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I only dress you to undress you, cuz after all its only clothes

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Haha oh dear old lovely Ryan Leslie with his smooth real talk songs. The latest is on point, I mean most dudes think this way, and I aint mad at you for that, haha enjoy 

I’m gonna show you how to turn it up a notch, get a pool full of liquor then you dive in it..

Category: Musik

Lloyds voice never gets old for me. I've got a lot of oldies of his that I still listen to. But his latest remix of the song Swimming Pool ft August Alsina is freaking awesome. Most be the top 3 remixes of this year. 
Enjoy !

To tell the truth I've thinking about you lately, I miss you

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Ciara is finally back and with a bang. Damn this girl is still queen of dance for me. Like everything stops for a second when she dances with that fabolouse body and smooth voice. So of course Im hooked on her new song Sorry, that also is a bit personal for me.
Boy your truth is hard to believe
Why are you really scared of me
You got me so confused
Cause you walked away, and I walked away
And we should've stayed baby
All I wanna do
Is say that i'm so sorry baby

So...Do you?

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Here is Miguels latest new single..I love this song too, Miguel is realy gifted and I love that he still is true to himself and does what he wants with his music. 
Also had to post Adorn that I still cant get enough of, just like his song sure thing <3
classics? well I do think so :P

Where words fail, music speaks

Category: Musik

Once again the great Riri has made another hit!
Ever since the release last week, this song has been on repeat.
Rihanna's Diamonds is addictive.
Just love it ! 

with every closed door a new one opens ;)


im free and you can't stop me..important trying to find who I really am, people don't like where im at or im going. but you see people have way to much to say about others and are way to insecure about themselves, their choices and opportunities and therefore can't help but destroy themselves and their relationships with others. all I demand is honesty, loyalty and realness. my trust is hard to get so when you destroy that or cause to much pain to me or my loved ones. I have NO problem leaving you behind and walking out of your life for good. I do what is needed to have happiness love and success for the ones i love. In short this is the reason for be closing a lot of books lately, doesn't matter if its family friends or guys..and with that all I can say is I am me and that's all I ever be! so be true to yourself and do the best of your life.