Kimchi's point of view

Cousy Friday night


Today it's been a bother lovely day and now I'm taking it easy at home with Ulla. Helping her cook and drinking wine and eating nice cheese. Also doing research on her 12 new wines haha :D





The end of this day was nice. Went to dinner with Frida and her brother at Friday's. Was yummy food and superb company. So damn happy that this girl is moving her and also got the assignment of re-doing her brothers appartment :D...well after that I've just been chating with ppl, mostly cathing up with my favorite inga and philly. So now time for bed, and here is a calm lovely song by Bruno Mars that will be on the new Twilight movie.

Oh sunny day...

Category: I've been working from home, translating some texts. After that I decided to clean the whole apartment and now I'm sitting outside on our balcony enjoying the lovely weather with a cup of tea. Yummy, sun is such a mood changer....anyways I've been/still am super worried about little stevie, can the person show that he's alive !! Oh well, also got some great news. FRIDA is moving to STOCKHOLM yeeeey :D...another close friend in town. Just love this, and hopefully I can decorate her new apartment hihhi :P...



The recording of the show Partaj was an experience. Me and the girls laugh a lot but was also a bit boring when we had to retake some scenes. A 1h show took a bit than 2h to record. Anyways was fun and after that went out eating and then went to a bar with the girls. Finally to end up at priscas and chat and watch men in black 2. That movie is so funny haha. Well anyways now I'm finally home, so time for a shower and then bed.



Strange clouds

Category: Musik

New music from B.O.B ft Lil wayne - Strange clouds.
Me likey

Damn B.O.B has some put you on your place lyrics :P  ;

"But I don't even need no directions
I just wake up and then I roll up the purp
These niggas wake up on my dick
At least have some breakfast first
Nigga keep your nourishment first and your mind on my lyrics
Cause what you hoping to accomplish I already did it bitch"

Hate starts with a H because it comes after a G


Damn today time passes by fast. I started of the day by over sleeping, then had a 3h meeting about writing PM's, evaluations and budgets. Then had lunch and done some other fast assignments. So now I've Just got 2h left at the internship then of to meet Erika and after that going to the recording of the Swedish show Partaj. And after that celebrate Jonas or as I call him my little Pinguin <3

Oh yeah, seems like I'm having a great day so why have this title on this post? Well because I also wanted to say something about annoying people and hate. I found out that someone has been posing to be me AGAIN. Find it funny that ppl got the time to be so into me and my life. Its just sad that you don't have enough confidence to be yourself, but hey nice to see that you see up to me and want to be me haha. The other part is that I can't stand people who can't stand for what they've done and doesn't have the balls to fix it. I mean come on stop being such bitches ( sorry for the language) but you really need a smack down to reality and planet earth.

Enough said about that, I'm still gonna live my life with a smile and enjoy it. Takes much more to break me and sorry wouldn't change for anybody despite my mom and sis!
Have a great day

Love the real KIMCHI ;)


He's sexy and he knows it...

Category: Musik

...I just wounder if we've got the same meaning of the word sexy? Haha anyways I love LMFAO's goofy ways. I was laughing my ass of to this video. Love the song  and the video just makes you say WTF with a smile :P...

Familjen är värre


From time to time people say Im crazy and wounder how I became that way. Well I think I was born with it, cuz have you met my dear family? You just need 5min with my youngest sisters and you'll say I'm kind of normal haha :P..aka Im the most normal one from our crazy family. But still love them, I mean how can't you

Who are you?


A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities,

and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties

Harry Truman

anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new..


Gosh it's been a long day at the internship, the time past by really slowly. But after words it just ran away. I went over to Priscas place and hanged out with her, vero, bongie and jonas. We had a good time with dinner, movie and a lot of laughs over our conversations and memories. So now Im super duper tired and really need to jump in bed as tomorrow is going to be a loong day with a lot of work and meetings :)

Du vet när allting går bra å dagen e klar och livet e som bubbelvin

Category: Musik

Skööönaste låten av Timbuktu – allt grönt. Sitter på praktiken o gungar o nynnar på denna låt. Har nu den och earthquake på repeat. Rastlös? Yes sir :P

up up and away


New morning, new day, new week. Hoping to have a good day without any annoying people contacting me. Really thinking of changing' my damn number.

Change your opinions, keep to your principles;
change your leaves, keep intact your roots

This is something they call a ground breaker

Category: Musik

This song is right now my absolut favorite song.
It's a real kimchi song <3 so the song is going on repeat 24/7 :P..
Labrint ft tinie tempah - earthquake

Actin' like you own me lately..

