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New Adventures

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Tudeluu yesterday was a busy and good day. The important thing went well, but I wont tell you what it's about until it's final in some weeks. Well I love new beginnings and new energy. So working hard for some change. But today it's movie/show day with wifey.

A step in the right way...

Category: Daily Life

Damn the last days have been all work and no play really. I've been real exhausted, but happy because I got some good news just before the weekend and also been haven a blast with the coworkers. Now it's also super nice coming home as Im now always welcomed by wifey who now stays with me :D. The first night she was here, her and her hubby stayed up all night just to keep me company when I got home and even saved me drinks. Haha gotta love them ♡
Anyways gotta go to bed and get some sleep as I've got an important day tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

Friendship comes in different formes

Category: Daily Life

The weekend passed by real fast as I only was working. Had a crazy uncomfortable experience with a customer that I'll never forget, neither will my co workers as they though it was hilarious. Haha work was crazy but fun.

I started the week with a new hairstyle and crazy night out with Karro. And yday I spent the whole day with my childhood friend Patricia and her adorable daughter.

It's crazy that it took us about 7 years to meet again haha but it was fun. And im so happy for her with how much she's accomplished and what a lovely family she's got. So yes the past days have been great ♥♡♥♡

Sunny Friday

Category: Daily Life

Damn today is a really beautiful day with the sun out and everything. I love it even though Im kind of a zombie right now, (yes haven't slept tonight). But I just finished a good meeting so hoping for good news and now I'm of back to bed before it's time for work. Have a nice day!!

Passion for style

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Ever since I was a kid, I've always gotten complements for my styles. Yes styles because I always mix it up. Anyways the people who knows me also knows Im a shopaholic and loooove finding different outfits. So anyways for a while ago several friends started asking me once again why I dont also blog about fashion or style. So know Im like yeah why not post a bit about it. So here are some outfits by some of my favorite stylist that Im dying for at the moment.

To love and be loved is the greatest ♥

Category: Daily Life

Tudeluu people, yes I am alive and well. Just have been busy with life and all that. The past weeks I've catched up with my friends that I haven't seen for a long time. I've taken the opportunity to do stuff I havent done in ages.

So I've spent a lot of time with wifey, who is back in town. I celebrated Kabo at his surprise party, that was so much fun even though I hurt my toe baddly haha. I've otherwise been on so many dinners with all kind of friends, like my sis Bongie, Barbie, the flipping burger crew, Sagal, my favorite Karro, wifey and her man etc
The best night of all the weeks was when I got to go to the Ryan Leslie concert. Easly the best one I've been to. He's a true artist that man. And that night was tuuuuuurnt up. Besides that I also supported wifey at her event; Miss Africa crown.
That was the fun part I've been up too, Im now also back to work and crazy stress. But its gone good and I'm finally back at the gym to stay healthy.

Anywas here aresome pics from the past weeks