Kimchi's point of view

Christmas holiday


The last couple of days I've been busy. I've :
- worked the last shift at the bar for this year.

- After worked with Karro and celebrated our Christmas at Spy bar with champagne and Jd honey
- had no sleep before the road trip done south with my kind cousin. She had made me food and a sleeping place. So slept most of the way.
- arrived at my families house. slept 14h straight the first night haha
- celebrated Christmas 3times with siblings, family and relatives.
- spent time with the family and.played games and barbie with the girls

- gone to Helsingborg to party with my cousine Simon who I haven't spent time with since we were 19. So we had a blast with his gang. And I've never met someone who is as protective as my cousine. No guys allowed near me if they want to live haha :P

- spent the day with Emina and her adorable daughter. Was the first time I met her and she is so sweet and happy. Loved the Christmas gift she.brought for me and was nice to met her mom who is one of the strongest girl I know and she still got a killing body !

Yeah that's pretty much what I've been up to and tomorrow important coming home. So time for me to spend the last day with my loved ones <3


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