nicest guy ever so I recommend him :D..

Well anyways after the visit at Tele2, we went and met up Miss K and ate at the Tex Mex place called Macho. I liked the food a lot even though I didn’t get the concept of the restaurant, like the furnishing was industrial but the food was Mexican so I didn’t get it. But they had funny text all over the place that I gladly read out loud for Miss K and Erika but they didn’t enjoy it as much as me :P…haha so as you get I was super happy to meet and chat with Miss K and Im holding my thumbs that she’ll get the job here, cuz then she’ll be close to me AGAIN :D wiihoo.

After the dinner with Miss K, we went to the studio and hanged out with the hilarious guys and ate snacks. Was cozy being there, listening to the guys and laughing at them and also listening to their music.

So to sum up yesterday, I would say it was a reaaaall good day

You've been nothing but amazing

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Gym Class Heroes new song " Ass back home" ft Neon Hitch

Reunion time

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Wiihoo this day just gets better and better. I got a job interview offer to be a manager for a hotel (will have it later this week) and then my miss K got in touch with me. And she is coming to town so going to meet her after work. Haha its crazy but it was about one year ago I last saw her in KOREA. We haven’t had the chance to meet before even if we both live in Sweden haha :P
Well here are some pics of us together from the past 3 years..

Us out in Jönköping

Us at Dammiddagen (Dinner for the ladies created by the men)

Us on the DMZ tour

Us at my B-day party last year <3

We stay up all night

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It's Monday and therefore a new week. Usually I hate Mondays but today I woke up well rested with a big smile and even woke up before my alarm clock (doesn’t happen that often) :D..It got even better when I got outside into the beautiful fresh weather. Its cold but the sun is shining and the sky is super blue. So I’m not complaining. Well anyways now I’m at the office and working with our big assignment. My goal is to finish it today and to get a great start with it I'm listening to some energetic music. One of them is this great song with a cool video

" We stay up all night" by Buraka Som Sistema

All the crazy shit we do in life, will be the best memories

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Skoskav was great yesterday. I got to see how the club works and meet future colleges’ and other awesome people. The DJ’s played incredible music from dubstep to hip hop and dancehall. The artists were also good and yeah it was just a great time, so it’s going to be fun continuing working with Skoskav and the girls.

After Skoskav closed I went to Berns to meet up Emelie and Bongie at the VIP area. It was nice to see the girls and seeing them having fun. Unfortunately I didn’t stay that long as the music there sucked and was some people who got om my nerves. Therefore I went to Lobby and met up Erika. It was much better music there and we had a blast with the guys. It so funny how me and Erika always seem to make the night smashing and fun. So anyways as you probably already figured out it became another late night, think I came home at 7 in the morning :P Well so today I got some good sleep and have just been home all day. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry and other stuff I haven’t had time or energy to do haha, and now im going to see some of my series.


Pics from SKOSKAV

Outside KGB where Skoskav was

The soulsinger Malena Uamba

Rapper Pengar Per doing his thing. This guy has got an amazing energy.

Sonic 87 played dubstep, hiphop and grime. (was AWESOME)

The DJ Håll käfften och dansa

People were hyped and even danced on the chairs haha

NileNets, Sonic 87, Black Barbie and me

The girls behind Skoskav and me

Damn she can dance for you

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Beyonce's new video for her song dance for you is so hot. Like I dont think its just the guys who want her or what do you think?

Happy Saturday

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First of all I want to sayHappy Birthday to the best grandfather you can have. He has been my father figure since I came to Sweden, and I think he is the one person in the family Im most like. I think its from him I've gotten my big love for traveling and ice cream haha :P

Secondly I would like to say thanks for the B-day party Young. It was a nice party with the best food, cake and drinks. Was glad to see that so manyy people came to celibrate  you. Also it was fun to meet some new people and finally meet some others. It was less fun to find out some bad news about people you once trusted but that's life. Im over trying to help lost people. Anyways me and the girls had a blast and we came home around 9 in the morning, haha the way home in the train was the best time ever. Havent laught so much in weeks. Gotta love Marre <3

So now to some other great news, me and my girl Erika have got an appartment wiiihoo :D so going to celibrate that tongith at club SKOSKAV. Hope to see many of you there and wish you a great night.