Category: Musik

..but baby, you don't know a thing about me !
You should know that I lead, not fallow !!
Freakin love this song, suits you well

I always fall for your type

Category: Musik

A nice remake by Chenzira of the song fall for your type


Crazy weekend


Me and my lovely girl Erika on saturday
Yeah, you can really say that I've had a crazy but super fun weekend. On friday I was out with my girls, bongie, erika and emelie. Started out at Nivå, were we went all in and then we went to a private party that ended up being totally crazy. Great music, crazy girls, waaay to much alcohol and hot guys so we girls had a blast. Even though we came home when the sun was going up and felt like shit the day after, we wont forget that night for a while haha..On saturday I spent the day in town, hanged out with Boland, his brother and girlfriend. Went shopping and had some fika, after that I met up with Martin. Haha we had a laugh over that we finally managed to meet. We've tried to meet for like ages :P...anyways had a nice dinner with him and then it was time for another night out. This time with my new partner in crime Erika. We went to Nivå (again) were we now are super known by the ppl that work there. (just gotta love them, best service ever)..anyways had a good time with the guys at Nivå, and then we went to Berns. That I really liked. So yeah it's been a lot of party this weekend, but hey you gotta enjoy your life ;)
My crazy girls bongie & emelie on friday
One of the guys at the friday party. Haha doesnt he look good in bongies vest :P

Can't get enough, I need that !!

Category: Musik

A nice song by J.cole ft my man Trey triggas lyrics :P..
Also nice to see riri in the video

Laughter is the best medicine


The movie Crazy Stupid Love was really good, we were laughing our asses of. And I found out that this pre-show actually were for the big bloggers at So the owner of finest was also there and talked, and there was a lot of pics taken. I got to meet a lovely blogger named Jennifer and her boyfriend who also is a big blogger / personal trainer. So in other words, was a whole new world I experienced tonight and I had a blast with new and old friend. Now time to hang out with Cornelia before she leaves for Ibiza..


Beautiful day


Today I've worked home again, had the worst headache ever so had to sleep in. So now I've worked, been out for a walk as it's super beautiful weather outside. So now I’m just going to eat and then run of to Stureplan to meet Boland, that I haven’t seen for months. Me and him and his brother are going to see the "pre-show" of the movie Crazy Stupid Love. Going to be fun :D...

Dance for you papi

Category: Musik

J.Lo has come out with her new music video for her song papi. I didn't like the video, was a bit to much for me but still a nice song and J.Lo is as beautiful as always :)

No matter what your mouth may say..

Category: Musik

..the heart says L O N G   G O N E ..
interesting lyrics to this song

Cold as Ice


Yesterday was Jennifers last day with me, and I miss that crazy girlie. I don't have anybody to be confused with anymore :P....well anyways what did we do the last day? Well I worked during the day so Jennifer had to go sightseeing by herself; she went to the castle, old town and something else. After that she visited me at my internship, then we went souvenir shopping, ate at MAX were I met Angelica ( a classmate I haven't seen since high school), after that we visited the Ice bar that was super cool and cold. Finally after that we went home and had a laugh with Cornelia. Us 3 girls has had some very interesting discussion the last couple of days that has ended up in us laughing so much that we cry. We have for example had discussions about measuring systems, apparently Sweden and Norway are the only ones that has miles (10km), another example is the Gordon Ramsy dwarf discussion ( it's just super crazy so I can't explain it ) :P...

Anyways, here are some pics from our visit at the bar

I would love to have this kind of ring :P

Our yummi Absolut Vodka drinks


Jennifer enjoying her drink


Happy korean jennifer

The ice bar had lovely art

Goofy Kimchi

Jennifer is cold, can it maybe be because of the shoes she has ? :P

kimchi is cooooold

but according to Jennifer I've got hot lips that melts Ice super fast hahaha

CSI Stockholm..?



Oh gosh, talk about having an interesting morning. The first thing that happened when me, Jennifer and Cornelia stepped out of our apartment. Is that we see that the parking lot is surrounded with police tape and then that there is louds of police. Before we had time to reacted a policeman walks to us and asked us some questions and tells us that we have to take another way to work. So we did and when we get around our building, we see even more police men and police tape and then find out that a man got shot this night, just like 5m from my window. Super crazy that none of us heard anything. But me and Cornelia didn’t think much of it, but poor Jennifer got freaked out and wondered were the hell we had taken her hahaha :P…Yeah talk about having an interesting morning, hope yours was calmer :P

Jag var fast på botten men kämpade upp, Tills jag nådde ytan och hämtade luft

Category: Musik

I’m sitting at my internship and me and my co-worker Jonas are so damn bored. The assignments we have aren’t that fun, the weather is shitty and we are tired. So yeah we can’t wait til we can go home. And for me it’s going to be sightseeing time with Jennifer. But til then, im going to share a Swedish song that I love. It’s a song that talks about a real life situation, when you are in a bad relationship were you do anything for the other person but it’s still not enough. Like even if you do the right thing  it’s still wrong. I think a lot of people can relate to this.

Norlie ft KKV - När jag går ner

jag känner mig feg att jag väljer o kämpa är fel
även om jag trodde att jag givit dig allt SÅ
kommer du med tiden trycka ner mig lite mer
kräva lite mer av mig och även om jag ger dig det
så kommer du ser ner på mig för kärleken är ett spel för dig

Oh dear old monday morning


Then it was time for another new week. But for poor Jennifer it's a shitty day as the weather here is now cold,windy and rainy. And for me it's just shitty as it's an early morning and time for work and Im feeling and lokking like a little zoombie...
Hope you guys have a better morning..

Austria meets Stockholm


After some sightseeing in Jönköping, me and Jennifer went back to Stockholm for a night out with Frida and Erica. We had a blast at Nivå were we had the pre-party and then we went to Ego were Jennifer got to experience Dancehall and Reggeaton haha. Well it was a fun night and today we went shopping and now we've just had a home made dinner ans now time for movie night with some girl friends.
We had a lot of Candy shots

Girls Night out at Sliver


Yesterday's girls night out was a success. DJ chuckie was a cutie and played awesom music! now time for some sightseeing in Jönköping and then of to Stokholm for another girls night out <3

Austria meets Sweden again


..yes I found little Jennifer. She didnt get lost, so Im super proud of her. And now we have chated for a bit, but little sweetheart is tired, so she is sleeping while I'm working. Only 2h left til we are in Jönköping, so gotta work hard for another hour then take a power nap and then it's time to welcome the weekend and P A R T Y :D..

Sssh, I'm bringing back the 80's


Wiiihoo I havent slept much tonight, but im still suuuper happy because in 3h I'll meet Jennifer <3. Woop woop so I had alot of energy this morning end felt for bringing back the 80's in my hair. So this is the result, And im also so happy that the sun is out. Maybe just because Jennifer is coming? Haha who knows :P ...well of I go
Todays outfit
Good bye kiss

I wanna GOOOOO


Ooh goosh, Im totally happy and at the same time freaking out. Cuz my 2 wifys are coming to Sweden around the same time. Im talking about Keri Hilson and Rihanna and I so want to go to both concerts. But damn money aint my best friend :(

Let the count down begin,


Yeey in about 11 h it's time for me and Jennifer to reunite, I just can't wait :D...I mean what can be better than meeting a person you know you always have fun with and that you have got a lot in common with. Haha well, I was looking throw some pics of me and her, and I started laughing over the memories. So here are some thing that we have done together :P..
Have had a lot of Hongdae party nights
Had summer vaccation
We've been to football games
We've spent Halloween together
We've shoped together and explored the G20 meeting
We've shared a bunch of buckets together
And the most important, we found our PAPA, that we still miss <3

I'm just saying you can do better, tell me have you heard that lately?

Category: Musik

Im super bored at the event work, so doing some internship work and thought that I could share a song with you..

A new classic is Drakes song Marvins room...I think a lot of people can relate to this song

I don't really give a F***.....and my excuse is that I'm Y O U N G

Category: Musik

I heard this song a long time ago, but it never stuck on me. But suddenly I hear myself singing drakes lyrics. So now I guess I have a love to hate, hate to love it relationship to the song. Its cool but bad at the same time..haha
anyways enjoy
DJ Khaled ft Drake & Lil Wayne - Im on one

It's crazy, no titles , but your my baby

Category: Musik



Ok! This shit is so random,
When I'm with you, it’s like my heart beats are in tandem,

I know we ain't got no strings attached, but this could be a perfect match.
And we ain't no cuddy buddies ,cause this is way more than that!

Can't get enough, I love your stuff
Let's turn it up, you get what you want
Cause you're my boo thang

And when your friends ask, I'm not your girl just the closest thing that you have!


I'm freaking in love with this song. The lyrics just points it out

Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland - Boo thang

Hold up hold up hold up

Category: Musik

This freaking song had annoyed me since day one, put still can't the beat and the hold up hold up hold up lyrics out of my head. Gaaah going crazy, but Kanye West is as always good in this song...Damn is it just me or does this beat sound like a broken bed or a broken record ( like a DJ spinning on records) haha :P..
Big Sean ft Kanye West & Roscoe  - Marvin & Chardonnay

Splash of color


Godmorning, hope you all slept well. Cuz I didn't get much sleep. But well the morning is here and it's time for me to run of to the internship. Im a bit late so see you later.
Today's outfit

I don't mean to rush, but...

Category: Musik

..we should be body 2 body.
Ace Hood ft Chris Brown - Body 2 Body

Im not afraid, they can read all about it

Category: Musik

Im totally hooked on this song, the lyrics is freaking great.
Professor Green - Read all about it
I ain’t censoring myself for nobody
I’m the only thing I can be,
All that is good, all that is bad, all that is, ME.

Working as a host


( outside one of the test rooms)

Today it was my first day at the new job. Me, Jenny and Abbe were the hosts at the radio music test that was for about 4h. But we worked for 7h, with all preparation, hosting and packing. It felt like we were the one's that took care of everything even though we were just going to be extra hands. But our dear bosses were a bit confused so we had to fix everything and think of everything. Therefore the first hours it was super hectic for us to fix everything for 130ppl. But when we got all ppl registered and seated it was super easy and we could chill. Tomorrow will be the final test and hopefully a calmer day.

The venue we were at was really nice, and they had an IQ test thing on, that we hosts tried to do. well we were not that smart, but we are blaming it on the stress and tiredness :P
the cutest dog held me company when I was alone at the counter

We though this was funny, that you weren't aloud to sit in the waiting room. But later on we found out that a lady earlier today had suddenly got sick, collapsed, thrown up and got rushed to the hospital by the ambulance. So the place hadn’t been defected as they didnt know what happened to her....scary

My lovely desk with my long check lists
Our yummii fika we gave to our guest

Cool stuff


Ever since I moved to Stockholm, I've noticed that the big city have got a lot of cool things that makes me say woow. (yeey the geek in me comes out :P)...for example I was so happy over the metros mobile scanner that checks sms tickets. It's super cool and effective (I love systems that works) and today I went to the swedish burger place called MAX and I got super suprised when I saw theire express system. It was super fun, easy and effective. Talk about saving time. So im going to use that a lot. And at Konsum ( food store) there is a super smart self checkout counter. Just love fast things :P
Maxs' order machine
Here is where you then get your express order. Super duper fast :D

Running of...

Category: the next job. Busy day but Yes I can do it all !

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever


Today im stressin' my ass of at the internship. My bosses just told me that one of the assigmnets Im doing has to be in today and the rest of the big project at the end of this week. So I kind of freaked out as its a 2 week project to finish. So had to be smart and ask for help from another intern...But now its lunch time and Im taking a chill pill with an oldie from Ginuwine

Black & white


Time to go to the internship and then of to work.
Kimchis look today

Kimchi must haves !!!


Here are some of the things that im going to order from Korea <3
The black pumps
I loooove color and unique designs, so must have them !!
cutest dress ever

Rihanna for Armani


Wiihoo, here is some pics with Rihanna as Armanis new face !

Work, work, work,work ->Busy bunny



(me earlier today)

Gosh its only a bit past 8pm and I'm feeling so dead. Probably because it's been a long day and I just get even more tired when I think of my long to do list that I've got left. Well anyways, I was at the internship today and got a lot done, then after that went to a introduction course for my new job for a research company fixed by Academic Work (just love them). This new job seems to be fun and my coworkers are great. So tomorrow and on Thursday we are going to help the company with their big event, the music research about Swedish Radio stations with over 250ppl. So the coming days I have to look professional and be the best host ever, suits me quit well ( if I just get out of bed in time haha) :P...So after that course, I was starving and ate some left overs and watched Project Runway Australia the finale :D..and after that it was time for some study and planning for the weekend, and after that had to cook some good food for tomorrows lunch as I will be working from 8- 22.30 tomorrow, going to be suuuuch a loong day :(..So now I only have to finish the laundry, shower, answer some emails and then bed time..YEEY <3

me now

It's to bad that you miss that ****

Category: Musik

A great old school remake by Lloyd. Here is his new song Dedication to my ex (Miss that)

Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got !


