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Dec. 31, 2012


2012 Has been the year of struggle for me and my family, so Im happy to see an end of it.. but I've also had some golden memories this year. I guess that when you are going through hell you truly appreciate all the good things..some of this years highlights are:
- meeting one of my Seoul girls
- going on roadtrips
- building new amazing friendships like with my wifey and Karro
- working with things I love
- having Skoskav
- getting 2 new family members love them girls
- getting to meet sweet IA
- getting even closer with my closest friends who are my second family
- falling in love

yeah i think that sums it up..and here are some pics of the year.

End of the weekend


Friday nigh was lovely..Nella had a beautiful bday party with her close friends and we all later on when out to Hotellet and East.

So I had a great night and I also got a new strange nick name.."cute rumpnisse" (The tiny troll from the Swedish movie ronja rövardotter)..I must say I got surprised over the name but got used to it..:P..

Yesterday I was at a driving licences course with a friend. so now I can teach people how to drive..was a real annoying class as we had some stupid people asking way to many annoying stupid questions...anyways after that I got to spend the evening with my close friend Bob..we had so much to catch up so a fika and long walks was on the schedule ...I've missed my friend so can't wait til he moves back :D..well after that it was time for movie night with B and the gang..we were all so exhausted so was perfect with movies..Today Sunday is also a calm day, just going to fix things for tomorrow.

Already Friday


The whole week its felt like its Sundays, so I was surprised when I found out its Friday today..Haha little miss confused. So anyways Im back in the big city..was a long trip.home with super heavy luggage. In other words. I haven't done anything special today..just slept, watched my shows and cleaned the house and fixed all meat dear mommy gave me :D..but now thats its night time I'm alive and of to a bday party with queen B.

oh yeah I get so easily bored with my hair, so I decided to cut it shorter and also have it
.the next step is coloring it ;)

On the move


Today has been a long day. feels like I've been on the move since I woke up..travelling back and forth to different cities..But anyways now Im only 30min away from Sthlm and then Im home. So right now Im.enjoying my favorite movie of 2012, Colombiana with one of the worlds most beautiful female

Last day


today is my last day here with my family. I kind of got mixed feelings about that. Nice to go back home to my life but feels like I haven't spent enough time here. But I'll be back next year...anyways today Im not in the best mood. Have had a stressful morning, Im deezy, my head has gone on full speed the last couple of days and I was just at the hospital. As expected it didn't go now Im just on my way for a last family dinner before I go back home to Stockholm. :)

we have a higher standard, YOURS


I am right now stuck at Malmö's central station as my train from Hbg was late so I missed my contacting train. Was a bit pissed as I have to wait an hour. But then I remembered that Starbucks is here. So now im having a nice fika and loving their interior design and slogan. Its a pity that you'r not allowed to take pictures here..

Christmas holiday


The last couple of days I've been busy. I've :
- worked the last shift at the bar for this year.

- After worked with Karro and celebrated our Christmas at Spy bar with champagne and Jd honey
- had no sleep before the road trip done south with my kind cousin. She had made me food and a sleeping place. So slept most of the way.
- arrived at my families house. slept 14h straight the first night haha
- celebrated Christmas 3times with siblings, family and relatives.
- spent time with the family and.played games and barbie with the girls

- gone to Helsingborg to party with my cousine Simon who I haven't spent time with since we were 19. So we had a blast with his gang. And I've never met someone who is as protective as my cousine. No guys allowed near me if they want to live haha :P

- spent the day with Emina and her adorable daughter. Was the first time I met her and she is so sweet and happy. Loved the Christmas gift she.brought for me and was nice to met her mom who is one of the strongest girl I know and she still got a killing body !

Yeah that's pretty much what I've been up to and tomorrow important coming home. So time for me to spend the last day with my loved ones <3

I know this crazy life can be a bitter pill to swallow, but We live, we die, We give, we try, We kiss, we fight we have a GOOD time

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Wow time is passing by kind of slow here at work, you can really notice that people have started to go home for Christmas as there isnt much to do. So therefore I've been looking for more flights for this spring. And so far 2 of 3 trips are planned, France and USA yeey :D Im really looking foward to travel again so Im all pumped up right now, especially to this song with Tinie Tempah ft Calvin Harris !!

Hard work pays of


Wow today Im really exhausted and just want to go back to my bed..I guess a week with a crazy schedule can be the reason to this...anyways yesterday was a nice but long day. had my last day at Trafikverket for this year. I love the staff there and they seemed to like me to as Im going to continue working for them next year and I also got a sweet recommendation letter from them and an early Christmas gift. So I left the office as a happy girl. Then stressed home, had a meal then ran to the bar to start the next shift. Got to be a long night there as we had an extra hour open. So in other words I got 3h of sleep tonight. But managed to come to the office at the fire department in time.. Its going to be a challenging day with another dubble shift and have to buy Christmas gift and work til 3:40 AM tonight, pack and then Its an early travel morning tomorrow as Im going home for Christmas haha crazy that's its been 6months since I last was there..



