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So now half of my work day is done, 9h at the office is done. Just came home so have cleaned and fixed some things. And now I have to get going as its time to work with my funny family at the Karaoke bar, just 6,5h work there today. This is how my days are going to look this week before the Christmas vacation. Well anyways, Im still energetic (even though im still freaking sick) and real damn happy. How can't you be when your friends and family are happy and life is going great for them. Like honestly it doesn’t matter how crazy my own life gets and how hurt I can be. My best medicine has always been my loved ones happiness. This may be the reason to how I always can keep in touch with people and forgive. You know it takes much more energy being mad and in fights than wishing people the best. I mean why not put that energy on making something on your own life, finding happiness and success whatever that is for you :D..Like for me alot of my inner happiness comes from work achievements, haha yes I am a bit crazy but thats me :P..

Anyways here is one of my absolute favorite songs, has been it the last weeks. I just loooove her rough voice and the lyrics is so freaking great, got a lot of truth and hits a bit home for me...Then I also like that it samples 50cents Gangsta...Enjoy Kat Dahlia's song Gangsta and have a great night ;) 


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