He want that cake cake cake cake cake

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This whole day has been confusing and stressfull. But now Im finally going to have a good time after some great news. So now im heading of out to meet up Bongie and Marre (I hope they'll be in time haha). Well we are going to celibrate a friend at his B-day Party. Hope it will be a drama free night :P
Rihanna - Birthday Cake
(Love this song, want the full version)

Hands up high, we got the dancefloor crazy

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Getting in the mood with
Sean Paul - She doesn't mind

(thank God that the song is much better than the MV, cuz it has to be the worst one he has done)

Miss confused

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TGIF, or I think so at least haha..feels like I wont notice that its the weekend as Im super busy this weekend and also think its like wensday or something. As you maybe can guess, im kind of confused today or actually im beyond confused. So why is that? well I would say because of some stress and a big lack of sleep (thanks to my stupid cold)..well anyways Im planing to make the best of the day. So first going to finish working at the office, then go to the studio, then meet up the girls for some pre party and finally time for the birthday party.

Random pics

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Here are some pics from nights out..
I found this written on the bathroom door at Nivå so happy :D
Erika had been craving tacos for weeks, so we finally had it :P
Christmas decoration on the mushroom at Stureplan
I met a girl at Laroy and I loved her tattoo so had to take a picture of it :P

Mingle with OPC

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Here is some pictures from the lovely evening I had with the people from my internship.
We first had some drinks at the office.
Then went to Boulebar were we had a really good dinner.
Some chrimp, carrot and fish
on top of the chrimps and that we poored on the soop (was super yummie)
Yummie bread with special you also see Johans cute son.
Got some samon, with dip and vegis
the vegi "raps" that was my favorite
the crab cakes
best thing ever, the chocolate cake :D
After all eating we finally played some boule. I had never played before and though it would be boring but it was real fun.
at the first games it was going really good for me and my team mate
watching the final game
The winning team

How beautiful a day can be When kindness touches it!

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Today we are having a “business planning meeting”  and then Christmas dinner and boule at my internship. This is going to be fun.

Having a good good time

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Yesterday after work I met up with Erika to pick up some stuff at my place and then go to her place and cook some dinner (tacos) and get ready for another night out with some new friends. We went to Johnnys that was okay, then the plan was to go to Göta Källaren but the entrance fee was crazy 350kr, I mean for that price you can go to a concert and see J Cole. So yeah we went to Stureplan and ended up at Laroy were I had fun. I got to listen to house music and hits, and that was a looooong time ago I’ve been able to a club that plays that. So we kind of went crazy there until it closed. And I just loved the DJ Alex Rosta who mixed it up and later on played music just for us :D..Anyways the night ended a bit stupid with some arguments, so me and Erika went home but still didn’t let the event affect us and instead had a nice conversation with Mr M and later on had a good talk just us. So for me it ended up being a real good night, in other words thanks for all Erika <3

And so to talk about today I must say it’s a real a beautiful day, even if I’m tired I got an energy boost from the nice weather. Would so love to be outside right now. But now I’m at the office working with First Lane…


Swedish House Maffia - Antidote

The minute you thinkg of giving up, thing of the reason why you held on so long

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Try to erase a memory with a flame, And hope I never see you again

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Beautiful song called "Warzone" by the Wanted
It's about reltionships going bad because of cheating..

“I like a woman with a future and a past, a lil attitude problem all good, it’ll make shit last”

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Good morning people, hope you've slept well and will have a good morning. I had a sleepless night (don’t ask me why, just couldn’t sleep) so this morning I struggled to get myself together and out of the bed. Somehow I made it and now im at work trying to get some life into my dead body. I've already taken 2 cups of ecpressochoco (coffee with hot chocolate) and also freshen up with cute clothes & make up. This usually works a bit but not this morning, so the next step is to listen to super pumped up music before todays meetings :P...

