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Hahah omg what a crappy music video for the hit song where them girls at by David Guetta, Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj.
Well check it out and tell me what you think..

I dont discriminate, I love them all

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Mindless Behavior's new song Mrs Right ft Diggy is freaking awesome. Have had it in my head all week and Diggy DAMN his voice is too S****. As we say in Sweden, LAMMKÖTT... If he only was 18 I would travel all across just to wife him :P...Can't help it but he is damn HOT, got swagger, is an amazing artis, has got style and as I said that voice is damn,gives me chills :D...
Anyways back so the super group, the boys are going to go far, are talanted and cuties. Haha but the lead singer reminds me of Sisqo and I do know that this boy is going to be a heartbreaker, just saying :p. Anyways enjoy the song and video, got some cool peps in it!

Light skinned deep, dark, dark skinned deep
Long hair, don’t care as long as your hearts in it

Put your hands up

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Another great song from 2PM, I just got hooked on it. Wanna go back to the korean nightlife, had some good good times and oh yeah we did put our hands up a lot :D

Crazy/ Beautiful


Breakfast from Espresso House

That is just how I would describe this day. It has happend so many things to day that at the same time has been wonderful. First of all I overslept and was a zombie this morning, but the sun was shining and  at the bus station Espresso house had it's launching day and had a great breakfast offer. 10kr for juice(or coffee), bread, cream cheese, jam and cheese. I call that a sweet deal and it was super good. So that really cheered me up....
When I came to work I got surprised by my college that had baked 3 pies for us, for no reason. So that was cheer up nr 2. As the day went on I made my boss happy as I finally handled to work all by my self without doing any mistakes and even noticed that the office in Norway had fucked up stuff. Haha so apparently Im a fast learner and at the same level as the rest after just 3 weeks :D...That really gave me a boost. But the best thing was after lunch when my phone called non stop, at first it annoyed me as I was focused on work. But after finally answering the calls I got super duper happy. In total I got 3 other internship offers, 2 job offers and I got accepted to a masters program that I really wanted to get into as its hard to do that. And its a masters in Global studies but with focus on Asia. Just perfect for me who is so in love with Asia and want to work there. But oh well as my life is already planned out for the rest of the year, I had to turn down all offers. But still glad to have gotten the opportunities and calls. Feels like I actually am gonna make it in life anyways :)..
Oh well after work it was still super great weather so took a walk outside and came across the Asian shop that is actually just 2min from my home ( yeah I know Im kinda blind to not have seen it before, I guess im just to busy). So I went in there, and got super glad and then Korea home sick. As they had a lot of products that was in Korea. I even found Kimchi, Kimchi noodles, a brand that we usually bough at 7-eleven in Hoegi and the chili paste. So think im going to do some asian food soon :P..
Well when I finally got home, I actually ate a home made chicken noodle wok and watched So you think you can dance. After that it was time for some work out at the gym with Adam and Oskar. Talk about that I truelly love Atlantis (the place I work out at)..the gym is huge and the best part is the spa that is included. So afters some hard training we went to the sauna, Jacuzzi and pool. Super nice and fun..Im so glad that I've started my training again, and now Im going to be the training freak I one was. Going to train everyday after work, and also do some swimming and then relaxing after every workout. Going to be hard but so fun and worth it :D..
Well now its time for bedtime for little me as I gotta go up at 6 am for work. So hope you had a great day and a good evening...

This years love


Ever since I heard this song by David Gray (think i was over 5,6 years ago) I've always been in ove with it.
Its easily one of  the greatest songs ever made. And this week this song has helped me through some messed up things.
So Im going to end this post by saying;

I wanted more than sweet sweet lies
but whose to worry if our hearts get torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Haven't  you noticed that  life goes on


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Here is a great feel good song that is super catchy, have been going around humming lalala the last past weeks.
Cobra Starship ft Sabi - You make me wanna
Btw, Love Sabi, she is super hot !

Finding the light...


