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Tudeluu people, yes I am alive and well. Just have been busy with life and all that. The past weeks I've catched up with my friends that I haven't seen for a long time. I've taken the opportunity to do stuff I havent done in ages.

So I've spent a lot of time with wifey, who is back in town. I celebrated Kabo at his surprise party, that was so much fun even though I hurt my toe baddly haha. I've otherwise been on so many dinners with all kind of friends, like my sis Bongie, Barbie, the flipping burger crew, Sagal, my favorite Karro, wifey and her man etc
The best night of all the weeks was when I got to go to the Ryan Leslie concert. Easly the best one I've been to. He's a true artist that man. And that night was tuuuuuurnt up. Besides that I also supported wifey at her event; Miss Africa crown.
That was the fun part I've been up too, Im now also back to work and crazy stress. But its gone good and I'm finally back at the gym to stay healthy.

Anywas here aresome pics from the past weeks


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