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I only cry in the rain <3

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Here is a swedish song that Im totally in love with. It's by Newkid and called Jag gråter bara i regnet.

Busy woman

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Tudeluu, I didn’t have time to blog yesterday as I was so damn busy. I had a good day at the agency (the new job) but me and Fredrik had a stressful day, after that I directly had a meeting about SKOSKAV, after that I went home, made dinner and some errands and haft 40min at home went back to town to meet up my dear friend F and celebrated him at Malms, that is a real nice place. And after that I was a super dead person who fell a sleep way to late...

So this morning I was a zombie, but came to work in time (was the first person at the office again), got a lot of things done by myself until the guys came. So now it's lunch and soon I have to go to another meeting at another company, then get back to the agency and after that work at the studio. Haha busy? oh yes she is :P..But that's how I like it.

me right now with our lovely chocholate :D

Half way there

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Today its wensday, so half the week is gone (or kind of)...This morning I managed to miss the subway so I stressed to work like a crazy person. But guess what, I was the first person here again haha. Well anyways now I have to start preparing for todays tasks. So just wanted to say good morning and wish you a lovely day

Without struggle, there is no progress

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Hey guys, im so tired so I ’m kind of slow. But still wanted to post something about my day..So it started of super stressful as I kind of overslept, but I still managed to be the first one at the office (GO kimchi :P)…so that was nice. And it even felt better when I managed to do a lot of assignments on my own, only on the second day. But it is real helpful having little confused Fredrik who makes everything so much fun. Think I laugh every 10min thanks to this crazy person haha..Well anyways work at Lindblad & Partners went real good and directly after it was time for some work at the studio with my One Life family that I’ve missed. Felt like it was age sago I was there as I’ve gotten used to being there every day, so I’ll probably start being there more often then 2 days a week as it’s just 7min from the office :D…Hmm..well I ended up being there till like 10pm so got home around 10.30 and had a late dinner, checked my personal mail and made a to do list for the coming days and cleaned a bit. So now I’m going to pass out in my bed…Hope you’ve had a good day…



Happy Birthday little you!!

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Yeah today its my little brothers birthday. Well you'd probably tell me that he isn’t that little as he is bigger than my, but hey in my eyes all my siblings are little even if they all are bigger than me :P...So Johan even if you turn 23 today and Im only 1 month older than you, I will always be the BOSS :D..haha well hope you've had a great day and that this year will give you even more happiness ♥

The GOOD life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge

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todays outfit

This morning was a disaster!! The way to work just took forever, SL had HUGE problems with the transportation today, it took me almost 1,5h to get to work when it's suppose to take 25min !! So yeah I was kind of (okay super) pissed of this morning. But as soon as I came to work I got happy again, and luckily my boss was understanding. So how was my first day? It was real good, got to learn one of the systems today, got to do an invoice, replay customers and do some other errands. Me and my mentor Fredrik had a blast; he was super tired so he was confused and crazy so we were laughing all day. My boss had a lot of meetings today so he wasn’t at the office that much but when he came, we had a nice meeting and then he bought us a nice lunch! So yeah it's been a real good first day, so can't wait till tomorrow and im happy to find out that im going to work even more than planed and get much more responsibility :D..Just my cup of tea :P....So what have I otherwise done today? well as I have a sick roomie and I was tired, I decided to directly go grocery shopping and then come home, cook and clean. And I've now done all that, so just need to do some other work and then it's time for bed!..

My lovely ungspannkaka, todays dinner

Bon apetit! Yeah it was real good, not as good as moms, but still :P

Good morning sunshine

Category: Daily Life

Yeey, i managed to get up out of bed, but Im so tired as I couldn sleep tonight :S...well anyways Im still kind of happy as today it's my first real day at the new job. So wish me luck :P


Category: Daily Life

It's the weekend, yeeey !! :D

So far it's been a chill day, have had a meeting with One Life at the studio, and Im happy with the planning and the work we are going to do. And now im sitting chilling at the studio listening to DJ Black Moose mixing stuff and getting a good good feeling, so maybe my mean daughter inga and mean roomie Erika who doesn’t believe me, will be right that I will go out before next week haha :P..

