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oh sunny day


yeey good morning people. Rise and shine. Haha its really unusual but I woke up real early in a good mood and got even more pumped up when a walked to work and the spring sun was shining bright and warm. So yes its a great morning even though I've already been at work for an hour. :P

I can't lie, I won't lie, it's amazing

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Oooooh snap, miss super sexy, amazing dancer Ciara has relest the video for Body Party.
And damn she is crazy hot. Love her style, sporty, sweet and sexy. And the dance for her man future is fantastic., haha he is a lucky man :P

Temptation, is calling your name

Category: NEW MUSIC

The music video for Miguels and Kendrick Lamars song How many drinks got relese in the end of last week. I just forgot to post it. Its nothing really special about it, but the song is still chill.
Fav lines:
You only live once right?
I mean, where's the fun in forever anyway? 

Memories back then

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Here is a new song by T.i, B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens, thats about their real life memories back in the days. This song has grown on me.
Fav lines:
Oh when I’m in my bed
I think about the memories back then
All of the things that I did back the

Are you from The Kingdom of Sweden ?

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Haha earlier today a friend posted this on facebook, and crazy enough its all true. 
Like 98% of this is so me :P

Stockholm city, the Capital of Sweden


Good morning people, this week im helping the Stockholm Business Region with their reception. So far its been all good and easy. Super nice location and offices. Thins its going to be a nice week here and I'll be able to do some other work to. Love multi tasking as it saves me some time. So well have a great day.

i love people i can be weird with


new week new takes to the end of last week I had a blast at work, a lot of laughs even though I.was so tired. so gotta love my co.workers and boss for being so funny. The best part is that me and Karro are so synchronized, started dressing the same again and we now both have problems speaking but we understand each other. The funny thing is that we made a record in after works. 3nights in a row at spy bar is a first :P..Besides working and.partying I've been working out and ended the weekend perfectly hanging out with a friend. So this week its all dubble shifts and study. so will probably not post until the weekend :P..

We came here to live life, like nobody was watching..

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Heey folks, so half the week has passed. I havent been up to much have been real sick, with high fever, hard time breathing, panic attacks, shaking etc, yeah you get the picture. The only good thing about it has been that I've finally slept, hopefully now that Im better my sleep will stay with me. Just need to find some peace of mind and get out of the small depression. Its the small things that helps me through my dark times, like stupid laughs, or kind words or pushes from my loved ones and music. So anyways here is a song that has been a favorite for some months, just though of posting it now, that the video is out.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton - Can't hold us 

So amazing !!

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People with talent and imagination just blows my mind away.
Here are some dancers called Attraction that made a beautiful show at X-factor

New design


I've had the same blog design for some years so thought it would be.nice with some change. Its not really done yet but hope you like it. :)

Anyway Im living is great

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Tudeluuluu, its finally the weekend. (yes I know its sunday, but this is when my weekend usually starts)
The last past days has been a blure, just been work,gym, work,no sleep, work, party, gym and so on. But Im still a freaking happy chica and well motivated one. With hard work and loving and inspiring people around you, you cant do anything but love life and enjoy the crazy moments that will improve your life. There will always be obsticals and haters around you, but for me that gives me more fire to make it.
So with that said, it wont be surprisning for you that this song is my freaking anthem :D
Have a good day

old mc Donald had a farm


this sleeping problems are driving me nuts. Im so exhausted and have a 10h shift in some hours, yeey..if this goes on I really gotta call my doctor to get some sleeping pills..oh well have a good day folks

Ett gott skratt förlänger livet...

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There is a Swedish saying, that a laugh makes you live longer..
So thanks to Youtube me and Karro are going to live till we are 150 years old..
here are some of the latest videos i've loved :D
 How animals eat
Monkey with AK-47 
Boy steals cup
Drunk russian guy

Kissing you is very nice, the rest of you is paradise..

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Gosh, Cassie is hands down one of the worlds most beautiful females and I havent changed my mind since her hit its me and you. Haha well her music kind of stopped there, but she is finally back. And this time even better, really like her latest songs. 
Cassie ft Wiz Khalifa - Paradise  
Cassie ft Rick Ross - Numb
I make music to numb your brain..

when your words mean nothing, I go la la la


Late nights or early mornings...kind of the same thing for me as I never really sleep haha....anyways the last week has been more eventful then usual. in other words have done some other things than study and work..

Last Friday I went out to celebrate Bongies big day, she turned 25!! :) Was a nice evening with a pre party at her place and was a lot of people who came then we went to the club where we had our private table and danced and had to be an early night for me was home around three and that was nice as I had to work the day after. Was a normal day at work. the last couple of days I've relaxed a lot and focused on my health and sleep. So chilled, trained, meditated, slept and cleaned and worked haha.

today I worked out at home then picked up Karros bday present (finally) then had a nigh shift with real kind customers, so after than we had an after work at east and after that I hit the gym for 2,5h, power walked home and baked yummi scones for breakfast..So now its time for bed..nighty

street art i found on my way home

love being the only one at the gym. here is a tiny part of the girls gym.

the sun on its way up..

the classic shoe statement

State your name, live in the moment

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I have for ages said that Miguel is a rare talent, and now the remix for his song how many drinks is out. I really like that Kendrick Lamar is on this remix.
Fav line: 
Life is a bitch, but every dog has his day

I hear if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready

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Most people right now are on their way home from the club or still aslepp in their beds, but I just came back home from a 2,5h workout at the gym. So after having an amazing playlist playing in my ears, I though I would share some songs :)
Fabolouse ft Chris Brown - Ready
The video for this song is finally out, and damn Breezy is to damn hot in this video :D 

like a thief in the night you got underneath me..


wow so its already April and this months is filled with events. My youngest brother has turned 20, my best friend turnes 25 and two close friends are becoming parents. so all good happenings. When it comes my personal life Im just trying to be positive and on the right path. have been a bit hard the last week but thanks to Mariah and Karro I've managed to keep it together. Its crazy how many ignorant people there is in the world who spend all the time to bring you down. and its also ashame when you finally wear your heart on your sleve and get hell instead. So yeah Im putting that back were it's always been safe. don't have time for unnessasary games..even though I've worked nd studied way to much the last weeks I've managed to think to much. But some of the thoughs have been good, miss my best guy friends so really have to make time and see them next month and even more important Im really home sick. haven't seen my family since last year so have to somehow manage to get down there. But a funny aha.moment I had, was when I figured out that I've changed into a "its me and my girls" person instead boys like its always been...haha who knew that would happen. well guess it took special and great girls for me to change :P...well anyways the only big news is that Im now a short haired blondie ;)