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I've got some questions why I've "disappeared" both in real life and on the blog.

-"Kimchi what have you been up too?, Have you moved?, Are you/have you really been sick?, Do you still hangout with this and that, Why don't you share anything?" etc..

Those are some of the questions I've got. And I will with this post address the subject. With all respect, I've chosen to take a big step back and gard my self highly because I've got the right to do that and focus on myself and things that are important. Those who are close to me and truly care about my well being knows my situation and knows I haven't had this much hell in some years. So to those who think I've not told the truth about being sick even though my docs gave me sick leave. Sorry but I would love to be the same old workaholic,happy carzy chicka but I haven't been able to as I have been very ill and got a bit more to work with till Im a hundred percent. And for those who wonder how a person can be on sick leave and go for a dinner, or some hours to a festival. Mind your own business and respect people who are doing everything to get well. Do you know what I need or can do to get well? Do you know my whole situation? nah don't think so, so with all respect focus on you and I'll keep on doing me !!

Anyways trough the last two months, I've been so lucky and loved by my close ones. Especially my family who did and still does everything to help me. I've almost lived with them full time during this period. They and my friends especially Mariah, Karro and Goofy have been my rocks. Showed me that I still got some fight in me and had all hope and love for me even though I've been really in a bad mood and weak. I can't say thank you enough for this.
Anyways I've had some great moments with all of them. Been playing with my siblings, was at an amusement park with them. Been at the festival with my brother and close friends. Had lovely dinners with all my girls and crazy talks and laughs. Even got to see an unexpected concert with Amplify dot who I love. I also had a non stressful roadtrip to the south with Goofy. Was some crazy, fun, emotional and well needed days. I got the support I needed without asking or knowing that I needed it in all the kaos <3..

So back to the present. Im working on being a 100% again and stronger. So all I ask is to respect me enough to let me recover drama free and give me space. :D

Well that was a long post, so here is some pics from the past months ;)

my cuddle buddies Timon & Simba

Family time at the amusement park

Walking down memory lane in my old neighbour hood

Amplify dot mini concert

Goofying around with big sis B

Reunion with the Jkpg Uni girls

Snap that's a rap, Dinner date with the Flipping Burger crew


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