Well I guess will see what mood I'll be in, actually I already know what i wanted do this weekend but I guess i'll have to do it another weekend :)

Cuddle night

Category: The Kimchi Bakery

This windy Thursday night I got a sudden urge to bake, and as you maybe already know. I always bake in the middle of the night. Don’t ask me way, but that's when I bake the best. So tonight I decided to try the muffin form that I got for Christmas. Therefore I made chocolate fudge muffins in the shape of roses. So now I’m enjoying them with a glass of whine, candles and a movie.

Have a lovely night <3


Step 1, mixing it together
step 2, getting it into the form
step 3, letting it bake in the oven
step 4 letting them rest out of the oven
finale, cuddeling it up ;)

Learn to live before you die

Category: Daily Life

More than half this day has passed, and I haven’t done anything special. Just being on the phone and email as usual, doing small but necessary things. Despite that I've only ate breakfast (at 3 in the afternoon) haha and waited for Erika to come home from her new job. Yes she got the job wiiiiihoooo :D Well now im going to try to get the partynerv out of me, as I woke up dancing and in a super party mode haha, think that's what happens when you stay up all night :P..

What fame can do

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Now Amber Rose has decided to start a music carrier. So here is her first song

Amber Rose ft Wiz Khalifa - Fame

Quote by a smart girl

Category: Just saying

One of the blogs I often read is Shefabulous blog. And today she posted a qoute I couldnt get out of my head and that I find so damn true;

Whatever you give a woman, she´s going to multiply.

If you give her sperm she´ll give you a baby.

If you give her a house she´ll give you a home.

If you give her groceries she´ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile she´ll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So if you give her any crap you will recive a

ton of shit !!


Oh, you're so pretty.....but your personality killed it !

Category: Just saying

Haha I’ve got so much on my mind, but this is not the place to give out all the details.. So this is going to be a bit in general, and maybe the person/persons it concerns will get the hint.

I always say that everything comes at once and that assholes never change. Haha once again I was right. But one thing I've just learned is that assholes/ cheaters actually aren’t just stupid. They are at the same time real damn smart. I mean if you think about all time and planning they go through to cheat and manipulate people and often manage to pull it of for a long time. They really are smart haha. And another things is that many of them have got such nerves to be proud of themselves and even contact girls they have screwed up things with just because they "miss" them and miss their booty..Haha seriously where do people draw their lines? I think these people should seek help as they surely got a fucked up addiction and got bigger problems with themselves. For example, sex addiction is a sign for unhappiness and deeper issues.

Another thing I would like to point out, is that several persons has had an issue with that im such an independent person who speaks her mind and got morals. Well here is the thing, if you don't like it Im just not the girl for you, as simple as that.  ;)

Just another day

Category: Daily Life

Wednesday, and half of this week is almost gone. I don't have much to say right now, havent been up to anything special. Just sitting and fixing and planning stuff. Have more things to say about my roomie..poor girlie is sick, has got strep throat. which means that im taking loads of vitamins so that i don’t get it :P..But she's still a strong girlie as she managed to get up and go to an interview today! I hope she'll get it, she also need a great start of this year and it's only 10 days til her b-day bash so it would be a nice present for her to ease her mind :D...Well now im going to take a fika, make some important calls and do paper work, then of to meet my joyful boss kalle.

Have a nice day!

Birthday wishes

Category: Daily Life

Today my lovely daughter Inga turned 25. I can't believe that she is that grown up. This little confused, energetic, blondish girlie who always manages to do some naughty but funny things is my own little miss sunshine. Can't imagine a life without this girlie in it, and im so glad that it's only 2 weeks left til she's coming to visit me. Then we'll celibrate you and make new crazy memories :D
Hope you've had a great day  and party hard ♥♥


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JMSN - Something

Don't let them tell us what to do...