Here is a (not o pumped up song) but it gives you inspiration..
Drake- Proude of you

So what we go out? that's how it's suppose to be, we're just having fun

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The past weekend has been a real party weekend. It started on Thursday when me and Erika went to Slakthuset. We had a blast, was great music and I was laughing so much at some friends that was beyond wasted. So that was a good night expect the ride home, (almost started thinking of starting to go to church if I ever got home safe) haha...On Friday it wasn’t a super planned night out, the plans changed a lot so wasn’t that hyped but my partner in crime brought out the party nerve in me so we went out. Went to Nivå and met my favorite ppl, and some new peeps. We later on went to Ego that played a nice mix of music (im getting tired of too much African music, so was nice to get a mix), this night we took it easy but stil had a nice time and got some new friends. On Saturday me and the girls had during the day not planned to really go out, but after visiting Bongie at Juliennes place, the plans got changed really fast. So we had a good time getting ready together and getting hyped, so later on we ended up at Ego. At first it wasnt so good, and there was ppl that were getting on my nerves but thankfully there was some super funny people I could laugh my ass with (okay maybe more at :P)  but anyways half the girl left early for different reasons and poor Bongie lost her Iphone. So yeah it ended up being only me and my partner in crime left at the club. And strangle enough the club got smashing, more ppl came and the music got better and we really had a blast. The night ended with an after party in Tyresö with the nicest ppl ever and we had a nice chill Sunday with them. So yeah that was in short the party weekend. :P


Me getting teased for my pokemon eyes :p
The hottie
us having fun on the subway
sexy girlies
my girlies
me with the best

Young, wild and free

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The Wiz Khalifa concert at Münchenbryggeriet yesterday was good. Young Khalifa had a great performance, was wasted and high and just did his thing his own way. It was nice that he had a long cool speech for his fans too. His DJ was also really good, he could mix up things. The rest of the gang was okay, not really my thing but had some cool verses. The only thing that was bad with the concert was that it took a long while till Khalifa came out and than the crowed was CRAZY. Especially the guys, like I couldn’t believe my eyes, was like almost 3 fights, people were smoking in the crowed, grabbing on girls and pushing people like crazy. So I couldn’t stand it out and left the crowed when it was like 30min left (even though we were almost in the front) but wasn’t worth all the drama in there. And we still got to see the whole concert real good when we stood by the side.

Oh yeah there was one thing that really pissed me off, and that was an Irish worker there that was so damn rude and yelled at us for no reason. Don’t know what his problem was, but seems like he’s got an attitude problem and one day he’ll get in trouble for that. Maybe will learn a lesson and stop being such an a**. Another funny thing was seeing the power the security guards the Wiz Khalifa gang had, haha they really was loving the power the had with the girls. Was hilarious :P.. well anyways here are some pics, didn’t get that many as my camera died and the crowed was way to crazy :P

Oh so damn beautiful

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My old friend Vicki just posted the music video for her wedding song with her man Laurence. I find it so beautiful when two people are that in love and also can show it in a song by singing it together. just lovely <3

The man with the big plans

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There is a new blog that I would like to recommend, it's Karl Champs website ( he doesn’t really like the blog stamp, so website would be more correct) :P..Well there you can read about what's on his crazy mind, listen to his mixtapes and also fallow the life behind the clubs in Sthlm and of course the life at the studio.

Here is his latest mixtrack with some songs that I have had in my head (the first 2)

Enjoy !

I was just a fool, a fool for you

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I came across the song "I want it all" again and I totally got hooked again. But when I saw this music video that a fan has made for the song (as many people think that Chris Brown is singing about Rihanna) I almost started crying as it's so beautiful, despite the bad thing that happend.
Listen to the song that is super beautiful and I think a lot of you can relate.
Chris brown - I want it all
Ps. remeber me saying the same thing as Riri, to a speciall someone.. " I want you to do well, have a great life and grow up"..

Are you on our level?

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Yeah I know I’ve been super bad with the updates, but I’ve also been super busy and haven’t had so much access to the internet. But today I’ve got some time, as im at the office. So now just working a lot with the website and Anna Lindh seminar. But cant wait til I finish work as then im going to meet up Erika and get ready for WIZ KHALIFA tonight. Wiiihoo it’s going to be a blast and probably another late nigh out with the gang. So anyways now I’m only listening to Wiz Khalifas songs and getting hyped and on the level.

