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Great start on the week


It's a new week that's got a long to do list, but Im not going to start stressing out as I've finally woken up well rested and in a couple of hours my dear sister is here to visit me. Yeey that's what I call a good start on the week, know Im going to love the begining and end of the week. First a visit from my baby sis, then going to finish my exam and then my other half is here :D ♥

Work your own way to the top

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"Build a foundation with the bricks they throw
in a black and white World, True colors show
change if you want, everybody grows
life’s like an ill, but try and get a hold
opinions ain’t fact, take em and let em go"

If I can't see whats infront of me, it's a mystery

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I opened up my eyes and I finally realize
Today, it's too late
You are fading way

Memories <3


One of the most beautiful things in life, is loving memories like the one I got today.
Found a pic of me and Inga in Tokyo at La Qua, one of the nicest nights we've had even though I though I would day in the Paris thingy haha.


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For a couple of days ago I found my new favorite artist, and it's no other but "Unique". I really do love his music and the fact that he also is hot is just a bones. This guy will go far! Here is the music video to his song Maniac. He has redone the old Maniac song and the video to it actually has a connection to the original Maniac song. As before Michael Sembello’s Maniac became the theme to Flashdance, the song was about a serial killer. inspired by a horror film of the same title (“Maniac,” not “Flashdance”) the record boasted the bad chorus: “He’s a maniac, maniac that’s for sure. / He will kill your cat and nail him to the door.” And Uniques music video is about a girl he loves despite the fact that she’s a maniac.

Looong day




Oh yeah, today has been a verry long day for me and it's not yet over. Got so much studying to do :(...The day started good with sunny weather and all, did some washing and then headed of to school. Have been on meetings and then tried to study with my guy friends, but mostly ended up chatting about old memories haha...Well had a nice dinner with the guys and now I have a really stupid assignment to do for tomorrow, that none of us gets, so tomorrows forum is going to be verrry interesting. It's kind of crazy, it hasn’t gone that long since this course started but I’m already so sick of school, I just want to get it over with and that is strange coming from me as I usually like school. But guess I need a serious break from it, and I though this semester would be easy but oh no, got so much to do and so little time. But that's what you get when you get engaged in so much as I do...maybe a bad move?

Get Crazy, Get Wild, Let's party, Get Loud, Do something CRAZZY




Im sorry but have to say that Im totally hooked for Jersey Shore. I've always thought it was a f*cked up show with crazy people but it's actually hilarious and after this weekend of watching the seasons I love the people, they're crazy but I love them and they do/ say stuff that is true. :P



Just can't keep on feeling the way I do...




She’s always on my mind, there’s no room left for thinking
I’m tired of waiting slowly fading at least I’m happy now
Cuz I’m running out of time, and I feel this ship is sinking
The doors are closing I am frozen I need her around
And it feels like we belong together
Can someone tell me where do I start
Cuz, I can’t keep on feelin’ the way I do
And I can’t keep on, hiding my heart from you
I got to say something...

Already sunday :(



(special moment from Friday ^^)

This weekend I haven’t done much. I celebrated little Miss Irma and it was nice to meet the old gang that always puts a smile on my face. This gang consists of a bunch of crazy people, so when we are together interesting things always happen and a lot of laughter occurs.   We never went to the new club I really wanted to go to, was so much people there so we ended up at O’Learys that also was fun.  Unfortunately I already started to feel sick on Friday so wasn’t in my top game, and resulted in that I spent the rest of the weekend at home to recover. Everyone knows that I have a hard time doing nothing and not being out with friends, but it’s still been a nice weekend with good food, music and movies. I guess you sometimes just need to take a break and take care of yourself.

Kimchi recovering at home

Hope you all had a great weekend

The most stupid show


I must say that the show Bridal Plasty is one of the most stupid shows I’ve ever seen. I mean the message they are sending is very wrong. That plastic surgery is the answer for true happiness, beauty and perfection. I found that really sick and I get so annoyed when one of the girls loses and they say “you’ll still have your wedding, but it WON’T be perfect”! Excuse me just because they don’t get their plastic surgeries? WTF is wrong with the world these days? Beauty comes in all different ways and being different is what makes you unique and beautiful !!! So my message to everyone is " Be the best version of you and embrace your beauty".

