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This thing called time is an illusion that we all trust ...

Category: Daily Life

People say a picture says a thousand words, well for me music expresses so much more..
When you knew me there was no respect,
I'm walking on this path don't need the stress.
Cause I'm living for moments, nothing less,
And for this dream I know I've got to manifest.
On up from disaster I climb,

They said more patience is what you need',
I said I have an idea to conceive,
Who the FUCK all these people I got to please?
Were they ever really concerned about my well-being?
So, all up from disaster I grow,

Am I losing control?
Am I losing my mind?

And these fragile souls have gone missing and we don't know...
I've wasted my time, 
this thing called time's an illusion that we all trust


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