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A nice mix

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Found a really cool mix of Kpop songs from 2010, sumz it up really good!...

Bye bye baby

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Oh gosh I've only got 1½ hour left in Heogi, then Im of to the airport bus with Audrey, Philipp, Johannes and Michael. After that it's time for my first flight at 9:30 to Beijing, and from Beijing to Stockholm where I land at 16:30 (swedish time). But the traveling is not done then, cuz have to take the train from Stockholm to Malmö and I arrive there about a lot of traveling. But then I'll finally meet my lovely family ! Well they'll get a very dead Kimchi but hopfully in one piece haha...
Oh well Im really going to miss Korea and all great friends I've made here, but I'll be soon back and I'll see most of all crazy people again. But it is really strange how time just flyes by and Im sad to leave but everything has it's end and I'll take all memories with me from my running in my running shoes, my lovely girls, Paul and Marcs stripteases, Brown Coffee,  My favorite Papa G, all sleeping koreans, all food and so on :D..
So so long Korea, and Hi Sweden, Im coming home

Fever Seoul Live

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It's finally time for me and Inga to go to the B-boy concert at AX-Korea here in Seoul. I've really been looking forward to it as I love people who can dance. So only 2 hours till it start, can't wait!!

The goodbye train continues...

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Yes, is now time for the second IFCC farewell party at Iron Blue. Is both going to be fun and sad, but mostly fun as it's great being with friends and playing IFCC games..

Korean Spa

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Yesterday me, Inga, Jenni,Jennifer  and Sofia went to a Korean Spa, The Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa, that is one of the most famous Spa's here. And now that I've been there I really can understand why. It one of the most fantastic placesas I've been to, so cool that there is a 24h Spa, with saunas, pools, treatmants, cinema, internet café, game room, gym etc... The stay there was really needed and we all enjoyed it there and for once just took ourtime there..I really recomend this place for everybody, and If I had money to start a business in Sweden it would be this kind of Korean Spa!

The entrance

My cool electronic device that registered everything I did at the Spa
The elevator floor
Anyone who want a cutlet bigger than your head?
Playing killing games is fun
Being a pirate and killing skeletons is also fun
Having a dance contest can be hard but very fun :P .
Speed Hockey is a classic
The Dragon Hill Spa
Oh we all love massages
The Oven, a really special thing to try
Sofia in the oven
Inga in the oven
Kimchi trying to survive in the oven
Pyramid sauna
We also met the snowman in the cold sauna
Some dead girlies
There was a lot of healthy food, like my tea and yoghurt ice cream
Wanted to take a face treatment but didn't really understand what kind of treatments they were, can you explain horny substance removal and face reduction channel?
Jennifer, BEAT it, BEAT it, BEAT it :P
The salt room /sauna
The girls in the salt room
The first place we slept Korean style on the heated floor.

The hardest thing is to say goodbye...

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The last couple of days have been days with a lot of goodbye's. That's the hard and sad part of the last days in Korea. But we have had fun, had a farewell party at Iron Blue that was fun, got a T-shirt that everybody could write you a message on. Really liked that. And then we have had goodbye dinners and parties in Hongdae. We also finally got to meet Mama Gorilla, that is far fancier than Papa Gorilla haha. Well yesterday was the last party night for 3 of my girls and was sad that we all spent the night separately. But I still had an unforgettable night and got to see a very close friend for the last time.

Yes the hardest thing is to say goodbye, therefore I only say see you soon.

The last dinner with Katta at VIPs

Katta's goodbye present from me

Last night out with Jennifer van P & Charlotte

Last night out with Sebastian & Taurean

The oopsii's together

Kiwon & Inga

Eating BBQ, Korean style in the middle of the morning

Dinner with the best friends on their last night together.

- These are the moments that you'll always remember-




First one to leave us

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Tonight we are having a good bye dinner for Katta as she is leaving us tomorrow morning to go to Canada. :(..

She's really been looking forward to this, so happy for her and wish her the best. Even though I'll miss her ♥



Kimchi turned 22

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Last week it was my birthday and it was celebrates twice.

First on my real b-day my lovely girls (Inga,Katta,Jenni,Jennifer and Sofia) surprised me at home, They attacked  me with 22 balloons and gave me a Kimchi cake and card haha..They really let me believe that my real cake was Kimchi, but as Jenni entered  the room, the real cake came and everybody sang for me. Was soo sweet and ment a lot to me so started crying ( happy tears) haha. And after I had to figure out what the 22 balloons said, took me ages, was a bit slow and only had party in  my head, but it said Happy Birthday Kimberly :P....

Well later we celebrated with a nice dinner inside the warm Italian restaurant here in Hoegi, it was really nice as it was snowing so much outside and was nice Christmas decorations inside.


On Friday; Viola's and my B-day party was at the Black Milk Bar in Hoegi. Was a great party with a lot of friends and good music, The place was perfect for me and I was super happy that day. I even got some nice presents as the nail polish set, a super cute teddy bear cake, a special made bucket and Korean B-day shots...Well after some hours in the Bar we finally left for Hongdae and partied at our second home Papa Gorilla...haha and the rest is history :P...

Can't belive it..

