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so even though its the end of mars and spring is supposed to be here. its more winter wonder land here in Sweden. haven't been freezing like this since last year. but cold has been the least crazy thing in my life..important usually busy but now its been insane. got real sick again, had some personaly things to take care of, helped out a few friends in need on top of working to jobs and studying full time with my thesis. I really dont like writing papers but have been blessed to have a great partner Frida who always is on the same page as me in other words my life hasn't been interesting just busy. and I've been more clumsy then usual by managing to get brused all over my well walking in to things, slipping,falling in the stairs doesn't help haha.

happy international womans day ladies!!


So then it was Friday again..crazy when I've been confusing all days this week. But Its been a good week. Worked a lot with the event company doing all the first steps with the back office. Then also been busy reading for school and thesis. And yeah going to my regular jobs acting crazy with my partner in crime. Haha strangly our customers has been sweet hearts. i got a pair of ray bans just because the girls though i was cute :D so thanks...
anywas just got out from gym so gotta run to work now. Have a blessed weekend !!

my sweet gifts..

my hilarious mini me sisters

NEW MUSIC : Ciara - Body Party

Category: Musik

Oooh damn, the queen of dance CiCi is back with a hot sexy baby making song.
Haha enjoy !
Fav line:
Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
I’m not gonna fight it, I want it all the time

NEW MUSIC : JoistaRR - Blood shot

Category: Musik

Joistarr is an upcoming artist with some real nice smooth songs.
Here is a visual to one of her latest songs,
cool lyrics and visual
Fav lines: 
lies hate gossip that what some people get off of
money and sex, power religion
There is to many addictions to mention,
I'll tell you about one of them I've got,
Im addicted to this music,

NEW MUSIC: Juicy J ft The weekend - One of those nights

Category: Musik

Though it was time for some music update. 
This song is a couple of weeks old but I can't get enough of it,
and its nice to hear an old legend still doing great music.
Fav lines: 

But if the neighbors know my name, 
And if their mamas know my name,
and if their homies know my name
and if their girlfriends know my name
Then I’m doing something right !

Its all because of you <3

Category: Daily Life


I so love this inspirational quote that really suits me. It also describes my life, mostly the darkest moments in my life. Through all my struggles, heartache, health issues and misbeliefs. I can without no dough say I wouldn’t be standing here, yeah wouldn’t be breathing if it wasn’t for my amazing strong willing family especially my lion of a mom who I till this day give headaches :P... I've also been blessed to call my small circle of close friends my beloved brothers and sisters who make my every day life fun and joyful. You've seen my craziest, dumbest, happiest, saddest and fast line sides and been just by my side. I love that you also dont have any problems telling me when I am wrong, or yelling at me especially laughing at my sometimes stupidness. When I say this I can especially think of Shara, France, Philly, Inga and Bongie who all have almost killed me for different situations, that we today laugh about. Yeah I can say that I've been blessed to have the chance to meet all the great people around me who inspire me and motivate me to keep on being me and a crazy workaholic determent to live her dreams. So this post is all for you my loved ones, Im happy to have people around me who knows every single bit of me and still love me for me even at the moment when I dont. You can't ask for more than those relationships.


all you have is this moment


Yesterday was a real super Sunday. I tried to rest and take it easy. But ended up being forced to go to town to have a date night with wifey.

We were just suppose to chat and take a beer to.celebrate her new job. But after meeting some odd people who barked at us like dogs and having a good time at nivå 22 with the nice workers...loved Elvis for breaking my back and giving me a well needed massage. As wirkaholics we had a lot talk too. And after several drinks we ended up at café opera and.partied hard and crazy that ended up in some drama. But was a nice night with wifey and I applaud us for getting to work today!!..

Today is a new week, have worked at the office..laughed at stupid world news like the handsome taxes in Japan. After work I had a business meeting. So now im officially an event manager for a company :D...yeey and after that I met up with my lovely queen B. visited her and her man over dinner and wine. And we had soooooo much to catch up. haha we are an odd couple but love that girl to death :D So now its time for bed as my schedule is even sicker now with 2 more new jobs haha.

im gonna dance on the clouds today...and make it rain


Hey so another week has almost
passed. This week has drained me, my schedule has been crazy even for me aol any moment I've had to pass out I've taken..Anyways I've worked fulltime at the office, partied with karro on Monday night then directly super wasted went to Jönköping for two days for school and classes. Was a lot of work but nice to see the city and friends/co workers after 2years. I was most happy to catch up with Albin and Boland who took so good care of me and made my stay a blast. Was even at Akademien and partied then directly jumped on the buss wasted again back to sthlm to directly work at the office and then the bar..haha so now of to the last shift of the week.. Yeah I do plan my days as they've got 40h..anyways have a great weekend !!