Ps. Thanks Boland for the tickets, the nicest guy ever <3

Living my life in a positive way

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Haha, if yesterday was a long day. Then I don’t know what to call this day. I have been working non stop. Had a lot to do at the internship and then rushed over to the studio to have a meeting with Irini and Kalle and work on our projects. But now its kind of chill, still at the studio with Kalle and Moose. Fixing bookings for our Dj's. Oh about that, we just found out that our DJ Black Moose is going to play at Wiz Khalifa's concert this Monday. This guy is on fire, as he played for 50 cent a couple of weeks ago. Well anyways I really hope that I can go on the Wiz Khalifa concert but we'll see. Now it's time to get home and if Erika gets her way then we are going to slakthuset tonight as they have a big party tonight. :P

Work work work

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Today my day at the internship went by super fast. Had a lot to do, I for example helped Temara with organizing the Anna lindh seminar, that is in a week. Well had so much to do
So that I worked over and almost forgot to meet up Boland. Luckily he called me, so we had a nice fika that gave me a chance to catch my breath. Then when I came home I had to work some more and also apply for jobs. Only today I have applied for like 200jobs hahaha I've set my mind on getting money and living normal :P well
Anyways it's time for bed as tomorrow will be an even longer day :).

(the pics shows social Boland and my lovely raspberry cheesecake and hot

Lovely cold mornings

Category: Daily Life

Gosh, it was damn hard getting out of bed this morning. I over slept and then it was freezing thing morning so just wanted to stay in. But luckily the sun  was shining so got some energy to get my self out of my bed. But then I got a chock when I came out, damn it’s really cold now. The real winter weather with snow is not far away now and that sucks :(...well anyway got a pleasant surprise at the bus stop, got to meet an old friend Francis who apparently is my neighbor but we have managed to pass each other for months. So had some nice company to work and now my head is struggling to get started as the office is kind of dead, with a lot of people out traveling (evaluating projects around the world) and the rest are sick. so we are like one third at work. Well well guess I'll have to get started with some work now :)

Don't believe in love at first sight, but believe in love at first .....

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

The video for the song Lotus Flower Bombby Wale ft Miguel is now out.
Little miss Bre from Top model is the star in the video.

Talking about the importance of being aware of HIV and AIDS

Category: Just saying

Today I came acrosse Lil B's song I got aids. That he has done to make people think/talk and be smart about HIV and AIDS and in general being safe and taking care of yourself and others. I think this was a great way of bringing up the issue and a good way to get people involved.
Here is his message to people about the song and subject;

We need to have a conversation..

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Old school rnb is back thanks to LL cool J. Here is his song No more ft Ne-Yo.
I bet you all can relate to this song.

Always look on the bright side of life

Category: Daily Life

Today I'm also working at the human rights days. There is not that much to do today, but there is still a lot of interesting people here and important lectures. Well I think it's going to be a good day as I'm working with Therese and the weather is great and I'm in a good mood. So therefore I also wish you a good day and if it started out bad here is some tips on how to change it.

I ain't got a dollar, but im feeling like a millionaire

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Fake friend's are like shadow's. They fallow you in the sun, but leave your side when it gets dark

Category: Just saying


When you move a lot like I do and meet a lot of new people like I do. You learn to think about the importance of having real and good people around you. You really think about having true friends and investing in them as when you are young, you create your own little family outside your real family. The sad thing is then you move you always get to see who really was your real friends, who really still care about you and invest time in you even though you don’t see each other as often as before.


My 3 years in Jönköping was the best ones ever and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people. And there was especially one group of friends I saw as the closest ever and that I though I would be close to for a lot of coming years. So even though I was sad so move away from them I never though that our relationship would change so much. But disappointing enough, I was wrong. There was a lot of friends, that I still from time to time talk to that are just distant friends and not close friends anymore. That kind of hurt me a lot, but that appends to everybody. So now I just have to remember the good times.

me and france

But this is not only a sad post, new strong friendships also gets created by moving or by having a distance. For those relationships that don’t change or even get stronger, those are the people you should hang on to. For example I am glad to still have the same crazy relationship with France and Ibbe. Despite the distance and our busy schedules, its like nothing has changed when we talk. And another relationship that keep on getting stronger is with philly. We hadn’t been able to talk for weeks but catch up without any problem and have a mutual respect for each other that is sometimes surprising for both of us. Has almost gone one year since we last saw another but still act like it was yesterday haha. And another person that is not surprising that im super close to is my crazy daughter Inga, my reason for laughing so much. I don’t think I will get rid of this crazy person until we are old ladies <3

ibbe and me

philly and me

So lastly when life changes and you for example move, you also get new relationships and also get a chance to build up old ones. Of course I’ve got even closer to my blondie Bongie, no surprise there but the one relationship that really surprised me is the one I have with Erika. I never thought that we would get along so well and hang out so much as we do, never thought that I would find my true partner in crime and get so close to her. She’s a girl with a lot of surprises and Im glad that she cares so much for me and living here would be less fun without her ;)..