Hmm so how am I going to explain this, make sense of whats going on. Haha don't really know that as I myself can't really understand it. But you could say that for a while now I've been kind of lost. And that happens to everyone as Life is life and gives you it's crazy curveballs. This isn't something new for me, I just guess that I hoped to be done with messy stuff like this and hoped I was much stronger than I've been. But hey, I guess Im after all also human and can't handle it all. To be admitting that is hard for me as Im a person who is suppose to make it all happen. Well now Im honestly not really getting it together even if people seems to think Im a miracle worker who fix and gets it all. Haha news flash for you all, I work hard for everything sometimes way to hard and its times like these  I pay for it.
For some days ago I told a close friend of mine that I'm losing the grip of everything, that Im lost and incapable of figuring out things with school and that scarred me. As I've always been able to handle it superbly, but now feel like I've lost my smarts. And this friend of course as usually just said You are Kimchi, you always fix it. Well what if I don't? What if I can't find the light in the tunnel in time?...

Out of my head

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This year 2 of my favorite artists has collaborated and made a nice song called Out of my head. And today the official music video finally came out. I really like the video, shows how crazy love can make you in a good way , so a cute thing.
Enjoy !
Lupe fiasco ft Trey songz

A beautiful life


Oh gosh can't believe that the long weekend is already over, feels like it was just yesterday it started.
So tomorrow its time to go back to work and go up around 6am. This means that I really have to go to bed right now, or I'll be a super tired zombie at work. So nighty nighty people sleep tight and enjoy my goodnight song;

A beautiful life by Chris Mann

Click clack away


Today its finally real nice summer weather in town. So i've been out for a run and then also to the gym. (talk about dying, really need to get fit again :P). After all that training I had a small picnic in the park and now its time for my favorite entertainment. STUDY (yeeey) haha gosh, just as I said to a friend, just have to kick myself in the ass and get done with it. :)..
Have a great sunday and enjoy Bruno Mars & Diggy's song Click clack away

Just take a moment...


to breath..

Summer feelings

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I just love reaggeton and Don omar and the summer feelings I get.
Enjoy this song by him and Prince royce - Ven Conmigo!



Midsummer is one of Swedens bigest hollidays, if not the biggest one. It certanly is the craziest one as ppl go bonkers :P... It is kind of hard for me to explain the reason for this holliday in english  so I'll take a bit help from Wikipedia;

Midsummer may simply refer to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures

; In modern Sweden, Midsummer's Eve and Midsummer's Day (Midsommarafton and Midsommardagen) were formerly celebrated on 23 June and 24 June, but since 1953 the celebration has been moved to the Friday and Saturday between 19 June and 26 June. It is one of the most important holidays of the year in Sweden, and probably the most uniquely Swedish in the way it is celebrated. The main celebrations take place on the Friday, and the traditional events include raising and dancing around a huge maypole. Before the maypole is raised, greens and flowers are collected and used to cover the entire pole.

Raising and dancing around a maypole (majstång or midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts families and many others. People dancing around the pole listen to traditional music and some even wear traditional folk costumes. In addition, many wear crowns made of wild springs and wildflowers on their heads. The year's first potatoes, Soused herring, Chives, Sour Cream, Beer, Snaps and the firststrawberries of the season are on the menu. Drinking songs (Snapsvisor) are also important at this feast, and many drink heavily. When Sweden got its National day (6 June), discussions were held about making Midsummer the Swedish national day because of the strong civil celebration on this day.

Because Midsummer was thought to be one of the times of the year when magic was strongest, it was considered a good night to perform rituals to look into the future. Traditionally, young people pick bouquets of seven or nine different flowers and put them under their pillow in the hope of dreaming about their future spouse.



I have personily celibrated midsummer in many different ways. When I was younger I celebrated it big the traditional way, with the flawors, food, dances, games songs etc at Gotland and that was great. Later on in life I have celibrated it differently every year. Last year I celibrated it in Stockholm the african way :P and this year it was a mix of everything. New and old traditions. But it has always been a blast :)

Midsummer 2010

Midsummer 2011, Yummi BBQ

Midsummer 2011, sing along

You always need some sweet stuff on midsummer, this year we had a chocolate cake with white chocolate and strawberries on top.

Some dancing around the pole :D

Frida and I at the after party

Spare me the headache, cuz I just got over one


Life never stop giving you chocking moments. And after yesterday I can really say that life has its' crazy surprises. But this one wasnt a good one and I can still say that Im disapointed in the whole thing. It's always sad when you find out the real truth of a close friend. The only thing Im mad over all this thing is that the person had the guts to get me into so much trouble and drama for no reason and made me stand up for that person when I shouldnt have been. But oh well, all I can say to you is Karma is a bitch and she'll find you! So now saying goodbye to this chapter in my life.


