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Category: Daily Life

This morning I was so damn tired, got 4h of sleep this night (witch is kind of good for me now days). The weather was also super shitty, grey clowds and pouring rain. But with some help from some old school rap music I eventually jumped out of bed. I havent done much today but went to the important doc appointment, so all is getting better :). After that I just took a ride with my sister car, I've really missed the freedom of having a car and driving around. Anyways had a lovely dinner with the family, had one of my favorite dinners, baked potatos with all kind of stuffing.
After that my dear mom surprised me with MANGO and pineapple, I cant get enough of mango. So surely went cray on that :P. So today has been a chill family day and now its time for some shows.
But here is a nice clip from the talented and beautiful Willow Smith, loved this preformance 


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