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Gangsta Chick?

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Lately I have more often got to hear that Im a chick that at the first glance you dont want to mess with, as apparently im a bit edgy, bitchy, got a hard surface and "gangsta" haha yeah really got called the gangsta girl..for me it's kind of hilarious as at the same time people who has met me a couple of more times say Im so shy and what is it people? am i a chameleon now or ? haha..funny how looks can be deceiving :P...and about looks, I also confuse people as i change style back and at a weekly base I surprise people with my sometimes I can have a super sporty chill look, next day a super cute one were you think im like 14 years old, to the next im a business woman, and then ultimate party girl / glamorous haha...Well we can put it like this, I like to change it up, love to be super syled up but at the same time love sneakers, baggy jeans, collage jackets and hat..:P..haha yeah maybe I am a chameleon anyway :P...

Well this was the party outfit I had for this weekends club Skoskav..

baggy jeans + leather corset + vest + red high heels…what you think?

Don't smother me, FIT me...

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Oh yeah today I also had some time to go around the shops, so went to H&M, Lindex, some shoe shop and Ur & Penn..I only spent 30min in total in all of those shops, but still i found so much things i want and some things i reaally need haha..
Well first of all I need some new make up, especially foundation, so i got superhappy when i found out that the new Maybellin line fits me and is cheep wiihoo this i gotta have..
the next thing i have to have is some new BLUE sneakers. You all know im addicted to blue shoes, and I ALWAYS have to have one pair of super cool blue sneakers. And H&M had some blue ones in leather, but when i got them home they were more purple then blue and they were to big :( have to find new ones or hope they have a smaller size :P...
the other things I would like to have is jellery from UR&PENN and Nelly and other wise just clothes from Monki, Yesstyle, Nelly, H&M, Lindex (childrens department) and shoes  Have 2 Have haha..
I mean how can't you love these shoes :O

Urban night outfit

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Last Fridays Party outfit

Party in style

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Me and Erika, forgot to take pictures of our night out (again) so I only have the ones I took before going out. So here is yesterdays party outfit ;)

Todays outfit

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Todays simple funky outfit