Finally Friday


After a whole day in school with a really confusing and boring class, I can happily say it's finally weekend :D..Im free (at least til Monday)..So today I'm going to celebrate little miss Irma's big day. Yupp Today she turns 22, all grown up or? :P haha...It was so funny in class because she hates when you sing birthday songs for her, so our friends made the whole class stand up and sing for her haha ! Oh well so yes tonight is going to be a good night with B-day celebrations and then the club opening of Farfar !

Happy Birthday Sweetie !

Remember her?

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Remember the sweet little all American  too little too late singer Jojo? Well she is all grown up now and has changed up her style. Kind of interesting..
Jojo - In the dark


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Was a long time ago I heard something from Timbaland and even longer from Miss Brandy, so guess what they are both back and have made a song together.

Enjoy !




The last 24h has been crazy. As I earlier mention I drove down to my parents and only spent one night there. Was nice being with crazy big family but was super stressed out with things I had to do, like school and so on. So didn’t really sleep that much that night, and then yesterday I was suppose to have a nice and relaxing travel back, but no. The train was delayed and there were confusions on how to get back to Jönköping, but I finally arrive like 1½ h late, so missed the IA board pre-party but caught up with them and my crazy guy friends at Kåren. I wasn’t in a party mode so just mingled around and went home early, but still have sleeping problems, so another sleepless night.  And got woke up by the landlord at 8 because of an inspection they had. Oh well and the rest of the day I have spent fixing things and now finally just going to chill out at home, as tomorrow really is going to be a long day. Have got a stupid seminar about Outcome mapping that my group doesn’t really get haha…

Oh yeah, about the header “ Blackanize” well my best guy friends told me that I now really look like an Asien, but a black one so a blackanize. Haha all of this because of my new hairstyle :P..Do I really look like a Blackanize?




Oh yes, jag är riktigt lätt road och denna reklam frn Tele2 har de senaste dagarna gjort mina dagar. Haha bara klockrent ju.

I may be bad, but Im perfectly good at it

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For a while ago I wrote about Riri's song S&M, and we all know that I am a music video freak, so of course I was overjoyed when her music video finally came out today. Haha it's kind of different but I like it, got a mix of spice girl thing over it and craziness. But I love crazy stuff, so just perfect for me  :D




My goal for this week

The drive down went good, and I was welcomed with a full house aka a lot of kids and animals and craziness...haha but that is home. Haven done much since I came, had a dinner, packed up my last box from Korea ( YEEEY more SOJU and BBQ sauce, and cloths ^^) and have also repacked my bags. So now I’m just sitting and trying to get through the stupid outcome mapping project. There is so much to read and understands, so yeah it sucks and its going to be an all nighter. So all I hear is LA LA LA I want to get done with this stupid semester :P..

Just love this song, cuz haven’t we all been there haha remember when I said all these words to a person that just didn’t get it so finally found a song that could spell it out and  actually sent this song. And yes I'm a very independent girl that really need MY space, guess everybody just can’t handle that and that is fine as we all are different ;)

Of I go


I was supposed to leave town really early this morning, but had another sleepless night and a really bad headache this morning. So now I’m finally leaving off to Skåne. It's going to be a loong drive but have some good music with mw so hopefully it will go well.

One of the reasons I miss Korea, because of the memories to this song

So exhausted....


The last couple of days and especially today I’ve been in an off mode and of course also had big sleeping problems. I mean I went to bed early yesterday but the last time I checked the time it was 5:30 in the morning, yeeey and had school today. But I managed to go to school, survive the confusing class, take a fika with my crazy best guy friends, then go to BC meeting, and then have a nice chill girl night at Blommans new place and now Im back home. And the only thing I can say is can someone please give me the ON button so that I can come back to life.

Well I really do hope I get some good sleep tonight and wake up without not to many things to worry about as Im going to drive back to Skåne tomorrow, visit my family one day and then go back the day after. Would have wanted some days of home, but have so much to study and other stuff to fix, but hope I’ll be able to relax and get some new energy at the hairdresser on Wednesday  

Its official !!


My sweet crazy little daughter Inga is coming to visit me in Sweden in the end of  February. Wiihoo she just booked the tickets, so oh oh Jönköping watch out haha :D Going to be awesome !