Today the time is just flying by so fast. It's already lunch time and I've managed to finish one assignment and had a staff meeting. So now time to eat and then back to work with the rest of the assignment...Hope you guys have a great day with lots of smiles..

Ps. Wish my boys Bob and Philly a nigh flight to Asia, I so envy you guys. So make the BEST of your stay :D <3.

Visst du kan skratta och låtsas som ingenting

Category: Musik

Och du försöker hålla masken
Så du kan sväva över marken

Men när du strippar och klär av dig är det samma grej
Jag vet allt om dig
Veronica Maggio - Inga kläder

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart


So the first day of this week is finally coming to its end. It hasn’t been that bad, i've had a lot to do at my internship, but I like having stuff to do. So what have I been up to beside working? well I've managed to make my week even more stressful by accepting a job from Academic work, so starting tomorrow as a host for an event. Maybe kind of stupid adding more stress right now, but extra money is always nice :P...Another stressful thing I've done is to check my syllabus for my new class, talk about getting an headache, I've got loads to do and exams coming up (yeeey) enough with the boring stuff and now to the fun things...

1) I managed to embarrass my self today by doing a stupid thing...I accidently hit a man with a 12pack toilet paper package... I was bored on my way from the store so I was swinging with it and it slipped of my fingers and went right into the man walking 2m in front of me...all I can say is that he wasn’t happy, so oopppsss my bad :P haha


2) Me, Shara & Jennifer have now bought the tickets for DJ Chuckie on Friday...YEEEY its going to be awesome with 2 crazy girls ( and probably more, but they are the most important)...I just hope that it wont end up to be a real shara & kimchi epic crazy night at Sliver haha...but who am I kidding'...crazy *3 = total craziness :P

We ain’t even seen the best of days

Category: Musik

Dappy - No regrets
No regrets.. No turning back.. Pick up yourself and tell them I’m just being me…

Yummmii, food time


Home made  Pasta  with Bacon & Spinach is so damn good <3

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Category: Musik

Haha I just can't stop lovin' LMFAO...the songs they make are just so crazy that you love them.
Here is there song Im sexy and I know it.
Enjoy !

Of to work..


Goodmorning sunshine



Wiihoo, I woke up 6.45 am !!! don't ask me why, but haven’t been able to fall asleep again, and that sucks as I hate mornings. But there is no point in moping anymore, therefore its time to seize the day with a smile !!

Money can’t buy you love, cause it’s over priced

Category: Musik

J.Cole - work out
Life is life, so take a chance roll a dice
Don’t overthink just hope it’s right

I like how it feels

Category: Musik

Enrique Iglesias new song - I like how it feels

The fact that you saw the world affected all your decisions

Category: Musik

Great video <3

I can be tough, I can be strong, But with you.. It's not like that at all


Damn, yet another weekend has passed. But this one went super duper fast for me, probaby because I had such a good time. I had a nice time with my guest and we spent some time with the crazy ppl in Märsta, with nice food, drinks etc and just took the weekend as it came. But went way to fast, so now im a bit bored and don't want it to be monday tomorrow..
Behind this wall, theres a girl who gives a shit

Give me some; FocusMotivationFocusMotivationFocusMotivation


(this is how I feel I am right now, as in the temple in Korea 2010 :P)

Yes can someone please give me some focus, motivation and working head or in other words some peace of mind so that I can finish my analysis of Colombia for my dear boss. Today you can really say that my head is just spinning round round round without any destination. I'm a real goofball today. Don't really get why, or maybe its a result of the past crazy weeks?! Haha you tell me, cuz I would like to have the focused and ambitious Kimchi back ASAP!! Well anyways after the nice lunch, refreshing shower, Philly and Em pep talk I am now ready to get into war with the analysis. Just going to shut of my phone and sign out of Fb :D..wish me luck, I really hope Im done with the analysis till phillys and my crazy  night chat :P 

Here is one of my favorite K-pop summer damn beautiful :D

Bang Yong Gook - I remember

Always laugh when you can, It's cheap medicine!!


Last night was a real great night. As I earlier mentioned I had plans with Frida. So the night started of with a nice dinner at a Greek restaurant with her, her brother and 2 friends of theirs. I had some lovely lam :D

After that it was time for the comedy show, I didn’t know what to expect as I've never been to one before. But it was hilarious and worth every cent. The ppl that we saw was Johan Glans, Marica and Isak. The best part was when Frida and one of the guys were laughing so much that one was crying and the other one couldn’t breath haha....well anyways I strongly recommend you to visit Norra Brunn !



