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S.W.A.G = She Wants A Gentleman

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Yeey! Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and Im well rested..Feels like this is going to be a great day :D
An outfit I wore at Skoskav a while ago

Nobody can say that we’re dishonest, What’s going on between us is so harmless, a private affair just me and you, don’t gotta be scared with what we do

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Remember the move your body girls? Well they are back and they look so different, more edgy and I like it. What do you think?

Nina Sky - Day Dreaming

Give me Color color color COLOR

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The last couple of days/weeks I've been freaking out about my hair as Im tired of having it in one boring color. Im not used to having the same hairstyle for so long and absolutely not in ONE color...So now the question is should i might i brighter with blond/brown highlight our color it super red? Most say red as I've done the brighter thingy before.. But I do love my hair when it is with light highlight and I so love Ciara's new hairstyle :D..

You can hate, You can diss, You can make a wish, I still overcome everything

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Im just saying to all the negative persons to get a new hobby and leave other peoples businesses alone. They all made it because they focused on themselves and worked hard, they didnt spend a min on bullshit ! ;)
DJ Drama - We in this bitch ft Young Jeezy, T.I, Future & Ludacris

Skottår ! Propose?

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Today is the 29th of feb and this only happens every forth year. So yes today all girls in a relationship can propose to their men..hahah I wonder how many will do it and how many men that are freaking out thinking that their girl might ask..:P
Well ther is another great thing with this day, that im so happy about...Yes today NEW BOYZ are playing at Pure club in Stockholm!! yeeah I soo have to goo :D

Panic in the head

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Yeah I know it's Sunday, but in my opinion its just another day of the week. So why not go out if you can? and especially when you've found out some chocking info you have to process...what better way to do that, then go out with your girl? Haha so yeah let's drink, dance and party to that !
Going black & red, rock out fit !
Cheers to that...
and Im out !

Little miss blue

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Wiihoo finally the Carter family has released some pics of their superstar baby girl Blue Ivy. I can easily say that im relieved that she is so cute (dont look like daddy at all). This kid is going to have an amazing life with those parents and god parents. I mean having Beyoncé as her mom and Oprah as her godmother...what can go wrong in her life?

Another fallen start

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As most of you already know, yesterday another mega super star past away. This time Im talking about miss Whitney Houston, the woman with the great voice that has got so many classic songs. She sure had a rocky life and we all hoped that she would make a great and healthy come back, but tragically she suddenly passed away. So lets remember her great music and voice and let her rest in peace.

And we will always love YOU

What do you want to call this situation ?

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Had to stop and now go
you fckin up my flow
wanna be in control
but that ain’t gonna happen..
I can’t describe
what’s this is suppose to mean
what’s this suppose to be
we can’t define
what these feelings mean

  1. M$ney ft Omarion - Restraint

Living in Lala Land

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his Tuesday has been quit chill...woke up with the a bad headache so spent some time in the sofa with roomie and then went to the studio to have some meetings with Irini and Kalle. They all went well and I got the much needed extra push from miss boss Irini, so tomorrow it's time to get a lot of things done. I need to get myself together and on the right track again. So that's the goal for this week and hopefully i'll be back to normal past in a couple of weeks...


we all lose our ways from time to time, you just need to get back on the high way again !

Life is always unexpected

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hey hey...I promised to start posting this week. So I guess I'll start with a short post.
To sum up the last couple of weeks = Lesson learned to never relax
Enjoy one of my favorit songs