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Today I've had way to much on my mind.
The stress from all work and other things are getting to me. After talking to B yesterday some of the things on my mind got eased away. That girl got a lot of insight on me and my reactions to things. She gets me and has no problem of speaking her mind when she thinks Im wrong. haha love her for that.
But anyways, got to face one big thing today that I didnt expect I would get to face so soon. Wasnt the best place to deal with it but at least I got it of my cheast and I know it was for the best. But still doesnt feel all right I'm just more confused. Guess I'll see how this all plays out.
anyways here is a nice song by Lamar Starzz that I've forgot to post.
I wish we could go back in time


  • Johan säger:

    Om du har lust kan du kolla in min blogg. Skriver om: 60- och 70-tals soul, ska, rocksteady, tidig reggae, rytm'n'blues och blues. /Johan

    2013-05-17 | 05:40:45

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