Kimchi's point of view

On the road


I ended last week with a night out with Barbie on Sunday. Was just a spontaneous thing, went to Sjögräs, soap and Patricia. Turned out to be an unique night with new friends. On Monday I went down to Jönköping to study and visit Erika. Got a lot done with Frida but we are far from done. And was nice spending time with an old friend and also having fun with my crazy M. In some ways I miss my old uni town. all the kind people and food. Im also happy to see that Jönköping is having a pride festival this month..

Anyways Im right now on my way up to Stockholm. Got a ride from B so we are catching up like old times. And I just got to drive a bit..I've missed driving...well on to the next thing I think the coming days are going to pass by so fast. Only work and then spa trip with mom :D.


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