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Tudeluu, its finally Friday and if you don’t have any other reason to be happy today, that should be one reason. Friday=weekend=just be happy. 

Yesterday was another comsi comsa day for me, was a long time ago I had a day when I didn’t speak. But that's one thing I do when I process things. I've always been the quite one (surprisingly haha), so some days I just don’t speak at all, I just disconnect from the world. And there is nothing wrong with that, its nice with a break and silence. Well anyways today I've found my strength again and smile. So have been at the gym again, been up on the roof soaking in the sun and now I’m on my way to do an interview for the thesis with the organization Real Stars. That’s going to be fun. And after that its food and then night shift with my lovely dysfunctional co-workers.

I must say thanks to my funny boss, who has his ways of showing us he cares about us. He was upset with me on Tuesday for being super late but then he had bough food for us and my favorite lemon muffins. haha he remembered that I loved them :D so sweet.


So what are my plans for the rest of the weekend? Well I actually have a day of tomorrow to celebrate wifey again before she leaves Sweden. So going all in tomorrow. Then on Sunday its all study and also got a job interview before the new week starts :D 



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