Category: Daily Life


It's just 50 min left of this Tuesday and the hours has just gone by. It's been another good day, got offered some more jobs but had to say no to them, but probably going on an interview with Erika to one job I maybe can fit in to my already busy schedule. So anyways, today I've kind of just had meetings all day. Got to meet Irini, who is back from her long vacation, and she is so tanned and lively, so was super nice to see her. And today the Skoskav girls got a lot of things done, the club is going to be banning!!...after all meetings I had to do some arends and then go shopping, make some dinner and do some laundry. Oh about that...I freaking love our laundry room, have so many machines and they are so fast :D...Well anyways now it's time for some series, I started fallowing The secret circle that is real good, even Erika is hooked. Kind of the new Bewitched with a spin on it..:D

Everything is beautiful, but beautiful isn't everything

Category: Daily Life

Time to put an end to this nice day, so saying goodnight with this lovely remake of Drake songs by Joseph SoMo.

Embrace life and new beginnings

Category: Daily Life

Today is the first day of the second week of the new year. This day has been real good. Started of with a call from the company I had an interview with last week. And guess what? I got the job I wanted :D yeey. So now I've got 2 real nice jobs, and I will start the new job later this week. I can't wait. And this takes off some stress of my shoulders. Economy getting back on track anyways after that phone call I later got another phone call, from my biological grandfathers wife (guess she is my step granny then) and it was nice talking to her and getting informed of my big family. So guess it's soon time to visit my home country again :P...Yeah and the rest of the day I spent out on town with Boland, had some fika, then went with him to sign a job contract, then went grocery shopping and came home and had a nice dinner with him and Erika.

Yeah, I would say its been a superb day, and I also have to say it was nice to catch up with my favorite Mr Song. Missed your lovely personality, so hope you'll get the new job and that I can come visit soon :D..

Good morning(afternoon) or what ever you'd like to call it

Category: Daily Life

I finally got some good sleep, but got woken up way earlier than planned. But im still in a good mood and that would be thanks to my lovely bed and my natural skill...cuz did you know, that..

Tell me that the chance I take, won’t blow up in my face

Category: Daily Life

Yeey its finally time to go to bed, and i have honestly not done anything proactive today. But hey tomorrow is a new day and i plan to have more energy. So therefore im now saying good night and sleep tight.
Here is a nice song philly introduced me too. It's a real kimchi song <3
Robin Thick ft Lil wayne - pretty little heart

Tell me something sweet
Tell me something nice
Tell me something good
Baby, Tell me it’s alright

Tell me you’ll be there

Tell me that the future is getting brighter now

Tell me that we’ll make it somehow

Communication is key !!

Category: Just saying

A lof of times the right communication can solve most situations as it often is missunderstood

The world as we know it

Category: Just saying

He's Mr steal your girl

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

A little oldie that I can't get enough of
Trey Songz ft Lil Wayne - Don't love me

One of my addictions

Category: Series/Movies

I've been watching a lot of shows and movies lately, so here are some tips for you.


What's you number

Is a romantic comedy that is a chick flick, but i liked it.




Is a hilarious British comedy that i can't describe. All I can say is that I love the skinny black guy, so damn funny


Love Wedding Marriage

is a romantic chick flick that is also good.



Is a new show that im totally hooked on.


Project Accessory

Is a show like Project runway but about accessories, so if you like those shows, you will love this one.


Once upon a time

Is another show i've gotten hooked on. At first I didn’t get it as it's kind of messy but when you get into it, it is real good. And it's about all the fairy tells with a twist. Can't explain it so just see it...


Yeah and now, all my other shows are coming back. Pretty Litle Lairs, Greys Anatomhy, NCIS, Jersey Shore, Switched at Birth etc are all back.

All the girls love him, you know what it is

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

This party song from the little hottie Tyga is mine and roomies latest addiction. In the begining it got on my nevers, but then on my mind so now im hooked.
Tyga- Rack City

Why is the weekend so near Monday?