Damn yesterday evening/night was crazy. The bar was packed with funny costumes and we workers were as special as you can be. I couldn't speak proper Swedish or control my right hand that dropped things etc. Was a little bit of a goof. The rest were confused and the Kid was on a mission to annoy me and get hit..haha..well anyways I don't know if it was something in the air, but people were strange. I got hit on from a guy who tried with everything even going in for a kiss (.wtf??), his friend got furious with me and wanted to attack me, his other friend broke a lot of stuff, then a girl grabbing my ass and held on (again wtf?) and some dudes wanted the kid to dance for him, also one sweet guy came back to get on of my girls number but he didn't remember the name as he hit on 2 of them it ended up being a real late night. got 5h of sleep then came to the last day at the traffic office. So now Im working with the last deadlines..oh yeah I've got a new nickname from the co workers here..they've named me bolt blixten as I apparently work fast. :P

It takes a lot to impress me,You on a number baby, I’m on a mission, so catch up

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So now half of my work day is done, 9h at the office is done. Just came home so have cleaned and fixed some things. And now I have to get going as its time to work with my funny family at the Karaoke bar, just 6,5h work there today. This is how my days are going to look this week before the Christmas vacation. Well anyways, Im still energetic (even though im still freaking sick) and real damn happy. How can't you be when your friends and family are happy and life is going great for them. Like honestly it doesn’t matter how crazy my own life gets and how hurt I can be. My best medicine has always been my loved ones happiness. This may be the reason to how I always can keep in touch with people and forgive. You know it takes much more energy being mad and in fights than wishing people the best. I mean why not put that energy on making something on your own life, finding happiness and success whatever that is for you :D..Like for me alot of my inner happiness comes from work achievements, haha yes I am a bit crazy but thats me :P..

Anyways here is one of my absolute favorite songs, has been it the last weeks. I just loooove her rough voice and the lyrics is so freaking great, got a lot of truth and hits a bit home for me...Then I also like that it samples 50cents Gangsta...Enjoy Kat Dahlia's song Gangsta and have a great night ;) 

Be positive and see the light and fun in life


Good morning world..This morning I came up kind of easy but was so much people at the central station so took ages coming to work..Now its easy to.understand that around the corner with all the people traveling...Well anyways today is going to be a busy day for me. Working 15h today and I hope that I'll manage to say goodbye to black barbie before she leaves for France...Going to miss my sunshine :D Well now I have to focus on work and my bestie Skelly :P

saints have a past, sinners have got a future


Damn waking up early today was hard..after 24 years me and early mornings are still enemies..but well I came to work with a smile, new office, new people , new experience.
Im working.with a lot of administration and numbers this week for Trafikverket..well anyways todays words of wisdom is that there is 2 sides to everything ;)

If you noticed that I'm different Don't take it personally, its about finding bravery, letting go & being myself

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Just love miss Alicia Keys and her songs, this was just hit home. Couldnt have said it better :)

Hey, if you were a friend, you'd want to get know me again
If you were worth a while, You'd be happy to see me smile
I'm not expecting sorry, I'm too busy finding myself
I got this, I found me,
I don't need your opinion
I'm not waiting for your ok
I'll never be perfect, but at least now i'm brave
Now, my heart is open, And I can finally breathe
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of free
That ain't bad, I found a brand new kind of me
Don't be mad, it's a brand new time for me, yeah

Lovely Monday


I couldn't have asked for a better ending on this day. Got to spend it with my Sharis. We had a lovely date night with home made dinner and sweets made by her. To this we watched Colombiana and had our girl talks. I also got my birthday present that is so ME. haha this girl really knows me. I so love it :D<3.

Re-opening and my bday


As most of you all ready know, our club SKOSKAV had a reopening on Dec the 7th at Spy bar. It was a hit and the biggest club night we've had by far. As usual we had a lot of things happening. Had 2 fashions shows by the tShirt store and jewelry from Birdwhale. We also had a dance show and live performance. So to sum it up the club was banging and our guests gave us so much love and laughter. Can't thank them enough..Well at the same night I turned 24 so we also celebrated that. I was so happy that so many loved ones came for that. A special thanks to France and my babysis who came to visit me that week. So thanks you all meant a lot and thanks to my favorite bartender who hooked me up with a vip table and special drinks :D

Its up to you to have a good life with happiness. You create your own life and situations ;)


Right now Im everyday trying to have the time of my life. Its the little things that give me most joy. This weekend have been so fun. Even though I've been sick and worked alot, I always leave my work place with a smile as my coworkers are hilarious. We are all a bit special in our Karaoke family. We know it and own it ! ;).Anyways yesterday we had a Christmas dinner at East. So was a fabulous table with Asian food. Ate a lot of Korean food. So we had a blast there with food and drinks from the best. After that we hit up.some bars and finally ended up at the karaoke bar and went crazy. 10H of partying was fun.