Kimchi's point of view

like a thief in the night you got underneath me..


wow so its already April and this months is filled with events. My youngest brother has turned 20, my best friend turnes 25 and two close friends are becoming parents. so all good happenings. When it comes my personal life Im just trying to be positive and on the right path. have been a bit hard the last week but thanks to Mariah and Karro I've managed to keep it together. Its crazy how many ignorant people there is in the world who spend all the time to bring you down. and its also ashame when you finally wear your heart on your sleve and get hell instead. So yeah Im putting that back were it's always been safe. don't have time for unnessasary games..even though I've worked nd studied way to much the last weeks I've managed to think to much. But some of the thoughs have been good, miss my best guy friends so really have to make time and see them next month and even more important Im really home sick. haven't seen my family since last year so have to somehow manage to get down there. But a funny aha.moment I had, was when I figured out that I've changed into a "its me and my girls" person instead boys like its always been...haha who knew that would happen. well guess it took special and great girls for me to change :P...well anyways the only big news is that Im now a short haired blondie ;)


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