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when your words mean nothing, I go la la la


Late nights or early mornings...kind of the same thing for me as I never really sleep haha....anyways the last week has been more eventful then usual. in other words have done some other things than study and work..

Last Friday I went out to celebrate Bongies big day, she turned 25!! :) Was a nice evening with a pre party at her place and was a lot of people who came then we went to the club where we had our private table and danced and had to be an early night for me was home around three and that was nice as I had to work the day after. Was a normal day at work. the last couple of days I've relaxed a lot and focused on my health and sleep. So chilled, trained, meditated, slept and cleaned and worked haha.

today I worked out at home then picked up Karros bday present (finally) then had a nigh shift with real kind customers, so after than we had an after work at east and after that I hit the gym for 2,5h, power walked home and baked yummi scones for breakfast..So now its time for bed..nighty

street art i found on my way home

love being the only one at the gym. here is a tiny part of the girls gym.

the sun on its way up..

the classic shoe statement


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