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Me love the girl with the hips that doesn't lie. Haha.,
we'll here she is with her new hit Rabiosa.

tuesday tuesday tuesday


This day started of really bad, had a shity morning that made me super mad. It usually takes me a loooong time to get that pissed off, but thanks to Jönköpings buses it didnt take that long. It started with that my first bus was super late, and then my transfer bus didnt come, and neither did the second one. And the third one of course came super late. I got so mad so I had to blow of the steam by calling my mom, she gets the importance of working systems and understood me perfectly. Haha yeah the last couple of years we have been starting to rethink that maybe we still are blood related as we are SO alike :P....Oh well back to my day, I finally got to work 50min late, in a bad mood, but after a while I was back to normal (especially after some hot coco :P)...So yeah, the rest of the day just flew away, haven't done anything special since I came home from work accept watch the new teen wolf episode and studied and cooked dinner...So now time to jump in bed so I wont be as tired as I was today.
Hope your day was much better than mine and cant wait till its weekend, and to celebrate that I'm posting one of my happy songs. This one is by Katy Perry - Last friday Night...(think me & Inga have done most of the things she sings about hahah)

Sooner or later you get tired of broken promises


We've all sometimes promised things we cant keep,
but some ppl are just pro's at never keeping promises and you get tired of.
So yeah, the reason why you only see my back now is because  I quickly get tired of broken promises.
Anyways here's a new song by Maleek Leggett - Broken promises.

Woop going to Philly land this summer..


Yeah, it is now official decided that Im going to Austria to  visit my best guy friend from my time in Korea, yes it is crazy Mr 305, aka Philipp. This is going to be super fun, so only around 5,5 weeks left :D

Feelings are trouble makers


True story...
Anyways here is a nice song by Lil wayne called how to love. a quit suiting song for this post.

Funny stuff


Here are some pictures of real life happenings that are really strange/funny :)
Bra jobbat Netto :P
Väldigt smart Ica :P
Fint erbjudande..
Skönaste grannen ever
nice translation
the beauty of different cultures comments
confused? walk this way...haha
WTF? again the beauty of different cultures :P

Oo yeaah


My favorite person in the show
..before some study its time for the new episode of game of thrones. The last episode made be so mad so going to be interesting to see what now happens..

Got the day of..


(got nice fixed teeth)

This day started of with a super tired Kimchi who wasn't that happy to go to the dentist. But well there it went fine and the dentist was the nicest ever. Just sucks that I have like 4 more appointments this summer, my wallet is so happy over that (NOT)..oh well after I was  done with the appointment I had several missed calls from work, so kind of got into panic mode and was wondering what was up. But they just called to say that I got the day of as the system was down at work and I therefore would be able to work...Haha that was really good news. So now I've gone around town, enjoyed the sun with one of my favorite Ice creams Magnum Ghana and now its time to study...
Have a sunny day <3

Addicted to series..


As many of my series has taken a break, I've had the "time" to get hooked on some new one, that I though I could share with you. So here we go.
It's thanks to my sis that I started to see this show, and I got hooked only because of the best friend of the teen wolf. He makes the whole show. Well its also fun to see cute Martin from Seventh heaven..:P
This is a great show about love, sex, friendship and relationships. Everyone will see themselves in this show as they take up example of all kind of people and lives. They've also got some great actors in the show, like turk from scrubs.
Is another teenage show, about 2 girls being switched at birth and now meeting each other.
Is a nice teenage superhero show, I would say as the girl has special power etc.

