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I've now been back 24h and already been up to alot. Had nothing special pland yday but it became a spontaneous day. My old roomie and nr one party chick decided to come and visit me. So it quickly became a girls night out with loads of laughs. Just taking the night as it came. So went to 3 different clubs and met some of my favorite ppl out. And today I've just taken it easy, ate out with Erika, fixed a bit in the apartment then soaked in the sun on the balcony and now im of to work.

Here is pics of me and Erika Yday hahaha

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Oh the weather is so wonderful right now in Skåne, sucks a bit that Im spending the whole day traveling stuck on trains. But then again Im still all smiles as Im coming home, going back to my reality and life. Feels a bit like the past weeks life pressed stop and then pause and now it's back to play in a slow phase. It's been lovely being with the family but going to be nice to go back to my life even though it's going to be a challenge but hey we all know I love a good challenge with all odds against me :P...well enough about that. now im sitting enjoying the lovely view of the Swedish country side and sipping on my Starbucks frappicino :D oh yeah totally forgot to say that I've become a redhead again haha. Seems like I can't stay away from that and changing styles all the time. ( I've had it for 2weeks, so soon changing it again) :-P...anyways little miss red riding hood wish you a great day.

NEW MUSIC : Chris Brown ft Aaliyah - Don't think they know

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Here is the mv for breezys latest single with the amazing Aaliyah

NEW MUSIC : Mario ft Nicki Minaj - Sombody Else

Category: NEW MUSIC

Mario is finally coming back this year, and here is his latest song with Nicki

Fav lines:
How would you have learned if I ain’t leave? 
I guess I was way too naive 
I should've been checked you 
But I let you get mad disrespectful, huh 
Couldn't be serious nigga was you?.. 
Stupid is what you felt now

NEW MUSIC : Kim Cesarion - Undressed

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As I havent posted for over a month, I've got a long list with music I want to share with you guys. But I'll start with my favorite one's and with a Swedish artist Kim Cesarion as it just was his bday (yday).
His song undressed is freaking smooth, it got me hooked with the first verse.
Fav lines:
I hear nothing
Except this beat, that never ends

when you want to get of the ground, gravity pulls you down

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Hey y'all, yes I am alive just have had loads to do the past weeks. To sum it up I've worked then had vacation, celebrated midsummer with friends in a cabin on the country side, been out clubbin with my craZy turnt up friends, then I've moved to my new adorable apartment and sadly enough been really sick the last 2,5 week. So ended up going back to the south to.the family and docs. But now Im much better so will be heading back home to the big city tomorrow. Now that I've been home in Skåne, I've also had the chance to spend time with the family, having bbq's, playing with the kids and hang out with my siblings. I also took the chance to go to the carnival in my old town with my brother and oldest friend. Was a real good day spending time with them especially when I haven't seen my friend for years and that I won't see my brother til next year as he's going to move to China. haha the family is starting to shear my love for Asia :D..well anyways hope you all are enjoying summer !