Today has been a calm day, I've worked from home and then me and Cornelia got some crazy cravings for some sweet stuff. So we decided to bake fudge brownies and have watermelons beside. So now we have watched the movie Valentines day and the next one up is Iron Man 2....Talk about a perfect night..

Say no to Panda


Haha thanks to my lovely co-worker that is also an intern at my internship. I was totally lost my focus on my work. So now we are sharing crazy you tube clips to each other and have also started a war about my chair. That little trouble maker just suddenly decided that my lovely chair is his..but guess what I say H*ll no, world war 3 is on !!


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference


Yeey it’s a new day and Im actually kind of energetic and in a great mood. Maybe its because I had a nice evening yesterday after work. Mad a nice dinner, watched project runway and then spent some time with Cornelia. Was a nice night and of course had to end it with a little chat with Mr Steve Urkel. Anyways now all my bosses are finally back at the internship so now I’ve got a lot to do again. Just the way I like it, just the right amount of crazyness. But can’t wait til tonight when Im going to spend some time with my favorite Frida and her brother. We are going to see a show at Norrs Brunn.

Have a great day ppl

Mohombi - Maraca

( can't believe that he is a real prince..)

Guest of honor


Yeeey, in less than 2 weeks my Queen Opssii ( Jennifer) the crazy austrian girl I met in Korea, is coming to visit me here in Sweden. I can't wait to see her, was like 9months ago I saw her. So now I have to start planning what we are going to do, I guess it will be shopping, party and a bit sighseeing (if I can learn more about Sthlm til then haha)...well anyways we'll probably have some crazy days <3

För vi lever alla med känslan att falla

Category: Musik

As I've earlier said, 2011 has been a great year for Swedish music. I have never listened to so much Swedish music as this year. So I though I could share 2 songs that has been some of my favorite swedish summer songs.
Veronica Maggio - Satan i Gatan
Den svenska björnstammen. vart mig i världen vänder

African Kimchi

Category: Musik

Every time I come up to Sthlm my african side is forced to come out. So ofcourse now that I live here its starting to show again. The african music is slowly getting a grip on me again, so thnx bongie and the rest :P Haha but the best part with being an african is the food, gosh I can't stop eating it Yummy..Anyways here is one of my favorite african songs..
J Martins ft Fally Ipupa - Jupka

Epic Girls Night Out in Sthlm


This past Saturday me and my baby Bongie decided that it was time for a real club night. So we had a crazy girls night out with some other new and old girl friends. Haha funniest thing ever, the girls beside us in one of the bars knew bongie as her bf had been with her. So even as the girls had never met before they had alot in common :P...and then Bongie and I found T.I's twin. Was scarry he really looked like T.I, talk about being a lucky guy. Well anyways will tell you more about the nigh later and even post more pics but right now I have to go back to work :)

You don't know you´r beautiful, but that's what makes you beautiful

Category: Musik

Last year I got contacted by Sony Music for my interest of the band Loncville and now a girl that works at Sony Music gave me a tip of a new upcoming band called One direction. And guess what the girl knows my taste, Im now addicted to there song What makes you beautiful !

You looking at me but I’m lookin through you

Category: Musik

Lil wayne's album Tha Carter IV is so damn good or no I have to say freaking great! I love this deep wizzy. One of my absolut favorite songs on this album is Mirror ft Bruno Mars. I can really connect to this song and it just says it all.
Enjoy !

Lookin at me now I can see my past
Damn I look just like my f-ckin dad
Light it up, thats smokin’ mirrors
I even look good in the broken mirror
I see my momma smile thats a blessin
I see the change, I see the message
and no message could been any clearer

Wisdom of today


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Baby you’re the finest demon that I’ve ever seen

Category: Musik



Oh Jay Park, is truly my number 1 Korean hubbie. Was love at first sigh at the concert me and Inga went to...well now he is out with a new song called Demon. I like it, but so envy the girl/demon :P...

I was on my way to heaven,
but you brought me down with the smile.

Can't see the light in this tunnel


Yes Im back..not in the best mood but Im going to start bloging again. Has happend so much since the last time I posted. The bigest thing is that I now live in Stockholm and started my new life here. So far its been good...But the last month there has been way to many changes in my life and the latest one is giving me a huge headace. So starting to wounder if it really is worth all...