Welcome to the good life


This past week has been one of the best this year. I will only take some highlights of the week.
I graduated and my baby sis, mom and aunt came to visit over the day. That really made my day to be able to show them my town and closest friend ( even if he sold me out). Haha so now apparently my dear family likes my best guy friends more than me, as Im apparently bitchy or something and he is so innocent ( yeah right) :P Anyways I got a beautiful neckless as a graduation present, really thoughtful  to give me a baptism neckless as I've never been baptized...after my dear family left, it was time to celebrate with my classmates and later on with my oldest university friends. So that was a blast as I hadn't seen most of my friend for a year. :)
Welcoming the international summer students:
For about 2 weeks ago the international summer students came to our uni. So the international association had a pub crawl and BBQ at the beach for them. That was a blast and the students are a crazy group of people mostly from Mexico and almost all boys. But great people that we are going to teach them all about the Swedish way of life. The first lesson me and Frida will have with them is how to celebrate Midsummer and play swedish games as Kubb correctly, not the swemecican way :P
New job:
I've now started to work at Bring and its a challenge, but a fun one. The company is great and they really take care of their workers. Haven't seen so many nice companies as this one. Anyways, I work at the office with import/export and declarations for Norway. Its really complicated to explain but an important job, and even if it sucks that I don't have any vacation and only is free on weekends, Im grateful for my job. And even happier that I've got great recommendations from my last job at Herenco and have even got a rise :D
This week I got the great news that I've got the internship at Olof Palme's international center in Stockholm, just the one I wanted. So really happy and this means that from aug - december, I will be living in Stockholm. So yes people, Im moving AGAIN. Im so exited over this and think its the best thing for me right now to do, as Im not really do take my masters right now and dont know what I want to work with so just perfect combination. And also great that I get to work with the 3 things I love, events/ communication/ international relations in asia and africa. Oh yeah also found out that I've gotten accepted to my next university in Gothenburg and been offered work after Im done with my studies. Apparently my Cv, work, hard studies and personality is great and what the help organizations are looking for.
So that kind of sums up my week and  now im not so worried about my future. Looks kind of bright :)

You took my love and killed it

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A nice love song from Kim Hyun Joong named Please

Break down

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Oh wiie, just my cup of tea. Me likey ;)
Kim Hyun Joong ft Double K - Break Down

Hot Hot Summer

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F(x) - Hot summer
This song so sounds like a british song I heard some years ago, and I tough the blond girl first was a guy. Haha

Sexy brave girls

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though it was time for some music updates on the blog, so now going to post alot of music. Will also give you an update of what I've been up to the last weeks. But til then lets start with some K-pop music. Enjoy..
Brave Girls - So sexy
The girls have just my kind of style in cloths and the song is lovely..

Everything comes to an end..


This day has been quit rocky. It's been mixed with really good and bad moments. I finally got the news that my dear school are finally handling my grades from KHU (just 4months late), also found out that my missed courses will work out, will  be done in August (this means that im going to do 2 courses at the same time as I work full time, yeey), then in the middle of this I got some bad news that my friend got abused by her boyfriend yday. That's really one thing I can't stand when men hits women, especially so that the police and ambulance gets involved. This person that did this, is really going to get in trouble and he can forget that we are close friends anymore!
Anyways to the better parts of the day. Had my very last meeting with my beloved BC. Was a nice meeting at Studion with some beers and thank you speeches and cosy talks.  Even though it hurts to say goodbye to BC  it was a nice way to remember my blue family..but don't you say that when you close one door another one opens? haha so just when I was about to live the place, I ran into Frida, a dear old friend I haven't seen for a year! Talk about happiness, we went crazy seeing one another  and hugged like crazy haha. So going to be fun to catch up with her.

Chamak Challo

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A new song from Akon.
All I have to say is " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wtf happend? when did he become Hindi  "

Love Dance


Some classic shows, that I A L W A Y S watch, are 2 dance shows. Americas Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and so you think you can dance.  ABDC just ended this weekend, and it was an awesome season of the superstars, really good theme and the crew were awesome, but the Jabbawockeez are still the Best of the Best.
Jabbawockeez preforming at ABCD season 6
Well Im still glad that the right crew won season 6, and its I AM ME, really great crew. The Iconic boys were good
too but not the best, think they got so far because they were os cute and kids, cuz there was better crews that got sent home...anyways super fun show that I usually see with my baby sister.
I am me Rihanna performance
The next show so you think you can dance is a old one, and its just started last week. The best part of this show is the auditions. I get to laugh so much. But this seasons there wasn't that crazy ppl but some really awesome dancers so its going to be fun to fallow.

