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If I could turn back time....


Me and my lovely girl in Busan, Korea

A little summary...


I realized that I've been really bad on updating what I've been up to since I moved back to Jönköping. So if you haven’t figured I've been to busy. But here comes a short summary of what I've done. First of all I've been engaged in the IA, so the whole first week I just was with international students, had a great welcome party and dinner, and also a contact person mingle and some other stuff. Thanks to this I've got to meet new people especially got to know my other half from India little miss Bidita my partner in crime haha :P...After the international students kick off was done, PP's kick of started, so then I also was engaged with BC again, and that has been nice getting to know the new crew and see what a great job they are doing. So we've been working together, had beer-pong, sittning and mingles been super fun. Beside all of the kick offs and what comes with them, I've started school, and it's going to be an interesting semester with a lot of school work, despite school I've been looking for work and a new apartment, and the job part is fixed. Hmm what more? oh yeah I've meet some dear old friends, that has been fun and then, have even had a trejt ( aka date with 2 guy friends at the same time )  helped some friends with some problems...Yeah guess that is it, expect all the nights out haha .

Some pics from the weeks, ( Worknight, girls nitght out, welcome dinner, welcome party PP, PP kick off, representing BC)

Turn up the lights

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They really went all the way with this song, I may not like Kanye Westss personaliy but damn he can make awesome songs. And in this song Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Fergie and Kid Cudi is also on it.

Enjoy !!

"Life is unexpected and sometime hard to deal with, but we all get through it


Every day you learn something new, but today I got a hard reminder of how unfair life can be. Nothing has personally happened to me but to a person very close to me, a person that I really care about and will do my best to be there for, especially during this hard time. Yes today’s lesson has been that you shouldn’t take life or your loved ones for granted, you never know what tomorrow brings.

For you: I wish that the memories of the fun you shared will fill your heart and ease your pain! And once again Im so sorry for your loss.

So lovely

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Here is one of my favorite songs from 2AM
"Even If I die, I can't let you go"
If your planning to leave, then fix my heart, so I can at least live on painlessly...

Ladies don't worry cause they got plenty more

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...they be falling like the rain, so we aint running out !

You got me mistaken if you thinking you gon' get it easy
All you need to know that I'm a 2 times 5 !

He sweatin' me just cause I got the tightest whole
But I couldn't find that th-thing with a microscope

Together we are the super crazy




Haha if there is one person who knows how to make me laugh so much that I cry, then it is little miss Inga. She just sent me a link on what she would do for me, to show how good of a friend she is. LOL it’s so funny, because she actually would do it and I've been close to walk into poles before, we've got a little thing that happened in Japan  that proves it, but what happens in Japan stays in Japan, right ?

Me and Inga's future haha

I just dont understand, you must like punishments


This song is just perfect for me right now, this past weeks has been full of problems and hard decisions to make. But now I’m getting some control over it, just the way I like it. But one thing is for sure, feelings are hard things to deal with, especially when you don’t know what you want and everything seems to have a bad timing.  And with this I would like to get this clear; 

 " I once thought that we were starting to build something strong, but I wont put up with it anymore, so don't call me when you're lonely again and if you get hurt again, just remember that you asked for it!"

Ne-yo Lonely again



Last night I saw the movie Buried, and sorry but I have to say it was one of the most boring movies ever. Sure Ryan Reynolds did a good job, but was so boring watching a movie that is only played in a box.

Getting some spiciness back in my life



Wiiihoo, finally Im soon going to be reunited with my Shara, little miss Spicy. I've missed her so much and she is now on her way back from her ski trip in France. Haha Can’t wait til she gets home!♥

So daamn happy



Wiihoo just found out that I am going to get my money from CSN after all. They are so nice, even though the still haven’t got my grades from last semester because of the stupid system KHU & HJ has, they have made an exception for me. So damn happy, now I only have to pass all courses for this semester and finish my summer courses from last year. But still thsnk you, thank you, thsnk you CSN, you made my mounth !!

Everyone's after something




I have now finally, (like one year later) seen the movie Takers. There is a lot of famous names in this movie and it's Chris Browns first "action" movie. In my opinion, usually when a movie has got so many famous names, it means that the story isn’t that good and they are trying to make it better by the stars. But I was actually surprised, because the movie was good.

I can do it like a DUDE!


Haha can't stop lovin' this song, it's soo awesome !

Jessie J - Dude
I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

We are all only human

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All of us do a lot of mistakes in our lives, and hopefully we learn from them and that makes us human.

And you can love me, or you can leave me
Before you judge me, just let me be me
And you can love me or either leave me
Before you judge me, see life aint easy

Every woman got a limit...

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... and I just got to my breaking point, yes there is a limit to my love. Therefore Keri Hilson's song Breaking point is perfect for the moment.

