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yesterday was a real slow day at work aka was a cleaning day. But it was nice cuz I finished earlier so got to meet up barbie at F12 my summer place. and we had a blast. Around closing Tasha and Tefo picked me up so we headed of to spy bar and was all turnt up. A real live it up night with great friends. Today its going to be a repeat of yday. Nigh shift then party. But going to be an early night for me. Got to much work tomorrow :)
Anyways here is ydays outfit

NEW MUSIC : Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - Live it up

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Every summer J.Lo and Pitbull have a summer hit...this year this is it.
Its nothing special with it but its catchy so we are surely going to here it out in the clubs.

NEW MUSIC: Madcon ft Kelly Rowland - One Life

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Oooh wiihoo, this has been my summer vibe song this week. You get in souch a good mood. 
survival was my up bringing 

NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azalea - Bounce

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At first I didnt like this song, but after seeing the mv its grown on me. The mv is so colorful and different. :P

NEW MUSIC : Jessie J - WILD ft Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal

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Time for some new music uploads..
Here is Jessie J's new cool mv for her song Wild

NEW MUSIC: Ciara ft Nicki Minaj - I'm Out

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I heard this song last week and it was such a perfect timing in my life. Freaking love this girl anthem.
Cuz when a girl is done she is done, but that ain't going to break her its going to push her even more to live it up and have toast to a good time.
Oh yeah yeah yeah
See I found out he was my problem, tonight I came out to solve them 

New MUSIC : K Koke ft Bridget Kelly - My time

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Here is one of the chillest songs out right now..

No time for games, she's full grown

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Jahapp then it already is Lil lördag and Im far from done with everything Im supposed to be. Got a lot of school work to do and meetings. So going to be hard with the upcoming double shifts that start tomorrow again.  So anyways today Iäve been doing work for the thesis and then been a cleaning day.And now Im on my way to the librarby to return some book I've forgotten about for like 2 week or more haha..after that its time for the night shift. 
Hope you're having a better day. Anyways time to enjoy some old music by the man with the voice I could marry. :D

oh summer times


The last past days its really felt like its summer. Except from working I've been enjoying life, been on dinners, shopping sprees, partied and celebrated ppl. Had a hard time saying good bye to wifey who know lives abroad but we had a lovely dinner date. I also got to party with all my girls.

But the last 24h its really been my kind of day. relaxed with B and her cousins, chatting , dining, sun bathing , watching movies, fixing hair and drinking. No stress just love and girl time. I finally also got to meet sweet baby Mia.

one of the hardest parts of life is deciding when to give up or try harder

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Today I've had way to much on my mind.
The stress from all work and other things are getting to me. After talking to B yesterday some of the things on my mind got eased away. That girl got a lot of insight on me and my reactions to things. She gets me and has no problem of speaking her mind when she thinks Im wrong. haha love her for that.
But anyways, got to face one big thing today that I didnt expect I would get to face so soon. Wasnt the best place to deal with it but at least I got it of my cheast and I know it was for the best. But still doesnt feel all right I'm just more confused. Guess I'll see how this all plays out.
anyways here is a nice song by Lamar Starzz that I've forgot to post.
I wish we could go back in time

When it gets cold, and im feeling kind of ... baby don't let me down

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Oh wow Janine & The Mixtape has got an amazing voice.
Got goose bumps from her voice and the song makes me speachless. 
Absolutly a favorite of mine 

When you make pain look this good, it never wears out

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A powerfull, heartbreaking, real, truthfull and wonderfull song by Kelly Rowland.
Listen closley
What goes on in the dark always comes out in the light... 

Emotions, comotion, the notion is to stay open

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Here is a song by Elijah Blake that I posted at the end of last year.
But now the music video for it is finally out. I bet a lot of people still relate to this song.

On the road


I ended last week with a night out with Barbie on Sunday. Was just a spontaneous thing, went to Sjögräs, soap and Patricia. Turned out to be an unique night with new friends. On Monday I went down to Jönköping to study and visit Erika. Got a lot done with Frida but we are far from done. And was nice spending time with an old friend and also having fun with my crazy M. In some ways I miss my old uni town. all the kind people and food. Im also happy to see that Jönköping is having a pride festival this month..

Anyways Im right now on my way up to Stockholm. Got a ride from B so we are catching up like old times. And I just got to drive a bit..I've missed driving...well on to the next thing I think the coming days are going to pass by so fast. Only work and then spa trip with mom :D.