me and bongie

me and erika

Human rights days

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Today I’ve had a super interesting and fun day. I got to work at the Human rights days (MR dagarna) at Kulturhuset. My internship, Palmecenter has a stationer there, and that’s where I’ve been working to day, informing about our work and exchanging experience and information with other organizations, interested people and students. I’ve got the opportunity to meet interesting people working with international rights issues and also got the change to go to a lecture about human trafficking and human rights that was super interesting. I find that subject so interesting even though it is horrible. But was nice to see how Sweden works with it. Another thing that was fun was that I got to meet 2 friends I havent seen for years. One of them I meet during a language trip to England in High School and I havent seen her since then, so was funny to see her and find out that we have the same work interest. The other girl was a girl I used to meet in Stockholm when I visited Bongie, but also lost contact with her and now she lives in Malmö and studies the same thing I’ve done. Haha its funny to see where we all end up.
To get more info about the human rights days or even see the recorded seminars you can visit this website. MRdagarna

MR Dagarna

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Happy Birthday !!

Category: Daily Life

Hipp hipp hurra, today (14 nov) is my crazy but very dear friend Francis Birthday. He is not getting any younger but gets funnier for every year! I hope he'll have a great year and that all his wishes will come true ! I would also like to thank him for this weekend that was a blast with a lot of laughs, and also thank him for being the best friend a guy can be, can't thank him enough for always being there and always giving me a laugh. Hope your watch that I gave you will make you figure out stuff faster :P ...

it's the small things that matters the most

Category: Daily Life


I just came back home from Uppsala and outside my door Ulla had put a package for me. I wasn’t expecting anything so was surprised but when I read what it said on the package I started laughing as it said to lilla Myggan (means the little mosquito), then I knew that it was from my crazy aunt as that's her nickname for me. But anyways I got super happy when I opened the package as it was filled with chocolate and a cute post card. Hahah she really knows how to make my day, and I love her for that. It means a lot <3

Talk that talk

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Gotta love it !
Rihanna ft Jay-Z

The Palme day

Category: Daily Life

Today I have worked at the Palme day at Uppsala Univeristy. The event was really nice and important. I loved the location, the building was so amazing but super cold. So been freezin all day and it doesnt help that Uppsala is a super cold city right now. Im not really made for this weather. But anyways the topic of this years Palme day was EUs global role. Also an important after working I went to town to buy Francis b-day present, the one I wanted wasnt there so had to take the next best thing, so hope he likes it. :P..will show you pics from the day and the present too later. Have a good evening <3

there is a first time for everything

Category: Daily Life

yupp, thats true and now im in Uppsala for the first time. Its super cold but nice to meet confused France again. So anyways today has been a crazy day, with a lot of work and then the trip here. So kind of tired but im going to try to find energy to go out :P...have a great Friday

This mornings battle...

Category: Daily Life

...haha yupp, I think that was this mornings issue. But now im up and running, eating lunch and on my way to my internship. I was super slow until I went on FB and saw that my dear friend David got engaged to his girlfriend today. What a smart guy asking on todays date. 11.11.11 <3 :D..wish you all the best and Emma is a super duper lucky girl!

Pick up the broken pieces if that will make it all okey

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Bruno Mars music video for It will rain is finally out.
Enjoy !

A big love, a must have

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Oh gosh, I've so wanted another tattoo since the last one I did and I didn’t think it will go this long without doing another one. It makes me sad that it's gone one year since the last one and it's less than 2 months until this year is over. And that means that one of my goals wont be achieved. I had a goal of doing 2 more tattoos by the end of this year, especially one of them in honor of my birth mom...I know I've been saying this a lot lately but Im kind of freaking out how this year has passed by so fast, how I haven’t done half the things I've planned, haven’t been able to achieve a third of what I wanted and managed to have a blurry vision of my future and im turning 23 in less than a month! Me don’t like at all, it just ain’t me...but I guess its life right?...anyways here are some inspiring tattoos :)

So damn beautiful, wish I could have those colors
Lovely, but not anything I would do
Just love this simple tattoo on the arms
Simply and classy
Planning to do a smilar tattoo like this later
Always wanted this bird on my center back and this is very similar to the one I am going to do.