Series geek


Yes that's me!
I fallow ALOT of series, and therefore  try to not get hooked on new ones. But since moving in with the guys, I've added 2 more. The first one was Sparticus, just  love this sick, crazy, bloody, sexy and violent program. I though my friends were crazy for watching it, but thanks to miss Hiba who continues to watch it at home, I also got hooked after the 3rd episode. And I've watch the 2 seasons haha...
the next one is Game of Thrones. This program has 1hour episodes and is really interesting, kind of a historic, fantasy inspired show about different kingdoms. Yeah the shows arent no Gossip girl thingy :P..

I bet it sucks to be you right now

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I know you want me back
It's time to face the facts
That I'm the one that's got away
Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life
Thank God I found the good in goodbye
You turned out to be the best thing I never had

Workin 9-5?


Haha nah not really, or at least doesnt feel like im working that much right now, even though im at work. But as usual I've been working to fast (according to my bosses) so now im just waiting to get something to do. Until then its Fb and blogging :P..

Oh yeah it's Friday again, feels likes this past week as been a loong weekend as I've just had a lot of fun. But this weekend will not be any different, right after work its time for the epic HejkonPejkon party ( wine party with 100L of wine to drink). Going to be interesting as its going to be a moving party. In other words, we start the party at one place, when the drinks are finished there we go to the next location. The best part is that the guest of this party has no clue where the locations are so going to be super fun.

Man down

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Just love this song and glad to finally see the video. Don't get why people are talking so much about how wrong it is that she shoots a guy in the video, and why they bring up the Chris Brown thing, that if a man had done a  similar   video they would get in trouble. But come there are A LOT of artist that has people getting killed in their videos, or having crazy songz etc... Ppl give us a break!

Personalresan 2011


This past weekend I went to my last cruise with Akademien. This cruise is very famous and one of best ones. So of course we had the time of our life this time too. The food and alcohol buffé was great, the people was awesome and the weather was at its best. Even though 1 person went to the nurse to get sawn, 2 got arrested and 1 in the drunk cell it was super fun for the rest of us ( around 130 student I think) :P..
If you get lost/ lose your memory its good to know where you live :P
Bätz, Leila, Folke
Our cool boss !
Brätz, Kroon, Gabbe
Love in the air haha, Shots & Brätz
Una, Shara, Me
BC party !
GAAAAH Albin !
MUMS buffé
Titanic !
Hmm who did sleep under this wagon instead of the bed?
The BC family takes care of each other by scratching and massaging each other when hangover on the deck in the bright sun! Thats love :P

Red Love


New Dolores from
According to many of my friends I have to much clothes, shoes, bags etc. So when I told them that I had found my new love, new superb shoes that just said KIMCHI all over them. They said I wad crazy and it was enough. But guess what happend when I anyway bough them and wore them last week? Haha they ALL loved them, though they were super cool and soo me. The funniest thing is where ever I have gone with my babies, they have started a big discuation about girls & boys shoes / fashion and that I should really think about being a stylist as I've got the passion and eye for style. I've though about it before and done it for fun, so maybe should do it more seriously?

University Prom 2011


Christian, Clara, Me & Shara
Before going to this Prom, I really wasn't a fan of Proms. It's so much craziness around them and really formal. But after being at this Prom, I can easily say that I now like Proms and wouldn't mind going to more. So yes, I had a blast with my dear friends. Had great toastmasters, great food, great company, great music and drinks :D..What more can you wish for :P..I was also glad to hear all the nice complements I got for my dress, the best one was from Bidita who said I should were it every day of the year as it was perfect for me haha :P  So thank you all who made my Prom the best one ever <3
Me & Shara outside the Hotel where the Prom was held
The lovely couple Ellen & Dick with Shara and Gustaf
Ellen,Dick,Me & Gustaf
Fredrik & Me
Shara & Me
Clara & Me
Little Kimchi

It's the very last time


It's crazy how time passes by. The day is finally here, it's going to be my last night at my beloved Akademien. For about 3 years now I've spent so much time there, working and partying. Have really had a blast and I have great memories that I will remember for life. Then we have our sweet boss Kroon, best boss ever who knows how to take care of his workers. As its the last Aka night of the semester and people have graduated, I can easily say that this is going to be an epic, crazy packed night!
Me & Bidita last time at Aka