She's my super human


My mom is my super hero. She has a heart of gold, she's a Leo so the best fighter, she is crazy, strong,corcky, funny and my role model. Without you I don't know were i would be today and I know I wouldn't have come this far without you. Happy mothers day M, Love you <3

oh happy days


The past week has been real great. With awesome weather, bday celebration, good food. visit from sis and fun time at both jobs. Sure I've been real stressed out but its been worth it..Wifeys bday was event full, spent Saturday and Sunday with her and her man. I always have a good laugh with them, they've got so much love..the weekdays I spent working and having out with sis and her friend..we had some nice time in town, dining and just enjoying life. I also got to finally catch up with Shara and also have a night out with my partner in crime haha..
here is some pics from the week.

outfit of wifeys bday

some nice meals

tefo and me celebrating

wifey and me on her big day

sis and moa at Kungsträdgården

lovely days at Kungsträdgården

the girls at sergels torg

the girls at hard rock café

my new favorite smoothie

me and sis

I was left in the dark, I was left in the cold

Category: NEW MUSIC

Here is my tune of the week.
AMAZING song & art work !!

Its going to be a C E L E B R A T I O N !!

Category: Daily Life

Yeserday was a real good day. Everything went smooth and everyone was all happy faces. So that was real nice. The night shift went by easy with a lot of smiles and laughs even though most of us were passed exhausted haha. One funny theme of yesterday, pretty much the whole day. Everyone was having relationship problems or questions, like really from people in town, guest, friends etc..everyone. 
Anyways I was super energetic so met up my favorite Mariah for an after work at Spy bar. And one of the guards finally asked are always here at this hour, why at this crazy hour and so happy and sober..haha well I always come directly from work and just want to dance and meet up some friends haha :P...Was a few funny things that happend during that short hour at Spy, but it was a blast and then I headed of to an after party with an old friend. Thanks again D for my late bday present, so looooove it :D.. So anyways got to be a real long night out, coming home at 8 am. And now its time to get ready and celebrate wifey big time with the huge crew. Starting of with an italian dinner then clubbin all night.

Majestic remix

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Got a hold of an old favorite of mine, so this is my weekend tune.
A remix of Destiney's Childs song Say my name..
enjoy !!

Motivating Inspiring , Join the movement

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I just had an inspiring interview with one of the founders for the organization Real Stars. An organization that works against sex trafficking in Sweden and the EU. They have an interesting approach and campaign Fair Sex that Im all for. So if you also think that everyone should have the right to freedom and their human rights.

Join the movement FAIR SEX 


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Tudeluu, its finally Friday and if you don’t have any other reason to be happy today, that should be one reason. Friday=weekend=just be happy. 

Yesterday was another comsi comsa day for me, was a long time ago I had a day when I didn’t speak. But that's one thing I do when I process things. I've always been the quite one (surprisingly haha), so some days I just don’t speak at all, I just disconnect from the world. And there is nothing wrong with that, its nice with a break and silence. Well anyways today I've found my strength again and smile. So have been at the gym again, been up on the roof soaking in the sun and now I’m on my way to do an interview for the thesis with the organization Real Stars. That’s going to be fun. And after that its food and then night shift with my lovely dysfunctional co-workers.

I must say thanks to my funny boss, who has his ways of showing us he cares about us. He was upset with me on Tuesday for being super late but then he had bough food for us and my favorite lemon muffins. haha he remembered that I loved them :D so sweet.


So what are my plans for the rest of the weekend? Well I actually have a day of tomorrow to celebrate wifey again before she leaves Sweden. So going all in tomorrow. Then on Sunday its all study and also got a job interview before the new week starts :D 


Seems like you don't even mean what you see...I never should have never ever...

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the past week has honestly been real hard for me. Been struggeling with some personal things and a crazy work schedual. But work has in some way helped me go trough it all kind of sane. Just got another week of crazy dubble shifts + school work with inteviews for the thesis. The past days has been sadly heartbreaking, maybe I've been to hard on my self for being emotional. But though I would handle it all much better. Well guess I need more time and space...anytways work has been great and had a lovely night celebrating wifeys big birthday with an asian dinner and then some drinks. Now its time for bed before my sleeping problems/depression really kicks. Happy 1 may pps.  <3
 Ashanti - Never should have 
Balled up, laying in my bed
Fortracing through my head
How did we start our love end up here
You said you loved me and I believed you
Rivers of tear drops,
This short pains in my heart
This was the way that you loved
You were all that I wanted
I fell in love with you 
'cause you loved me and I thought that you were ready



its still all so.....