Kimchi's point of view

Hard work pays of


Wow today Im really exhausted and just want to go back to my bed..I guess a week with a crazy schedule can be the reason to this...anyways yesterday was a nice but long day. had my last day at Trafikverket for this year. I love the staff there and they seemed to like me to as Im going to continue working for them next year and I also got a sweet recommendation letter from them and an early Christmas gift. So I left the office as a happy girl. Then stressed home, had a meal then ran to the bar to start the next shift. Got to be a long night there as we had an extra hour open. So in other words I got 3h of sleep tonight. But managed to come to the office at the fire department in time.. Its going to be a challenging day with another dubble shift and have to buy Christmas gift and work til 3:40 AM tonight, pack and then Its an early travel morning tomorrow as Im going home for Christmas haha crazy that's its been 6months since I last was there..


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