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The last final exams are done and Im officially done with school for this semester. Can't believe today was my last day at KHU, the first day here feels like it was yesterday. Crazy how time flies by. Is such a strange feeling, both sad and happy...

Christmas has finally come

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Just opened a package I got from my dear aunt. It has to be one of the cutes packages I have got. Was a Christmas/ Birthday package that came with a lot of love from her. Haha I got a nice B-day card, Swedish magazine, Christmas hat, a lot of Christmas elf’s, CHOCKLAT ( GEISHA yummy) and most importantly gingerbread cookies...My dear aunt wanted me to get into the Christmas spirit and now I have finally got it, but also super sad as I’m now also super home sick....

How do some people get their driving licenses?

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My friend Violetta posted a really funny video on Facebook and I'm still after 15 min laughing so much that I'm crying. Just watch the clip and you'll see why...


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Last weekend I and the girls visited the DMZ and it was actually cool. Got to see a lot of military, learn about the history, see the North side from the south and even visit the most northern station in South Korea. Really cool day even though I was sick the whole trip. But you can't have a bad day with my girls’ ♥

Inga, Jenni, Me, Ville, Jennifer, Sofia & Katta
Inga, Sofia, Katta, Jennifer & Me
You can see North Korea from this spot.
Me & Korean Soldier
Katta & Me at the Dorasan Station
Me & one of my future husbands :P
Me & more soldiers
All girls at the famous staty by the  3rd tunnel

A life can be change by S H O P P I N G!!

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Yes it's true, ask any girl.

And mom I didn’t make up this picture, I found it here in Seoul, so this is my proof of having many shoes and keeping on buying more :D..


I wounder if you know ?

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How they live in TOKYO..
Yupp Im getting in the Tokyo mood, All I have in my mind is Tokyo so of course Im also listening to this song that
If you seen it, then you mean it
Then you know you have to go !

Next stop..... ?

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Wiihoo, less than 24 hours till we leave for Tokyo!. Yes tomorrow evening I'm leaving South Korea for a couple of days to explore Tokyo. All of us going there really need this trip and have been looking forward to it!... Think it's going to be an amazing trip as I've got my daughter Inga with me and then my favorite  Austrian boys Philipp, Johannes, Michael and Andreas.  Also have two other friend that is going to be there at the same time, Jennifer van P and Charlotte, so hope to see them there too !...


Haha gosh I love to travel, is the best feeling in the world and tomorrow evening I get to sit on a plan by the window and look down at the world. Thats when I'm most relaxad...

Tokyo City

G20 Summit in Seoul

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The G20 was this month in Seoul and I took the chance to go to Coex, where the Summit took place. Of course we couldn’t go in, but was so cool to be outside it and to see how much security there was. That's when you really understood how big it was. And today at my cultivating Leadership class we had a guest speaker that was from the G20 committee, and this was the most interesting class for me. Was so amazed and my interest of international relation was awaken, so now I finally know what I'm going to write my thesis about when I come back to Sweden, about the G20 in Seoul! And I'm so glad that I've got an inside person I can  interview and get a lot of material from !! :D

Me & Jennifer with Korean Police
G20 Posters
Importent people on the way..
Me infront of lined up police
Police walking down the street
Me outside the G20 Summit
Min-ji , Me and SJ outside G20

Tattoo nr 3 !!

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Wiihoo I've finally got my 3rd tattoo and Im so happy that I now have got one tattoo made in Korea !!... I had a great day with my close friend Paul, had one of the best meals in Korea and then went to Tattoo Korea and got the great artist Potter ! He's really talented and it wasn’t that expensive.  Haha wiihoo can't explain how happy I am, even though people today are worried about a war between North & South Korea. Oh well I'll get worried when it's in Seoul or my embassy says I need to leave the country. Until then nothing can take away my happiness :D


"Live the life you love, love the life you live"

Horror !!!

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Yesterday night me, Inga, Jennifer and Katta when to watch a scary movie.  We watched the movie the Unborn , but it was only scary for Jennifer and more a good night story for the rest of us, had some funny parts though.

As my roomie is finally back, room 102 is once again the crazy room ( crazy blond + crazy brownie = extreme craziness) in the middle of the night we came up with a brilliant idea of scarring Jennifer.. And we really succeeded with scarring her. But the poor thing first got a heart attack and screamed so that the whole building could hear her.. haha but after her chock she also though it was funny :D...Hihi so we had the haunting in I - house 2 !

The haunters in I - house 2

What a beautiful day

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KHU Campus

Is been a really cold day in Seoul, the wind was killing us, but just happy that it's not snowing even though me and Katta got to see some snow yesterday, but just for some minutes. The bad news is that its going to be snowing next week. Jippi,  me who likes snow ( ehm not). But today i've been really happy and despite the cold its been a really nice and sunny day.


What i've been up to today? Well had 2 classes today, one that I really liked and one were I just colored my calendar. After this I had a lot of calls to my bank and insurance company. But then had a nice night with dinner and coffee break with friends and is even planning to go to Japan in 2 weeks! :D


KHU Campus

KHU Campus

KHU Campus

In school you learn strange things

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Today’s classes was kind of interesting in a wired way, they were really unexpected as we learned unnecessary things. For example this is one of the things I learned in my event class: