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Tudeluu, Long time no see dear readers.
It hasn't been that crazy since last time, just haven't felt the urge to share.
Anyways I haven't done much but worked at new places, been busy figuring out stuff and dealing with other stuff. I've also taken the time to have fun and do stuff. Has been alot of dinners, hooka nights, game nights with wine and drinks. had also been turnt up night outs and a cruise with my childhood friends. I've also meet some new crazy ppl and moved on from some other things. Haha so right now Im focusing on being a better me and enjoying the present while doing everything for the future. So tomorrow I'll be spending the day with lovely Barbie, grym and shopping.

The rest of the week its work,gym, finding an outfit and on sunday we fly to BERLIN for my bday celebration!!. I can't wait for that and my bday party the weekend after. :D


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