Category: Daily Life

Tudeluu, now im finally getting some energy back in me. I've been dead all day, only slept like 2h thanks to a long phone call with someone :P..well anyways. This weekend has passed by fast, even though it was an extra long weekend, as it was a red day on Friday. Well can't believe that the fisrt week of the year is already done...but yeah, on Thursday as i already said had a great day, and the evening was calm spent with erika watching series and a hilarious British movie and later on we got some company who wanted an after party. And we had a blast with the crazy people, but yeah didnt get much sleep so on Friday I just took it easy, worked a bit then just stayed home, had some kimchi time, with a hot bubble bath, wine, candles, chocolate and movies. Was a super cozy night and got some cute calls from little roomie who was out partying. Haha this girl always makes me laugh, and some how she manages to miss me even though we live together. Isn’t that just adorable :D...

On Saturday I didnt do much during the day, just cached up with some friends and later on i went out with erika, bongie and some other friends to Göta Källaren. Even though we girls had never seen the club like that before, playing house, rock, schlager and hits. It was a blast, danced like crazy and just had fun and met new people. after the club we went to a little after party with some funny guys but I wasn’t in the mood for an after party so didn’t stay that long and then i got caught up in a 4h phone call. So yeah I went to bed at 10 in the morning and woke up at 12 = a very dead kimchi,  that spent most of the day in bed and then ordered online pizza with roomie as we were way to lazy to set our fot out of the door :P..So now just been chilin with a movie and music..

Ydays party outfit

Pre party with roomie

Hope you had a nice weekend, cheers !

Even when strangers talk they listen

Category: K-pop Music

Addicted to this K-pop song by Babysoul called stranger

Got a good feeling

Category: Daily Life

Tudeluu, today Im having a great day, even though I didnt sleep that much. Now days I can't fall asleep until around 3ish and then last nigh my iphone decided to die ( so had a "little" break down in the middle of the night), thankfully after an hour it came back to pls little nice insurance company give me my new SAMSUNG now, before I kill someone with my iphone :P...
Haha well anyways was going to talk about this day, I have so far been on 2 job interviews that both went quit well. I really would like to have the first job at the design and marketing company, but we'll see. And after those meetings another company called me and wants an interview, so the job searching is so far going quit good. So  now Iäm at kalles place and working with him and raoul. Making big plans for this year, we are going to have a GREAT year :D

I’ve been going through this evidence of you, Finding things just reminding me that you were always close

Category: K-pop Music

Though it was time for some K-pop music, so here is one ( but its in english)
New Heights ft Clara C - Take me on

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today !

Category: Daily Life


Gosh then this day has also almost come to it's end. I haven’t done that much today, just stayed at home, done some work, applied for jobs, went grocery shopping and Erika's friend cooked a nice dinner for us. Haha imagine that a guy comes home to us and directly cooks for us 2 girls, that's what I call good living :P haha..So anyways now im all good and chatting with some friends. But have to get to bed early today as I've got 2 important job interviews tomorrow!! So wish me luck :D

Against all odds !

Category: Just saying


Now days I think people (including me) complain to much about their lives and feel so damn sorry for them selves. I think that we all should really get a reality check and work harder and if you dont have any inspiration or motivation you should watch the new program " Mot alla odds" on SVT that airs January the 17th. It's a show about people who has different disabilities and still live life to the fullest, against all odd!...A friend of mine Samsy is in this show and after saying him working in the kitchen, driving and just having fun. I got such a motivation to the freaking best of my life and stop complaining so much!

Real talk

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Little Mario talks like a real man in this song. Ladies should always be first !
Mario - Go First

Bye bye Sweetie

Category: Daily Life

Today my beloved Shara is on her way to the states where she will be for 6 months. I didnt have the chance to meet her before her flight, but at least I just got to speak to her on the phone before her flight took of. So anyways wish you the very best sweetheart and hope to see you later this year <3 have a blast and I'll miss you like crazy

Crazy in looooove

Category: Just saying

I'm a person that loooves clothes, bags, high tech things and of course SHOES!!
Here is some shoes i wish I had ! <3

That's done..

Category: Daily Life

After an interesting day im now home chillin' with Erika in the sofa with some cookies with creame and strawberry jam. They are super jummie and made by grandma anyways today has been an interesting day, kind of only worked with Kalle all day and then kind of just went home directly as it was such bad weather. We are now kind of having a nast storm, so i aint leaving the house :P...Well anyway I've only had some sad posts today so though of sharing a funny video that I got from tui. In this video, there is a guy who has made his own remix on Chris Browns song Look at me Now.
enjoy !

Novacane for the pain

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

Getting into chill mode with Frank Ocean

Too little, too late

Category: Daily Life

Sometimes you realize that you should have made some other choices when the time is out.

I had nightmares all night that first my mom died, then my step dad died and then my sister died all because of me....and when i woke up I got a message from my aunt that my biological grandfather had passed away.. I never got the chance to really get to know him and that is a pity when i just got in contact with my moms family again...

Do you want to be the one?

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

If not, i would love to be the one if it's treys thats asking :P
Anywas This is tonights hot good night song.
Lloyd ft Trey Songz - be the one

Go every step the way

Category: Daily Life

I just had a nice night with roomie. Ate tacos, listened to music and finally watched a movie. We chose to see Honey 2 again as its a nice dance movie with cuties and music and ofcourse cool moves. So if you havent seen it, it's time to do it.

Shawty got a mean walk, a mean shoe game The bitch badder than any bitch that you name !

Category: Rnb/Stream Music

This song has been one of my repeat sound the last weeks. Really like some parts of the lyrics, and in the video Brezzy is killin' me and Fat joe surprises me. He has gotten so slim, maybe need to change his name now?
Another round - Fat Joe ft Chris Brown
In the end you'll want another round..

Winter Holiday

Category: Daily Life

Well, im a bit late to post this but I haven’t had the time or energy to blog. So I though I would sum up my winter holiday, in other words the Christmas and New Years Eve.


Christmas I spent down in Skåne with my family. After working at the night club Good Times til 3, and then staying up in the studio till 6 as that was when my train was leaving. I can just say that I was kind of a dead person as I didn’t manage to sleep on the train and when I arrived I was spending Chistmas with the closest family. But as you can imagine I couldn’t stay away so I crashed in the sofa and woke up to Kalle Anka (Donald the duck) as it's a Swedish tradition to see it on Christmas. :P...Well that day was nice, and calm and just enough when you don’t have energy.

The next day it was time to celebrate Christmas with all my siblings, and I kind of was so tired so that I stayed in my One piece all day. But I had a blast with my crazy siblings, we played the Christmas present game, that can get a bit aggressive in my family when several persons want to have the same present :P..The best present that day was to see that my brother was doing well and was happier after ending things with his girl ( no I didn’t approve of that relationship haha) :P..

The fallowing day was the final day of celebrating Christmas, so we went to my cousins and had a beautiful dinner and also played another Christmas present game. It was nice to see my cousin Simon who is huge (tall guy), I hadn’t seen that guy for like 2 yeah my family does celebrate Christmas 3 times as we are such a big family. Might seem strange for people but its normal for us.

So now jumping to New Year's eve. I had a lot of plans for this day but none of them really happened, was a super stressful day and then a night with a lot of happenings. But it was a good night. I celebrated it at Slakthuset, got a real nice dinner and then my SKOSKAV girls Elin and Mariah Dj:d. So we had fun, and it was especially nice that Slakthuset was so nice decorated and that every room had a different music style and also was nice to have bongie there, I think it's the best new years we have had together yet haha...Around 3,4 we left Slakthuset to go to an African party, that wasnt my cup of tea, but was nice to meet people and talk to some special people. So yes I came home around 7 in the morning and was dead the whole day after :P...

Hope you all have a fab New Years and got a great start on the year. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me so dont have any pictures to show.

The year of new great beginnings?

Category: Daily Life

Yeah that's the question, well my goal for this year is to have a more successful year with less problems, hopefully more like year 2010. So how does it then look? Well in most aspects it looks real good, got big plans at One Life, with my SKOSKAV girls, I've started of the year with a new, unwritten book (aka no relationship troubles), my health is slowly getting on the right track and Im happy with my living arrangement. Just have to get my economy and courses right then all is great.

So what's my other goals for this year?

Well I would love to do 2 more tattoos til the end of this year, travel to 2 countries and otherwise just Live the life I love and love the life I live !!