Gotta love it

Category: Just saying

Haha got this sent to me by a friend today, totally made my day :P

Chill Thursday

Category: Daily Life

Tick tock tick tock its already Thursday night…This whole day has acctually felt like a long night, its been so cold and dark. Dont like this depressing weather, but hey what can you do? anyways I still look like a little hamster so had to stay home today, and lucky me Cornelia was also home. So we got to be lazy and creavy for sweets together. In other words we have been in the sofa watching TV and been eating all kind of stuff. I tried a new Ben and Jerry and ate one of my favorite chocolate Nobless ”yummy”. But now it’s time for me to get ready for tomorrow, back my bag for a weekend in Uppsala, its Palmedagen and then going to spend some time with my favorite crazy boys that I haven’t seen for ages. So planning on an early nigh and hoping to be on top tomorrow.

Making me happy and Saving the Baltic Sea by Ben & Jerry's

A test all about you

Category: Just saying

Haha, I posted this test on my fb and I guess most ppl failed (just like me) but it is funny and interesting. Funny how the mind works

See the difference ?

Category: Just saying

And people say Im mean when I laugh my a** of when my friends do something funny like running into a glas door :P

Urban night outfit

Category: Style by Kimchi

Last Fridays Party outfit

Living it up

Category: Daily Life

Oh I don’t know how almost 2 weeks could pass before I got the time to blog again, but guess I've been to busy. So to sum up the past time, I've been working a lot, started at one life productions too and I love it there ( will come back to this), I've been busy with a move that I now have to wait with, I've also been sick (still am and look like a tiny hamster in the face as its swollen up haha, health is really my best friend :P) and finally I've spent time with some friends and also been out a bit.

So to not make this a super long post, I will only tell you about the best day of the past weeks. And this was last Friday. When I got to work at the studio with Kalle (my boss) and I actually got to learn a lot about the work in the studio and also co-produce my first song :D yeeey! This was an order for a Japanese band. so super fun and hope they liked it. Anyways after producing the song, I got to meet some other one life members and then help Irini with some things for the night club we were going to have that night. After all work I had to rush home, change and meet up my girl Erika as it was party time. Haha it's so funny that we get missed at out favorite bar when we arent there and always gets treated so well, just love them anyways had a nice time at the bars and then we finally came to the club, that was pumping. And we had a blast there, I mean what can go wrong with great music and great people?..when the club closed, we went to eat and there Lars came and picked us up in his Pink Limo, so we had an after party with funny ppl there and with that, that was the longest and best day of the weeks :P

Party in the limo

When a good thing goes bad Its not the end of the world. Its just the end of A world

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together
You know it, I know it, we both know it
I need someone different

The past week i've been so addicted to the song "Doing it Wrong" by Drake and Stevie Wonder.
It's so damn good.

The family hustle

Category: Series/Movies

Oh now I've got a new show I gotta see. It's about T.I and he's family, and as he is one of my favorite rappers it's going to be fun seeing how he's life is. So on dec 5 their show " T.I & Tiny : The family hustle" will be on.

Taking the world with a B A N G !!

Category: K-pop Music

Haha, ever since I came back from Korea I've told my friends that K-pop is going to become big in the rest of the world, not only in Asia. People didnt believe me as they just think there is one kind of K-pop, the superduper cute and also think that boy/girl bands are so over. BUT huh who got the Best WORLWIDE award at the EMA 2011?? Big bang, and they are what? KOREAN, so guess I had a point. Im so damn happy, and now hope more K-pop concert will come to Europe !!
Here is one of my favorite songs by Big Bang

The next big thing?

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Is 14 year old Anthony Lewis going to be 2012's next big teen star? Well that is what they say as the call him the mix of usher and chris brown. I dont really agree think he's a mix of justin beiber(the voice) and chris brown ( the dance/style) but I do think that he will try to come with something new. And with that smile I bet a alot of young girl will get hooked (he kind of reminds me of a youn lil romeo too ) :P..