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Its going to be a C E L E B R A T I O N !!

Category: Daily Life

Yeserday was a real good day. Everything went smooth and everyone was all happy faces. So that was real nice. The night shift went by easy with a lot of smiles and laughs even though most of us were passed exhausted haha. One funny theme of yesterday, pretty much the whole day. Everyone was having relationship problems or questions, like really from people in town, guest, friends etc..everyone. 
Anyways I was super energetic so met up my favorite Mariah for an after work at Spy bar. And one of the guards finally asked are always here at this hour, why at this crazy hour and so happy and sober..haha well I always come directly from work and just want to dance and meet up some friends haha :P...Was a few funny things that happend during that short hour at Spy, but it was a blast and then I headed of to an after party with an old friend. Thanks again D for my late bday present, so looooove it :D.. So anyways got to be a real long night out, coming home at 8 am. And now its time to get ready and celebrate wifey big time with the huge crew. Starting of with an italian dinner then clubbin all night.


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