Kimchi's point of view

im gonna dance on the clouds today...and make it rain


Hey so another week has almost
passed. This week has drained me, my schedule has been crazy even for me aol any moment I've had to pass out I've taken..Anyways I've worked fulltime at the office, partied with karro on Monday night then directly super wasted went to Jönköping for two days for school and classes. Was a lot of work but nice to see the city and friends/co workers after 2years. I was most happy to catch up with Albin and Boland who took so good care of me and made my stay a blast. Was even at Akademien and partied then directly jumped on the buss wasted again back to sthlm to directly work at the office and then the bar..haha so now of to the last shift of the week.. Yeah I do plan my days as they've got 40h..anyways have a great weekend !!


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