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Category: Daily Life

The past months I've been living by the motto to be positive no matter what. because karma is all around us and positive attitudes generates positive vibes and surroundings. So why be negative and let things drain you? takes to much energy from you and things that are more important. Anyways the past weeks have given me great 5 job offers, found out I'm going on an awesome family vacation in 2 months, have rebuilt a friendship and the best news ever. I'm getting adopted by the best woman on this planet !!! :D ♡♡♡

NEW MUSIC: Linda Pira - Knäpper mina fingrar (remix)

Category: NEW MUSIC

The last year, swedish hip hop has been banging. But this remix of swedish super hip hop star Linda Pira  is the greeeeeatest. Love the all femal track, so much power and female appriciation :D
This will be a hit for a long time and also proud of Kumba who is going for her dreams, skåningar äger :D

NEW MUSIC: Mario - Dodge the bullet

Category: NEW MUSIC

One of my favorite artist Mario, dropped a new song for about a week ago.