Now I know we gotta choose our battles
But damn it, every woman gotta breaking point
And see the next time he’s testin’ you love
You put your finger in his face and you tell him
tMy love has a limit

Do the pretty girl rock !!!

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A song that has become quit famous from Keri Hilson's new album No boys aloud, is Pretty Girl Rock. And I think it's a nice song, that celebrates a girls beauty and that you should be proud of it. I also like the way she did the music video, as she is portraying famous women from 1920- today. The women are Josephine Baker  (1920s), Dorothy Dandridge (1930s), The Andrews Sisters (1940s), Diana Ross and The Supremes (1950s -1960s),  Donna Summer (1970s), Janet Jackson (1980s), T-Boz from TLC (1990s) and finally herself (2010)


It's not my fault so please don't trip
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful

The way you love me

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I've always said Keri Hilson is hot and one of the most beautiful girls on this planet, and after seeing her new video and a new side of here. I really can say that she just keeps on getting hotter haha !

The quiet silence defines our misery

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A old favorite that I can't stop listening to.
30 Seconds to Mars ft Kanye West - Hurricane
No matter how we try, it’s too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony

Last night's outfit


The Welcome Party



Yesterday was my first night "working" as a member of the IA, and it was a lot of fun. Did all the things I like to do, decorating the event, welcoming the guest and then mingling. So was a lot of fun yday even though I was super tired. I met a lot of new friends from different countries and think this semester with the IA is going to be awesome even though I'm going to miss Elin as a boss.

Road+forest+snow= Beautiful


Here is a pic from my roadtrip up to Jönköping!

Let's get it started...

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After all talk about Korea, I've only listended to Korean music. So here is one of the songs that we loved in Korea and that always gets me started.
DJ DOC - Im a person like this

Slowly getting back to reality




I've now been back in Jönköpng for about 24h and already done so much.

Yesterday night,  I went to 59:an and met up with some old friends. Was really nice, got to finally play Tekken 6 with Popeye, got to see there awesome Tv screen again and catch up with all of them. Had a nice chat with Christian and his girlfriend about their year abroad and also with the guy who is going to study at KHU this semester. And today I've settled down in the apartment, packet up some more stuff, and as we say in Swedish Storhandlat aka bought enough food for a month. So in other words have been in the kitchen for a couple of hours, packing up, re packing, organizing the kitchen and cooking. Had a hard time figuring out what to make as there were to many options, but did Chili Con Carne, that was really good as I haven’t eaten that since I left to go to Korea. I also visited my school and met a lot of old friends, also went to The IA and helped Elin out, and now it's decided that I’m the new Integration Coordinator  :D, haha hope I'll do a good job. But now I have to get ready, because we are having a Welcome Party for all new International Students! Going to be fun fun fun!

Back in town


Körningen upp gick väldigt bra och jag uppskattade faktiskt snön i skogen lite grann, var ju väldigt fint på vissa platser. Dock betyder inte detta att jag gillar snön o kylan något mera, lär nog aldrig hända. Men har nu varit i stan ett par timmar och känns så skönt och har ett leende på läpparna. Har träffat bästaste Albin som har blivit så biffig, men som tur är, så är han fortfarande lika go, fick även hemlagad mat från honom. Mums!!..Efter lite chill med Albin drog vi iväg till mitt nya hem ( Sharas nya lägenhet), nu förstår jag varför hon älskade lyan så mkt. För det gör jag med, och hon har satt sin Shara prägel på det så känns så mysigt och så hemma, helt super! Men nu efter lite upp packning ska jag kila i vägen till 59:an och träffa Popeye o gänget, var ju allt för länge sen haha...
Ha en trevlig kväll !

Next stop ...?



Wiihoo, it's finally time for my next stop. Guess to where? Yupp my beloved home, Jönköping !!..So now it's me, my over packed car against the Swedish winter weather that is messing up the roads. But it's going to be fun driving again, haven’t done it since last summer but sucks to drive when it's this kind of crazy weather but then again can't wait to be back in Jönköping..


Ja må hon leva....


To day is a very special persons B-day, the little missy from the country that nobody knows where it is. My sweet, crazy, bruising but totally amazing little daughter Inga. I wish you the best birthday ever and hope this year brings you better hearing and memory ( and of course all your whishes too)  ♥

The past and the future...




Year 2010 was a crazy year, I called it the South year as I for the first part of the year was in South Africa and for the last half was in South Korea. So kind of suiting. The past year has brought me so much experiences and unforgettable memories for life. I’ve been through really bad times with personal depression and serious illness that almost put a stop for my semester in South Korea but I’ve also been through the happiest moments in my life that brought me back to life. The most important factor of last year is all the wonderful people that stood by my side in good and bad. Except my lovely family that is my strong rock, I especially cherish 3 close friends that got to my best friends, the way they have been there for me last year mean so much to me, so thanks Clara, Shara and Francis. I know in my heart that you’ll be true friends for life.

So what have been the best part of year 2010? Without no doubt my abroad semester in South Korea.  As you already know had a blast even though there also was some bad things that happened, and it’s funny how some people think they rule the world. But funny how a little girl like me can manage to break the Prince of Nigeria right haha :P… As I’ve said before, think smart before you mess with me, I aint a girl who just stands down how little I am, don’t let my cute face fool you to think I deserve less respect! Oh well but back to the good times, I got to know so many wonderful people, especially my lovely roomie Inga. I couldn’t have found a better roomie and best friend in crime than her, just a perfect match for 2 crazy girls as us and I think everybody who knows us would agree on that haha. Thanks to that crazy girl who always hurt herself and got bruises in strange places I everyday got to laugh my ass of and that sometimes almost killed me haha. Except from her I also got to know my other girlies Jenni,Jennifer, Sofia, Audrey, Jiwon and of course Miss K from before. Had a blast with all of you. And for the guys I’ll truly will miss Paul (my favorite crazy man), Johannes ( my Nutella buddy), Philipp ( my own Mr 305), Jerry ( my all time favorite dancer) and of course Tui ( my own agent) ! There are so many more people I will miss but just wrote the absolute closest. And to sum it up, yes 2010 will be hard to top, but I’ll do my best to in this year, 2011 live the life I love, love the life I live. So you’ll see Kimchi graduating, working, doing crazy stuff, getting more tattoos and traveling all over the world this year!


A mix of the past year, 2010

2011 – the year to Live Love Laugh

Tonight, Im lovin' you...

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A nice song from Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris, that is a perfect party song. I can really see me and my daughter taking the stage with this song singing tonight, Im lovin' you or as the original lyrics is f***** you haha...
But the video to this song is crazy, a bit too nasty haha

You gave me strength, gave me hope for a lifetime

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I've got so much respect for Nicki Minaj, she has really made it and is the new Queen B or as every calls her Barbie. She has a great talent, can rap and sing and is unique. Her album Pink Friday is according to me really good, and didnt think she could do slow and deep songs but she kills them. One of my favorites is the song Save me ! I would really like to go to one of her concerts so hope she'll come to Sweden soon!

Back home in my winterland


I've now been home for like 2 days and it is finally setting in that I am in Sweden, somehow my mind though I just was on small vacation and then was going back to Korea. But sooner or later I'll be back..
So how has i been being back?
Well the trip here was interesting, the bus to the airport in Seoul was really bad as there was a woman who was pjuking all the way and the bus was smelling so bad and me, johannes and Philipp almost also ended up pjuking. But finally arriving to the airport everything went fast, said goodbye to my Austrian guys who went to the Philippines and also to my favorite French girlie Audrey. My flight to Beijing was just fine, then had a 3h waiting there and then a 10 ½ h flight to Sthlm that also went well. And then I finally arrived at Arlanda, had some problems with my train as the tickets was booked for the wrong day, but SJ was so kind and let me take the train anyway. Was really funny when I was at Arlanda, because the first thing I saw was 7eleven on my left side and om my right Pressbyrån. So was like Korea on my left and Sweden on my right, what a perfect mix haha. Then the next funny thing was that when I called home my family was in chock because the though I was going to come the next day and they got super confused and I was lucky that they could come and get me in Malmö. My dear Mum was crying like crazy at the train station and was surprised that I wasent freezing as she was. But it was +1 C so it was super warm for me.
So the last days have been calm and nice back home with most of my siblings and all our animals, nothing has really changed at home, that is nice but I have quit a lot and have to now start to figure out what Im going to do with my about pressure..but I've got a lot of time as I've now got a bad cold and only is lying in the softa watching Tv haha...

You're a sure thing

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Miguel has finally come out with the music video for his song "Sure thing"! Just can't stop loving the song and it always brings me some nice memories of someone...

A nice mix

Category: Seoul 2010

Found a really cool mix of Kpop songs from 2010, sumz it up really good!...

Bye bye baby

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Oh gosh I've only got 1½ hour left in Heogi, then Im of to the airport bus with Audrey, Philipp, Johannes and Michael. After that it's time for my first flight at 9:30 to Beijing, and from Beijing to Stockholm where I land at 16:30 (swedish time). But the traveling is not done then, cuz have to take the train from Stockholm to Malmö and I arrive there about a lot of traveling. But then I'll finally meet my lovely family ! Well they'll get a very dead Kimchi but hopfully in one piece haha...
Oh well Im really going to miss Korea and all great friends I've made here, but I'll be soon back and I'll see most of all crazy people again. But it is really strange how time just flyes by and Im sad to leave but everything has it's end and I'll take all memories with me from my running in my running shoes, my lovely girls, Paul and Marcs stripteases, Brown Coffee,  My favorite Papa G, all sleeping koreans, all food and so on :D..
So so long Korea, and Hi Sweden, Im coming home